Official and Independent Workshops in Europe
Capable of servicing and repairing Maseratis from the Biturbo Era


Many Biturbo owners will have noticed that a large number of official Maserati dealers have had no practical knowledge of working on Maseratis from the Biturbo era, and their knowledge is strictly limited to the later Maseratis powered by the Ferrari-sourced engine.

This is a list of workshops known to have serviced Maseratis from the Biturbo Era. I have only had personal experience of one or two of the workshops listed.

They may be of some assistance to you, should you be unlucky enough to suffer any mechanical problems during your visit to these countries.

Please let me know if you have had any personal experiences of any of these workshops, or know of any Maserati workshops that are not on my list, please email me their details at

It will be of great help to your fellow Maseratisti. Thank you !!

* Denotes Official Maserati Dealer.

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