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A classic motor racing enthusiast from New Zealand

I would like to thank David Williamson for his photographic contribution to this page. David sent me these photos for us all to enjoy!!

"Hi Enrico,

I have now posted to you a CD with some photos I took at Goodwood. Please use these anyway you wish.

My interest in Maseratis goes back a long time. My no.1 favourite car has always been the Maserati 250F. As a young boy, I loved watching Stirling Moss in 1956 NZ driving his Maserati [chassis 2508] - casually sliding around the corners as he waved "thanks" to the drivers of the cars he had just overtaken!!

I watched ...and knew... all of the Maseratis that came to new Zealand from 1950 up to the mid 1960's.. Of interest were the TWO 8CLT cars that were purchased and imported into NZ by Fred Zambucka, a local Lebanese wrestler. He need to be strong as they were not easy to drive!

Owen Organisation/ Brabham/ Gilbert/ Quirk/ Chris Amon car at Ardmore, in New Zealand

Bob Eade in # 2508 in New Zealand

I was fascinated by the rather tatty Du Puy car driven by Ken Wharton...who sadly died when he crashed his Ferrari 750 Monza in the sports cars race before the GP.

Previously during a wet practise, Ken Wharton had allowed local NZ driver Johnny Mansel to test the Du Puy Maserati- a very tired car- on the off-chance Mansel would buy it. Mansel went out in very wet track conditions following heavy rain. For many laps he wailed past us at 130MPH +... his grey plastic raincoat flapping loudly as he screamed passed. The coat was absolutely torn to shreds when he finally drove back in! (He did not purchase the car, but in fact he bought the ex Moss/Ross Jensen car, chassis # 2508.

A close-up of the ex-Fred Zambucka 8CLT in the Southward Museum, next to Ferrari 750 Monza

A section of the Southward Museum showing race cars. The 250F, the 8CLT and the ex Ken Wharton/Ken Harris Ferrari 750 Monza are visible

I once sat in the ex Owen Organisation /Brabham/Quirk/Amon car in the basement of the Southward Museum, near Wellington, years before it was restored.

I then also sat in the restored car a couple of years later.......... it's the nearest I'll ever get to driving one ! The museum owner (now deceased) Mr. Len Southward, told me: " I actually purchased the Maserati in the late '60's, from Chris Amon's Dad, outside the local pub .........for 750 pounds, !!!!!

Me the rebuilt 250F ex-Owen Organisation/ Brabham/ Gilbert/ Chris Amon car in the Southward Museum (in Wellington NZ)

Finally, David (left) with Ermanno Cozza at the Panini Museum

I went to the Maserati factory in Modena in 2002, 2004 and 2005 and spent some wonderful times with Sig. Ermanno Cozza, the historian.

Photo courtesy of the Bruce McLaren Trust, photographer unknown.

The other photo is NOT mine. It is scanned from Bruce McLaren's book. It should be accredited to 'The Bruce McLaren Trust' and noted as 'photographer unknown'.

It shows Bruce McLaren in one (of 2 ) 8CLT cars at Ardmore, in Auckland in New Zealand. He is listening to the engine, because he had cleaned out the fuel lines, which had been clogged up with old Methanol. He has spent many days doing this job at his Father's garage. Bruce McLaren lived near me when I lived in Auckland.


Dave Williamson."































"Where did you say they've installed the engine?"
























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