The Ketcham Gallery
A classic motor car enthusiast from the USA

I would like to thank Mark Ketcham of Ketcham Imports for his photographic contribution to this page. Mark has sent me these photos for us all to enjoy!!

"Hi Enrico,

Thank-you for your email and inquiry. I apologize for my slow respose, but one of my filters kicked your email into a file a rarely check.

Anyway, I've seen your Maserati site before...very nice!

It's fine to use pictures of my 200 SI (#2401). I remember seeing it on your site when Dr. Zweifler owned the car. I believe you had the PDF file covering it's history.

I'll send you some pictures of it in March of this year down at Phillips Island Race Track in Melbourne, Australia, and with motor out gearbox out for race refreshing at GPS Restorations in Italy.

You'd also wanted some pics of other Maseratis I'd had, correct?

All the best!


Maserati Tipo 200SI #2401... some pictures taken in Melbourne, Australia 2007.


























Maserati Tipo 350S #3502... some pictures taken around 2003.
















Maserati Tipo 200SI #2408... leaving Brazil in 2004.


Maserati Tipo 250S #2422... when owned by Pery.








Maserati Tipo 300S #3035... taken at Silverstone in 1999.



Maserati Tipo 300S #3061... taken in 1996.



Maserati Tipo 300S #3063... taken in December 2003.











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