Autumn Italian Car Day
Heritage Motor Centre
Gaydon, September 11th

The early arrivals!!

British Motoring Excellence at the Heritage Motor Museum


A false alarm at the Heritage Motor Museum brings an instant response from the local Fire Service!


This was the first time I had attended the Auto Italia Autumn Italian Car Day and it was obvious from the gloomy weather forecast for that weekend that numbers would be down. That said, I was rather surprised at the number of Alfa Romeos, Fiat Dinos and Lancias who braved the cold wind and drizzle to attend this year's event.

Rather disappointing was the poor showing by the Maserati fraternity, with only thirteen cars bothering to show up! Those that did would have enjoyed the camaraderie of those present.

Entrance fee was 8.00, I always wonder why Italian car owners should pay 'full whack' when, at the end of the day, they are the main attraction! Apart from a splendid little Moretti, a Fiat Abarth and a magnificent Alfa Romeo 1900C SS (sorry no photos!), the usual Ferraris and the odd Lamborghini there wasn't much to shout about.

My friend Scot ventured out on to the test track in his Ghibli Cup, at 20 a shot, and I prepared myself to take a few photographs of him only to be told that photography of any kind was strictly prohibited. All track cars had to hand in their cameras, I gather that there were a few heavily disguised prototypes parked close to the test track, and that was possibly the reason.

The Heritage Motor Museum is well worth a visit and I have included some of the cars that I found interesting. There are many more, and those looking for a bit of British motoring nostalgia should pay a visit.

The next Auto Italia Italian Car Day will be held at Brooklands on the 29th April 2006. Unfortunately, it clashes with the Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival, held in Bristol city centre, which is FREE, friendly and surrounded by some great, restaurants, pubs and cafes which makes it a certainty for me!


The Maseratis and a Moretti Sportiva!



Merak SS

Merak SS

Merak SS

Ghibli Cup

Ghibli MY94

Ghibli Cup

Ghibli GT

Left-hand drive 425i

4200 Coupe

4200 Spyder

4200 Coupe

4200 Coupe

4200 Coupe


Bespoke illustration



4200 Coupe

Independent Maserati/Ferrari Specialist

1970 Moretti 850 Sportiva




Early cars powered by a 843 cc engine from the Fiat 850

Later models had a 982 cc unit developing 62 bhp!

The Maserati Display

Poor turn-out, possibly due to the miserable weather!



Exhibits from the Heritage Motor Museum


1937 SS Jaguar 100

1969 Ford GT 40

1952 Jaguar C-type

1956 Jaguar D-type

1908 Austin 100hp Grand Prix racer BE 3

1925 Morris Oxford 'Red Flash Special'

1956 Rover T3 gas-turbine

1963/65 Rover BRM Le Mans gas turbine racing car

1985 MG Metro 6R4

1985 Ford RS200

2000 Jaguar R1 Formula One racing car

HART 1035 3½-litre V10 Formula One engine

1962-1981 MGB GT


Rear differential - Prop Shaft, needle roller u/j at each end.

4-speed manual gearbox - Electrical overdrive optional

Left-hand drive for export!

4 cylinder in line, pushrod ohv

1789cc - approx 94 bhp at 5500 rpm

1935 Morgan Three-Wheeler

Two cylinder V - 990cc - 2hp.

Morris, Wolseley, Austin, Standard, Riley etc.

2003 Astom Martin DB7 Zagato

1963 Morris Mini Cooper S - 4cyl - 1071 cc - 70 bhp

Hopkirk/Liddon - outright winner 1964 Monte Carlo Rally

1953 Morris Minor Fire Engine

"These two need no explanation!"

And that gorgeous Alfa Romeo 1900C SS
Photos courtesy of Robbie W.







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