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My Name is Christian,do you still have the advert for sale posted on subject title? am very interested buying it from you, my Payment method is PAYPAL. (DO YOU HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT ?)

Also don,t worry about shipping as i will arranged pickup from your home with my DHL account. once you have confirm my Payment to your Paypal account. hope you understand thanks and let me know your final asking price


I have the following for sale:

NOS, ANSA exhaust system for a Maserati 3500 Spyder Vignale.

Original wrapping.

Asking price 2,200.00 EURO.

Located in South of Sweden.

Please contact Per direct at

I have a Maserati engine for sale:

Maserati 3500 engine #048.

The crankshaft has a different measure than the younger ones.

I will sell to the best offer.

Engine located in Switzerland.

Please contact Peter direct at

MASERATI A complete history from 1926 to the present
by Luigi Orsini and Franco Zagari

Published by Libreria dell'Automobile 1980

The most comprehensive history of Maserati ever written. A must for every serious Maserati enthusiast !

A well written and well researched book with many monochrome and some colour photographs. Opens with a chapter entitled 'From the beginning until 1925', a brief story of the Maserati brothers. This English version was produced in a single volume and covers the complete Maserati production story with chapters on every famous racing, sports and GT car up to and including the Biturbo. Each chapter contains technical specification, production numbers and some fine technical drawings.

In excellent condition, complete with slipcase.

Priced at GB £150 plus postage.

Please contact Enrico direct at

I have the following for sale:

A steel front bumper for the Maserati Quattroporte 1a serie. Requires some attention.

Items located near Modena.


I have the following for sale:

I have now re-manufactured water hoses for the Merak and 8-cyl Maseratis. These parts are now no longer available from the factory.

Prices on request.

Please contact Marcello direct at

I now have the following Oil and Air filters for sale.

Items located in Modena, Italy.

Prices on request.

Please contact Marcello direct at

We have now produced front spoilers for both the Maserati Merak and Bora.

If any one is interested they are now available.

Prices on request

I have the following Maserati parts for sale:

Radiator hose for: Ghibli 1st tipo, Ghibli 2nd tipo and Indy.

Brake Master Cylinder for Mistral and Quattroporte 107.

Brake Master Cylinder for Quattroporte III, Ghibli SS, Kyalami and Indy 4700.

Prices on request

I have the following Maserati part for sale:

Original Mistral spyder hard top. Complete with glass, trim and headliner.

Missing one of the latches but otherwise complete and unrestored.

A very rare item.

Located in the USA.

Price: US $35,000.

Additional photos at:

Further information on request.

Please contact Ivan direct at

I have the following Maserati parts for sale:

- Filtro carburante FISPA 3037-06 originale per Maserati 3500 GT e Ferrari 250 . Usato, in buone condizioni, Euro 350,00

- Original fuel filter FISPA 3037-06 for Maserati 3500 GT and Ferrari 250. Used and in good condition - 350 EURO.

- Mascherina per Maserati Barchetta in alluminio NOS, Euro 800,00

- Front grille for a Maserati Barchetta in aluminium N.O.S. - 800 EURO.

- Passaporto tecnico della Maserati Barchetta telaio THBCNU*LAC* - Prezzo a richiesta

- Technical passport for Maserati Barchetta chassis number THB CNU*LAC* - Price on request.

- Vari gruppi aspirazione e iniezione per Maserati Biturbo 222-224 e Racing

- Various intake manifolds with fuel injection rails for Maserati Biturbo 222-2.24v. and Racing - Prices on request.

- Cambio per Maserati 224 a 5 marce, in ottime condizioni, pochi kilometri, attacco posteriore da saldare, Euro 1.500,00

- 5-speed gearbox for 2.24v., low mileage and in excellent condition, rear bracket needs welding - 1,500 EURO.

- Ruote varie per vari modelli Maserati - chiedere disponibilitą e prezzo

- Various wheels for Maserati models - Prices and availability on request.

Items located near Modena, Italy.

I can arrange shipping.

Further information on request.

Please contact Daniele direct at

We have had re-manufactured wheels for the Ghibli 115 in aluminium, because the original magnesium wheels become FRAGILE and DANGEROUS with age !

These aluminium wheels are cast from a single block.

Item located in Modena, Italy.

Price on request.

Please contact Marcello direct at

I have for sale the following parts
for Ghibli 1a serie and ABS:

Brake calipers

Rear inner wheels arches

Rear grille

Lambda sensors

Oil cooler grille

Power steering pump and tie rods

Fuel injectors

Rear differential assembly (1a serie and ABS)

And many used pare parts.

Items located near Bergamo, Italy.

Please contact Bruno direct at

We have re-manufactured the gaskets for the Maserati Biturbo 2000.

Cylinder head gaskets.

Exhaust manifold gaskets.

Camshaft housing gaskets.

Water pump gaskets.

Intake manifold gaskets.

Located in Modena, Italy.

Please contact Marcello direct at

We have re-manufactured these "dummy" wheel nuts for the Campagnolo wheels as fitted to the Ghibli, Indy, Khamsin and Mexico.

Please do not hesitate to ask for a quote.

Please contact Marcello direct at

I have a N.O.S. rocker cover from a Maserati Quattroporte III.

Located in Italy. Price is Euro 120,00.

Please contact Daniele direct at

I have the following for sale:

- For Quattroporte IV and Ghibli: Steering wheel with airbag - used but in good condition

- For 3200 GT: Coolant reservoir/Expansion tank, Intercooler, engine management control units, lateral radiator support bracket - all used but in good condition

- For 3200 GT: Left-hand side exhaust manifold - used but in good condition

- For 3200 GT and Quattroporte IV: No. 2 Engine cooling fans

- For Quattroporte IV: No. 2 rear shock absorbers and No. 1 front shock absorber - used but in good condition

- For 3200 GT: Alternator (new)

- For Maserati Biturbo: ZF gearboxes ( one disassembled and one with the direct-drive shaft that requires replacing )

- For Maserati Biturbo: Complete fuel injection intake manifold, used but in good condition

- For Maserati Shamal: Rear subframe, front (300mm diameter) and rear disc brakes

- For Maserati Biturbo Injection: Air filter box

- For Maserati Biturbo: Leather front seat. The leather being damaged in several places

- For Maseratis various models: Anti-roll bars

Items located near Modena, Italy.

Shipping at cost.

Please contact Daniele direct at

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