The Evo 12 Levante
From a thesis by Ing. Enrico Battelli

On Wednesday 8 April, at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Modena, Ing. Enrico Battelli, having completed a thesis for his degree in “Autobody Design”, under the supervision of Prof. Fabrizio Ferrari, who introduced the project, officially presented his study, the “Evo 12 Levante”.

Made possible with the collaboration of Maserati (who supplied him with the original design drawings for the MC12 from which the "Evo 12" is derived), Ing. Battelli first created a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) of a new bodywork for this extreme motor car, more suited to everyday road use, and then, thanks to the technical and practical skills of Modelleria Modenese, helped produce a 1:5 scale model (prototype), based on that same mathematically produced design.

Thanks to the permission of Prof. Fabrizio Ferrari, the complete text of Ing. Enrico Battelli's presentation may be found on a new page dedicated to it on Menu dei Motori's new web site at

Prof. Ferrari has very kindly granted me permission to share these images of the Evo 12 "Levante" with you.


Ing. Battelli making his presentation

Maserati MC12 Evoluzione

... in Times Square, New York

... in the Maserati factory car park

... at the presentation of the Maserati MC12

... alonside a Maserati Reparto Corse transporter

.. on the roof of the factory multi-storey car park

... outside the car showroom in Viale Ciro Menotti

... inside the Maserati showroom at the factory

... Maserati Evo 12 "Levante" on display

... outside Harrods department store in London

The Maserati Evo 12 "Levante"



The completed 1:5 scale model...

...of the Maserati Evo 12 "Levante".

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