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The Ghibli II 'Campana'

While visiting Giuseppe Candini's workshop in Modena, I popped down the road to look in at the Campana Carrozzeria workshop - there's always something interesting to look at! While wandering around I noticed an unusual and beautiful looking Ghibli II. It was very nice indeed! I asked permission to take some photos of the car and while doing so was informed that this particular car was a Ghibli Cup fitted with a Campana designed and manufactured body kit. Campana Carrozzeria are well known in Maserati circles for carrying out specialist repairs and full restorations on all road and race Maseratis.

The bad news for Ghibli owners is that this car is a 'one-off' specially homologated for the Italian market.

The good news is that following ever increasing interest, Campana now offer a range of body panels based on this car. The only panel not offered is the front radiator panel shown in my photos below. However, Campana do offer headlamp cowlings similar to those on the Shamal.

The body panels are made of glass fibre and are supplied ready prepared for priming and painting.

Three-quarter views of the Ghibli Campana showing the side skirts.

The rear light cowling.

The front bumper

The rear spoiler and rear bumper.

The Ghibli II 'Campana' Price List
The English and American prices are approximate

Body panels Italian Lire UK Sterling US Dollars
Front Bumper (as shown) L.1.470.000 500.00 $750.00
Rear Bumper (as shown) L.1.470.000 500.00 $750.00
Sideskirt Left (as shown) L.790.000 265.00 $400.00
Sideskirt Right (as shown) L.790.000 265.00 $400.00
Rear spoiler (as shown) L.640.500 220.00 $335.00
Front headlamp cowling Left L.185.000 62.00 $95.00
Front headlamp cowling Right L.185.000 62.00 $95.00
Rear light cowling Left (as shown) L.155.000 52.00 $75.00
Rear light cowling Right (as shown) L.155.000 52.00 $75.00

NOTE:- All prices quoted are exclusive of IVA (VAT/Sales Tax) at 20%.
             All body panels are shipped ready prepared for priming and painting.
             All prices exclude any transport charges.


Full details on request from:
Carrozzeria Campana Oronio s.r.l.
at Via Tito Livio N.60,
41100 Modena, Italia.

Tel. 0039/059/808279
Fax. 0039/059/826311

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