Unique Set of Maserati Prints
More exclusive colour drawings by Rens Biesma

Following the success of the original set of prints, George Lipperts has commissioned Rens Biesma to produce a new set of drawings.

If there is sufficient interest, these drawings will be released as another limited edition set of prints. This new set consists of seven prints, the Tipo A6GCS 'Monofaro', the Tipo A6GCM Formula 2, the Tipo 450S, the Tipos 8CTF & 4CL, the Pinin Farina designed A6 1500, the Indy Coupé and the Tipos 151 & 152 'Le Mans'.

The Tipo A6GCS 'Monofaro'

The Tipo A6GCM Formula 2

The Tipo 450 S

The Tipos 8CTF and 4CL

The Tipo A6 1500 'Pinin Farina'

The Tipo 116 'Indy Coupé'

The Tipos 151 & 152 'Le Mans'

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