1st Marco Turci
Memorial Meeting

Mirandola (MO), Italia
Sunday 18th July 2004


Maseratis in the Piazza delle Costituente, Mirandola (MO)

At around 10am we arrived in the Piazza at Mirandola and already the Maseratis had begun to assemble. Rossano parked his car in the area reeserved for Biturbos and I began to photograph the already assembled Maseratis before they were surrounded by too many onlookers. Giuseppe and Marcello Candini had already arrived in their metallic silver Spyder Vignale and Mistral Coupe, two magnificent machines.

I checked in with the organisers to pay my €15 (that's around GB 11) subscription to cover the cost of the meal and was presented with a fine print detailing the history of Mirandola and a silver commemorative medallion, a gift from Marco's parents.

By now a tow truck was busy removing all unauthorised cars from the Piazza and Sig Scarpetta of the Biturbo Club Italia was setting up the club stand where a Maserati print was being sold for only €10, the proceeds going to Don Sergio Mantovani's Ara in Modena. I strolled around the amongst the cars it was so nice to meet so many enthusiasts who had visited and enjoyed my site.

I was beginning to feel the heat, it was around 34°C, so I made my way over to the local bar to sample a glass or two of my latest fad, vino bianco with the merest suggestion of Campari, a very refreshing drink. Just then I noticed Brando and his wife, who had driven up from Rome the day before, so I joined them for a couple of drinks before we were joined by Rossano and Claudio. Claudio had taken Rossano for a drink whilst his friends played a prectical joke on him. Rossano doesn't like Ferraris - I wonder why?, so they covered his car with a red car cover emblazoned with a black prancing horse and the dreaded word. When we rejoined the cars, Rossano, though not amused, took the gesture in good spirits. The cover was quickly removed!

At 11:30 we were joined by Marco Turci's parents and there followed a short moment of prayer in Marco's memory. I should point out that this meeting was never a sad affair but more a celebration of Marco's lifelong passion for Maseratis, a passion shared by all those present.

It was now time for lunch al aperto where we were served with a four-course meal all washed down with as much vino bianco, vino rosso and aqua minerale as you could drink - absolutely delicious! During the meal, organiser Davide Zaccarelli, was warmly applauded as he received our grateful thanks. Following a short acceptance speech he was made an honorary member of the Società Principato di Franciacorta and presented with a gold medallion.

Davide's initiative began only four weeks prior to the event. He worked in collaboration with the Biturbo Club Italia and the Società Principato di Franciacorta to make the event a success and it's a measure of the depth of feeling for Marco that over 75 cars took part. A sterling effort for a worthy cause!


The early arrivals take their place!

More Maseratis join the display

A 1932 supercharged Alfa Romeo 1750 SS by Zagato




Sig Varini and his magnificent machine

Citroën SM

Biturbo Spyder

Biturbo Spyder

Spyder 2.0

4200 Spyder

A Ghibli MY94 ...

... with the ultimate in accessories!!

Magnesium coloured wheels on a Ghibli GT

Unique treatment for the 'dummy' fuel cap

When is a Racing not a Racing?

When it's a re-badged 2.24v!

Unique treatment to a 2.24v., front ...

... and rear

The alloy wheels were imported from Spain!

Rectangular sectioned tail pipes

No, it wasn't for the Maseratis, but to clear the Piazza!

Ooops! I spoke too soon!!!!

Just to clarify matters, Roberto, who had driven up from Rome the day before, arrived at the meeting from his hotel some 20km away. When asked to move his car to a more suitable position, guess what, he was unable to start his car. This became a matter of great concern to the other Biturbo owners present and the Biturbo Spyder's problem became the subject of numerous conversations amongst the many Biturbo 'experts'. After much discussion, and I mean much discussion, the general consensus of opinion was that a failed fuel pump was to blame. Fortunately for all concerned, acknowledged Maserati expert, Sig Giuseppe Candini, who had arrived in his fabulous 3500GT Spyder by Vignale, confirmed the cause of the problem and called in the emergency services who took the offending Spyder to his workshop in Modena for repairs!


The Shamal in red ...

... or black!

Ghibli GT

Ghibli MY94

The awesome brutal looks of the Gandini designed Shamal


The Shamal in black ...

... or red!

4200 GT

3200GT Assetto Corsa

4200 Spyder Cambiocorsa

4200 GT Cambiocorsa

Brando the ace photographer!!!

Ghibli GT

Rossano (far right) appreciates Claudio's sense of humour!

Buon Appetito! The Maseratisti take time off for lunch!

Davide is congratulated on the success of the meeting ...

... and is awarded honorary membership of the
Società Principato di Franciacorta!





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