The Sunday Times
Motor Show Live

NEC, Birmingham
28th May - 5th June 2004

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Motor show visitors were raring to go this morning with many arriving at the NEC before the exhibition officially opened at 9.30am. Some enthusiasts arrived as early as 8am to be the first through the doors to see a host of new cars and interactive features. Anyone wanting to visit the show has until Sunday 6 June to enjoy the event.


Leader of the Opposition Michael Howard sees a direct parallel between the government’s attitude towards motorists and the plot of the Motropolis Live Action Arena at The Sunday Times Motor Show Live.

The show’s storyline depicts a futuristic world in which the forces of authority and beaurocracy have taken the enjoyment out of motoring.

‘This government has waged war on the motorist for many years,’ said Howard. ‘We see it in their attitude to speed cameras, which are used to raise money rather than for safety. There’s no doubt that the government have got it in for the motorist,’ he added.

Commenting on Ford’s claim that the cost of European legislation could add Euros 5,000 to the cost of a new car by 2008, Howard said: ‘Too many rules and regulations come out from Brussels, many without proper justification. The consequence is that British business becomes less competitive.’

Howard added that he had been impressed by the progressive new models that he had seen when touring the show and that he had seen some ‘wonderfully exciting cars’. Earlier, Howard visited the Honda stand where he found time to get the autograph of Britain’s leading Formula 1 star Jenson Button - for his driver’s wife!


Shadow transport secretary Damien Green praised the changes to this year’s motor show by congratulating the 'variety of offering, and deliberately trying to widen appeal beyond the usual petrol heads'.

After agreeing the car was here to stay, he went on to speak about many issues surrounding motoring particularly two increasing problems, pollution and congestion. He claimed that there was no 'magic bullet' solution but felt that advancements in technology would continue to ease pollution and congestion could be combated by, 'using the Tarmac we have in cities more effectively'. He went on the mention several solutions being considered by the Tory party, including allowing cars carrying two or more adults to use bus lanes.

Although Green recognised the school run as a major contributor to congestion which he feels requires a more 'imaginative' approach, when questioned about Ken Livinston’s recent comments about `idiot’ parents using SUV vehicles he condemned the mayor’s comments, branding them 'silly' and suggested he should be 'spending his time working out how to provide ways of getting children to school safely'.

Talking about restrictions on road users he stated that current speed limits, 'are all over the place' and criticised his fellow MPs saying that they should, 'make it (driving) less painful than it is now'. He pointed out that driving was a 'necessity for millions' and could easily be made a more pleasurable experience. While he spoke of his support for low speed limits around schools and other danger areas he went on to suggest that there was no reason why variable speed limits on motorways, such as those in France, should not be introduced in the UK."


Supermodel Jodie Kidd, fresh from bruising a few male egos on Top Gear’s Driver Challenge, is set to widen her competitive horizons by taking part in the Trofeo circuit race for Maserati. Jodie announced her next speed challenge on the Maserati stand during press day at The Sunday Times Motor Show Live.

The Trofeo circuit racing competition, traditionally competed for by ‘gentleman’ drivers, will find Jodie a more than determined challenger as she masters her 180 mph, 4.2 litre V8 Trofeo Maserati.

Although UK motor fans will get to see one of the Trofeo races during the forthcoming Silverstone Grand Prix weekend, they’ll have to wait until next year to see Jodie take part.

Jodie, a Maserati Spyder driver for over two years, jets off to Italy next week to receive specialist race training and to qualify for a C-racing licence.


Early Tuesday morning and the Maserati stand awaits the
press, guests and visitors on Press Day.

Maserati UK displayed the entire range on their stand at the Sunday Times Motor Show Live at Birmingham's NEC this week.

On view for the first time in the UK was the fabulous MC12 'Le Mans series' race car fresh from testing at the Mugello circuit in Italy. Unfortunately the car was only on display for the first two days of the show as it had to return home to Italy for further testing. Also making its debut was the new GranSport, a sharper handling version of the Coupe GT.

Also on display were the Coupé GT, the Spyder and the elegantly refined Quattroporte sports saloon - which looks better every time I see it.


On view Press Day only!!!

Maximum 'ground effect'!!!

Classic badge with re-styled trident

Keeping a lid on things - Italian style!

OZ wheels and huge disc brakes

Maserati and Pirelli - a great team

A huge silver trident adorns the front bonnet

"Now that I'm in, how do I get out?"

Looks like he made it!

The open door reveals the carbon-fibre bodywork

Note the hydraulic jacks to the left of the pedal box

Momo steering wheel, no instruments. With instruments!!!

Strictly for the slimmer driver!

Seating by OMP, safety harness by Sabelt.

There's enough lights to light up a Christmas tree!

There's no mistaking the Maserati MC12.

Stainless steel exhaust by tubistyle of Italy

A close-up of one of the rear lights

Another giant silver trident adorns the engine compartment

A Trident sticker on each front wing

Huge cooling radiators under the front bonnet

Two satin finished snorkels for the engine compartment

His girlfriend's name must be MC12!!!!

The magnificent new Quattroporte

Voted "Best Luxury Car in Show"

Quattroporte drivers can also control the Bose Sound System®, the Multi Media System and the GSM phone using controls laid out on the sporty three-spoke steering wheel from their sumptuous leather upholstered seats


Quattroporte front door trim

Quattroporte rear door trim

Electronically adjustable front seats (14 different settings)

Plenty of leg-room, even enough space for pointed shoes!

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