"Parlano della Maserati!"
... and why this legendary name is held in such high regard around the world!

www.hngn.com/ - By Kimberly M. Aquilina

"Prosthetic Limbs, Controlled By Thought Are Here; Technology Is A 'Maserati,' But Cost Needs To Drop To 'Toyota' Prices.""

www.thewest.com.au/ - By Stephen Bevis

"Beluga, Maserati, Dom Perignon and Stradivarius: an old piece of timber, glue and cat gut sits high on any list as an enduring emblem of the finer things in life."

www.proprint.com.au/ - By Nolan Giles

"It’s the number one sheeter not just in Australia, but in the world. It’s the Maserati of sheeters," he said.

www.timescolonist.com/ - By Richard Watts

“Holly Kennedy-Symonds, the unit director, described the beds as the "Maserati sports cars of beds," with better safety features for patients and staff.”

www.nytimes.com/ - By Jeff Schlegel

“That’s a pretty old building to run a business out of,” he said. “Our challenge was moving out of that facility and into this one, which I equate with going from a Ford pickup truck into a Maserati.”

www.dw-world.de/ - By Toma Tasovac

"When asked about the car, Ehlert's response was that "a Maserati is a car for a gentleman." He added that his organization "worked unconventionally, but was absolutely respectable." "

www.irishcentral.com/ - By Sean O'Shea

"He has the lungs of a great racehorse, the engine of a Maserati and the finishing touch of a killer assassin. He is simply the best player in the world!"

http://rt.com/ - By Latoya West

"Comparing this 5th generation jet to its younger brothers is like comparing a Maserati to a Honda."

http://realitytv.about.com/ - By Latoya West

When asked what she would do if won the show's $1 million prize, Ciatlin Upton said, "Buy a Maserati and a round of drinks for my friends."

www.gazettetimes.com/ - By Kevin Hampton

"There are a lot of adults who deal with the fear of success or failure, depending on how you want to characterize it, at work every day. If it wasn't the case, everybody would be the A student, everybody would be the guy driving around in a Maserati and master of the universe."

www.popeater.com/ - Quote from interview with Kelly Bensimon

"Your body is like a Maserati, and you need to treat it like that. You have to drive it carefully, feed it the right gas and take care of it."

www.examiner.com/ - By Phyllis S Russo

"But a type of green tea that you may not have heard about is the Maserati of the brew. Matcha is the only green tea that is grown in shade for its growth cycle."

www.courier-journal.com/ - By James R. Carroll

"With the speed of a Maserati, the House passed $2 billion more, and the Senate, after pausing briefly, went along."

www.theage.com.au/ - By Jeni Port

"First rule when shelling out a lot of dough on a wine - or a Maserati Quattroporte for that matter - is to give it a test drive, if you can."

www.examiner.com/ - By Lorie Dudley

"Think of breakfast as fuel for your body; skipping breakfast or eating a poor breakfast is like putting cheap gas in a Maserati."

www.cnet.com/ - By Abbi Perets

"If my dear family does decide to get me an oven mitt as an additional Mother's Day gift, I'd like "the Maserati of mitts," the Arlo Oven Mitt by Built NY."

www.theaustralian.news.com.au/ - By Fred Pawle

"So you've traded in the Maserati to save money and cancelled the gym membership because you're spending all day behind your desk just to save your business. Is there a solution to your new transport/fitness dilemma?"

www.irishtimes.com/ - By Ben Oliver

"The Italian president and prime minister each get a Maserati Quattroporte, but the Swedish PM gets a sensible Volvo S80, and the French president has to settle for a Citroën C6."

www.aurorasentinel.com/ - By Aaron Cole

"Some days I wish it were a Maserati in an evening gown so threatening that it came with its own Surgeon General’s warning."

www.registerguard.com/ - By Randi Bjornstad

"It’s a bit like choosing between Bing Crosby and Marlon Brando, tapioca pudding and chocolate truffles or Ford Focus and Maserati GranTurismo: They’re all perfectly competent at what they do, but which is going to stick in your mind the longest?"

www.sfgate.com/ - By Carolyne Zinko

"At the recent San Francisco International Auto Show at the Moscone Convention Center, while the Ferrari exhibit had signs saying, "Do not touch," the Maserati dealers were downright friendly, allowing anyone to sit in the Gran Turismo, which starts at $117,000."

www.prowrestling.com/ - By Steve Carrier

"WWE Superstar Santino Marella notes that he has a new finishing move that will guarantee him victory, if he ever gets the chance to use it. Santino calls the new move the Maserati Clutch. “If this move is used, it guarantees victory,” Santino told the Tribune-Review."

www.wakulla.com/ - By Doug Apple

"To me this means how I look. I want to look good. I want to dress sharp. I want the right haircut. I want perfect teeth and big muscles, and while we're at it, throw in a Maserati. When I show up I want to sparkle."

men.style.com/ - By Paul L Underwood

"There, you'll find Sonus Faber's handmade Italian Cremona and Domus series—which one audiophile we know calls "the Maserati of speakers."

www.baltimoresun.com/ - By Paul West

Washington - "Think of Barack Obama's political organization as a Maserati, a luxury, high-performance vehicle that lapped the competition this year."

www.newsday.com/ - By Verne Gay

Dancing With the Stars - "The former linebacker with the bulk of a truck and the feet of a Maserati?"

www.nytimes.com/ - By Oscar de la Renta

"It is the haberdashery equivalent of a Maserati. People are likely to be a bit hypnotized, no matter how unspectacular the driver may be."

blogs.telegraph.co.uk/ - By Gerald Warner

"Same at this end. Those penny-pinching officials knocked back my request for a Maserati. Sheer vindictiveness - what's £80,000 out of the EU budget?"

www.americanchronicle.com/ - By Cynthia Rowland

"Now Joanie has pretty deep pockets and can easily afford to keep her plastic surgeon driving a Maserati in Marbella; but, can you?"

www.examiner.com/ - By Adam Meister

"Do you really think his constituents want to bailout Maserati driving banking gamblers in New York? Why did this bill have to be rushed through congress? "

www.thedaily.com.au/ - By Peter Richardson

"Whatever our age, making ends meet is a problem we all have to deal with unless we’re in the market for a Maserati, a penthouse or a trophy wife."

www.philly.com/philly/news/ - By Solomon Jones

"When I finally turned off the BlackBerry and went to sleep, I dreamed of my kids as college graduates who were willing to spend money on their parents. Adrianne had just bought me a Maserati and I was about to drive it. Just as I shifted the car into gear, I was awakened by the cruel buzz of my alarm clock."

www.dailyreportonline.com - By Daily Report - Atlanta, GA, USA

"I want to make sure that any firm I consider is not going to go belly-up, leaving me with a Maserati payment I can't make."

news.sky.com/skynews - By Sky News

"Luxury cars really do get pulses racing - especially the roar of a Maserati, according to a survey.

It was women, often considered to have little or no interest in cars, who were most excited by the Maserati's rev.

The results showed 100% of female participants had a significant increase in testosterone secretion after listening to the Maserati - compared to only half for the men."

www.usatoday.com - By Michael McCarthy

"The appeal of Olympians vanishes vs. everyday pros. But nearly every time Phelps mentions a favorite brand during an interview, Carlisle says he hears from that marketer within a few hours. (Maserati, a tip: Phelps likes Italian sports cars.)"

www.fcnp.com - By Mike Hume

"For many men, the word "fantasy" conjures images of occupying the skin of the fictional Vincent Chase and rolling on Highway One in a Maserati with a flawless woman, or eight, as seen in just about any episode of HBO's 'Entourage.'"

www.sacbee.com - By Matthew Barrows

"For 49ers players, it's as if they've turned in their dented Volvo station wagon for a Maserati – and they're just now finding out how fast she goes."

www.thetimes.co.za - By Fred Khumalo

"It’s been said we have a Maserati constitution driving along treacherous roads meant for tractors. This colourful observation is an apt summary of the lack of discipline that has become synonymous with our schools in South Africa."

www.philly.com - By Ed Barkowitz

"Peyton Manning, Philadelphia Colts: It's hard to imagine the Colts are going to open Lucas Oil Stadium without their Maserati under center. Monitor Manning's balky knee and drop him in the rankings if he's ruled out for the September 1st opener."

www.beet.tv - By Andy Plesser

One analyst likens FiOS to a "Maserati for the price of a Volkswagen."

www.denverpost.com - By John Henderson

"His bike, made by Felt Racing of Irvine, California, is tricked out to become bicycle's equivalent of a Maserati.

www.tricities.com - By Mac McLean

"It’s like comparing pre-wheel [technology] to a Maserati,” Aulick said of the new theatre’s potential versus the college’s current limitations.

www.i4u.com - By Luigi Lugmayr

"The Lenovo ThinkPad X200's astronomic price tag also left most would-be buyers pressing against the window glass like gawkers at a Maserati dealership."

LSST - Large Synoptic Survey Telescope

"Donald Sweeney, the LSST Project Manager and an engineer in the Physics Directorate at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, smiles when he calls the LSST the "Maserati" of telescopes. Like exotic sports cars, the LSST will be a masterpiece of design, science and technology."

www.kansascity.com - McClatchy-Tribune News Service

"A Maserati. I love it. I will keep it until I can't afford it anymore." - Justin Chambers ("Grey's Anatomy"), on his first big splurge, in People magazine.

www.insidebayarea.com - By Angela Hill

"A Maserati makes a great graduation gift." Not that I know that from personal experience, but if I were a baby, that's what I'd tell my mom.

http://afp.google.com/ - By LONDON (AFP)

With reference to English clubs employing underqualified coaches, UEFA technical director Andy Roxburgh said on Monday, “If I'm going to give you a Maserati, it would be a good idea if you had a driving licence."

www.eagletribune.com - By Emily Young and Rosemary Ford

“We love Dad. He taught us how to ride a bike. To hit a ball. To drive a stick shift. We want only the best for dad. But sometimes his Maserati tastes don't match our Matchbox budget."

www.mercurynews.com - By Scott Rislov

“If you had your choice of vehicles, what would that be?

I would have to say a Maserati. I could see myself very easily in one of those cars."

www.columbusdispatch.com - By Holly Zachariah

“Amanda, a stay-at-home mom who has "blossomed," studies photos that her husband has brought home from an office party. In one, Amanda stands next to his willowy, red-haired secretary: "If she and Rachel had been cars, Rachel would have been a Maserati, while she would have been an old, old minivan. What man would want a dumpy, old minivan when he could have a Maserati? Never mind that he'd had children with the minivan, that he still drove the minivan. He wants the Maserati."

www.appscout.com - By Jared Preusz

“To find out which watch John Mayer prefers (Rolex), Julia Roberts' sunglasses choice (Ray-Ban), and which ride Bono likes (a Maserati Quattroporte luxury car).”

www.dailybreeze.com - By Gregory J. Wilcox

“The Maserati has the class of Marcello Mastroianni, the Ferrari the sophistication of Sophia Loren and the Lambo the sass and sensuality of Gina Lollobrigida.”


“Italy’s finest export since the Maserati, Lacuna Coil, will head for Australian shores again.”


“People who drive a Bentley or Maserati states that they are really, really wealthy. Park one of these on your drive and the neighbours will think, “Hmm, that’s an expensive car. He must be doing well.”


“To follow the expertise of Daniel Moe is great,” he said, “because he’s such an icon of choral groups. So you’re inheriting the Maserati of choruses.”

And with a little time in the garage, Caulkins thinks the chorus can be ready for even greater accomplishments.

“My challenge is to take this incredible, souped-up Maserati and make it more incredible and exciting than it’s ever been,” he said.


"No one does style quite like Maserati, the connoisseur’s car manufacturer: less gaudy than a Ferrari, but more flamboyant than a Mercedes. You've gotta love 'em..."

http://business.timesonline.co.uk/ - By Jim Beeland Rogers

"I wouldn’t want them driving to university in a Maserati, but since the top speed limit is 90 km/h in Singapore, a Maserati probably wouldn’t be much use to them."

Extracts from an interview with Bob Dylan on the Les Crane Show back in 1965

Bob Dylan: "Yeah. I'm thinking of getting a car."

Les Crane: "A car!"

Bob Dylan: "But I don't know what kind to get."

Les Crane: "Yeah."

Bob Dylan: "Yeah, I'm thinking about a Maserati; You ever heard of one of those?"

Les Crane: "Yeah."

Bob Dylan: "Well, I never saw one, but I like the name."

Les Crane: "Maserati!"

Bob Dylan: "Yeah. Maserati. Bob Dylan and his Maserati."

http://driving.timesonline.co.uk - Jeremy Clarkson

"In the olden days, if you were to turn up at a party in a Ferrari or a Maserati, women might imagine that you were the Aga Khan."


"We stay focused on our passions and keep on going. Rocky is like a fine-tuned Lamborghini and the writer like a Maserati, both in high gear."

www.latimes.com/sports/ - Kurt Streeter

"The fact that the Trojans offense, expected to be a smooth-running Maserati, wasn't firing on all cylinders, even as the team was on its way to 11 wins?"

www.networkworld.com/ - Johna Till Johnson

"There is certainly a gap between, say, my desire to drive a Maserati and what's actually in my wallet - and is unlikely to be filled any time soon, unless there's a rich uncle somewhere I don't know about!"


"Pittsburgh cornerback Ike Taylor said it's not even close who is the fastest Steelers receiver, the player who accelerates like a Maserati and gets to full speed quicker than the others."


"I figured I couldn't lose, as my overhead would be low and the subscription base would rapidly grow and have me driving a Maserati in no time."

www.app.com/ - Adam Shell

"Borrowing money to buy anything — a 4,000-square-foot center hall colonial, a 390-horsepower Maserati, a trip Down Under — is inherently risky, because the purchase is typically made with cash that people don't have."

www.backpackinglight.com/ - Doug Johnson

"Stix are expensive but really stiff and light...they are the Maserati of trekking poles in my opinion (and I mean old Maserati - think 1978 Bora). :-)"

www.theaustralian.news.com.au/ - Deirdre Fernand

"The area for sexual pursuit in the brain is found in the hypothalamus, the instinctual core. It is two to two-and-a-half times larger in the male relative to the female. So in this department he's got the Maserati, she's got the VW Beetle."

www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/ - James May

"This brings me to the new Maserati GranTurismo. I really like the look of that car. I'm a bit of a fan of modern Masers in general, and especially of the later V8 engine with its muscle-car crank angles and subdued yet guttural exhaust note. Where Lamborghinis and Ferraris are for footballers and pop stars, Maseratis are somehow far more discreet and generally driven by gentlemen and ripping gals. Sophia Loren had a Maserati, and so did the Shah of Persia. I like to think of myself as a Maserati kind of bloke."

http://media.www.technicianonline.com/media/ - Viewpoint

"It doesn't make sense, especially considering the fact that illegal downloading is virtually harmless. Recording artists might not be able to afford that extra Maserati -- how disheartening."

www.chicagobusiness.com/ - By Margaret Littman

"Of everyone heading to McCormick Place for the 2007 Chicago Auto Show — the nation's largest — Maserati fans are among the most enthusiastic."

www.dose.ca/movies/ - By Ben Carrozza

"Sean Bean — no doubt here for a Maserati-attaining paycheck—is intense as the psycho hitcher, but there’s no motivation given as to why he’s going around making everyone’s life a little more bloody, and that’s uh, kinda important, no? Maybe it’s just us."

www.theglobeandmail.com/ - By Mathew Ingram

"In other words, the Apple's new iPhone bears as much resemblance to a standard phone as a Maserati does to your neighbour's Ford Focus."

www.macon.com/ - By Josh Kendall, Telegraph Staff Writer

Tommy Hurley recently won a 2007 Pontiac G5 GT in a contest during the 'Chick-fil-A Bowl' in Atlanta.

"It's pretty nice," said Hurley, a 20-year-old Mt. de Sales graduate who is a junior at the University of Georgia. "It's fully loaded. Compared the other cars that I've had, it's a Maserati."


"For five weeks, Roscoe Parrish, the Buffalo Bills' second-year receiver/punt returner, had been a speedy guy going nowhere fast. He was a Maserati stuck in neutral, more suspect than prospect."

www.tristate-media.com/ - By Jim Hightower - Minuteman Media

"Hey, how about indulging yourself with a hot new Maserati ? Yeah, it's got a sticker price that'll make you go blind - but, wow, this baby will flat-out fly!

Even if you only drive your Maserati down to the hardware store, it'll give you an awesome thrill and make you feel like a real stud, so come on - splurge. And don't tell me you can't afford it. Just cut back on your kids' education, cancel your family's health care, and dip into your retirement fund. It's all about priorities, my friend.

If you think such extravagance is insane, you’re obviously not a studly Congress critter. These free spenders have just voted to buy more F-22 Raptor fighter jets, a stealth plane that flies so high, so fast that it’s called “the Maserati of the skies.” Price tag: a third-of-a-billion US dollars per plane.


"Prospective buyers of a $5 million Bel-Air home are being offered a free two-year lease on a Maserati Coupe. The home was on the market two months with no offers.

After throwing in the Maserati, the owner quickly received three bids."

www.heraldtribune.com - Tom Becnel

"It turns out that jumping on a surf ski without any training is like trying to drive a Maserati without knowing how to shift gears."

blogs.chron.com/ - Kyrie O'Connor

"On the great HBO series Entourage, not only does the hero star in a fictitious movie about Aquaman -- Poseidon, anyone? -- but they drive a Maserati."

www.canada.com/ottawacitizen/ - Keith Spicer

"A pixie in a Maserati, Laurence Parisot may be the toughest woman in France."

www.businessweek.com/ - Thane Peterson

"Maserati's Beauty on a Budget - The roomy two-door GranSport has style, elegance, and power. And at only $103,000, it's practically an economy car -- for millionaires."

www.macsimumnews.com/ - Posted by Dennis Sellers

"Great expectations abound for the next step in wireless LAN technology, the much-hyped IEEE 802.11n. People have dreamed about the kind of raw speed it is promising, up to 600Mbps, virtually unheard of for a wireless technology of any kind. “802.11n will be to 802.11b what a Maserati is to a Pinto,” according to the Research and Markets firm."

http://msnbc.msn.com/ - Gary Krakow

"With two, 64-bit, dual-core Intel Xeon “Woodcrest” processors and it's sleek design, the Mac Pro is the computer equivalent of a Ferrari, Maserati or Porsche. And like a super sports car — you can pay a lot for the ultimate level of high-end performance."

www.hamiltonspectator.com/ - Lorraine Sommerfeld

"As if making up for the fact they're driving a mom-mobile, these guys will drag you off a light like they're in a top fuel dragster, and cut you off on the highway like they're in a Maserati."

http://members.whattheythink.com/ - Patrick Henry, WTT Executive Editor

"Four years ago, as a part of its coverage of Graph Expo 2002, WhatTheyThink profiled not a person but a press making its debut at the show: the Roland 500, a six-page sheetfed with the speed of a Maserati and an engineering pedigree as impressive as the exotic car’s."

www.theage.com.au/news/ - Ben Schneiders

"It's certainly not the case that people are out there buying new Maserati cars or luxury yachts," he said. "It's the case people seem to be worried about the future and worried about interest rates going up and the potential for future rate hikes."

http://ansa.it/ - Martin Penner

"Being a Maserati among mothers is a tough task when you're also trying to pursue a rewarding career."

www.TheStar.com/ - Tim Lai, Staff Reporter

"While he wouldn’t give a specific price, one scalper (ticket tout) said tickets would probably go below face value, as he sat in his black Maserati counting green bills."

http://news.enquirer.com/ - Paul Daugherty, Enquirer Sports Columnist

"Nothing against the tight ends – Reggie Kelly and Tony Stewart had important games yesterday – but in the Bengals offense, featuring the tight ends is like buying yourself a Maserati to drive to the grocery store."

www.mysanantonio.com/ - Jeff McDonald, Express-News Staff Writer

"You don't use a Maserati to smash up Bigfoot in a monster truck show. You use a Maserati as a getaway car."

www.news.com.au/ - Jim Dickins

"The Queenslander, who opted for a $45,000 per year pension (in 1999 dollars) indexed for life, raised eyebrows after he emerged as the proud owner of a $200,000 Maserati sports car."

www.rrstar.com/ - Mike Nadel - Chicago sports columnist

"Well, sure. KIrk Hinrich, the Chicago Bulls guard, won’t have trouble making payments on his new Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT, a 396-horsepower beast that retails at $117,250 (including the $3,700 gas guzzler tax).

A Maserati ? Capt. Kirk probably can buy his own starship now."

http://motoring.independent.co.uk - Michael Booth

"When I was just a little boy, I asked my mother what would I be. Would I be handsome ("No"), would I be rich ("Unlikely"), and would I drive a Maserati Quattroporte?"


"Not offering a second opinion on a hot issue that will financially burden valley residents for the next 30 years is a lot like not asking your spouse about the shiny, new Maserati that’s sitting in your driveway."


"Posh Spice had been dining at Nobu Berkeley restaurant in Mayfair after leaving her Maserati outside, and inevitably was mobbed by snappers as she left."

www.mlive.com/ - Rob Hoffman

"The Canton offense is about as well oiled as a Maserati given premium grade Valvoline. The push at the line is almost unstoppable."

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