Maseratis in New York
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From Bob in New York, USA


Here are some photos from the NYC Auto Show.

I spoke with Redding Finney at Ferrari of Washington the other day. They are campaigning this car over here. He said this car had just arrived back from a race in Phoenix Arizona where it was banged up a bit. He also said that they are going to change the gearbox out from the standard Maserati one to a racing unit, still with paddle shift, because the overdrive in the standard box makes the car bog down too much.

Also attached are some more pictures from last Saturday's open house event at Classic Coach. They are located in Elizabeth New Jersey and have been in business since 1972. As you can see from the pictues they work on a variety of vehicles but there is a strong Italian theme.

They hosted a nice breakfast which we attended then it was off to my storage garage to pick up the little giallo Ghibli Open Cup.

I'm having them go over the entire chassis checking for any broken or loose items. There were a few unexplained noises on last years maiden voyage. This will be followed up with an alignment. They also will be seeing just which bits have been "borrowed" from the Ferrari parts bin.

They work on a lot of late GTOs, F40s, F50s and all of the challenge series cars. Now they can add a Ghibli Open Cup to that distinguished list!

We left Classic Coach about 11:00 am and returned at 3:30 in the afternoon. We then proceded to unload the car. I soon found out that I couldn't unload the car with the help of gravity and my winch as the trailer couldn't be parked on a level surface. That meant driving it out of the trailer. I can't fit into the window with the car in the trailer even with a side door on the trailer. I'm not too fat just too tall and unflexible. OK, I'm too old! Fortunately for me one of their slight of stature Italian driver/mechanics slid in like a snake and drove it right out.

After unloading we proceeded to have a nice Italian buffet late lunch/dinner so that's two meals in one day at no charge! Well, when I pick up the car I'm certain that won't be free of charge. All in all a beautiful day with a bit of work to get the car there.


The fabulous MC12
The Maserati Trofeo 'Light' bearing 'The Scars of Battle'
The Maserati GranSport and the Quattroporte V
The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Open House at Classic Coach

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