A Maserati Trip to remember
A visit to the Maserati Factory and more!

With the morning's excitement over, it was time for some light refreshments. For this, they visited the a bar close to the factory, well known for its motor racing theme; the walls covered with photos of well known drivers and their racing cars. There they were joined by Maserati president Sig. Eugenio Alzati.

Fully refreshed, it was time for the party to visit the countryside outside Modena. A few miles from Modena there is a special farm, owned by a very wealthy Italian gentleman, that houses an important collection of over 100 classic Italian cars. An amazing place with a purpose built 'museum' housing the more important cars surrounded by farm buildings containing classics virtually side by side and bumper to bumper. The star of his collection is the first ever Ferrari. It appears that Ferrari themselves have tried to tempt this historically important car away from the owner with vast amounts of lira, but so far he has refused to part with it.

Down at the farm!

A Maserati collection outside the farmhouse.

A beautiful Alfa Romeo, just one of many.

The first 'home-built' Ferrari, the 815.

Just some of the really old cars on view.

So many cars there's barely room to move!

In the evening, after the day's excitement, it was time to relax and sample the best of the local Italian cuisine. At Ruberia, just outside Modena there is no finer place to eat than the well-known restaurant Arnaldo Clinica Gastronomica.

A gastronomic delight!

The ristorante Arnaldo Clinica Gastronomica is famed not only for its fabulous Cucina Emiliana but also for its ambience that includes many photos of motor racing history.

Now that I know, I am looking forward to eating there myself!

The following morning, after a good night's sleep at the Hotel, they visited the boatyard of luxury boatbuilder Ferretti at S. Giovanni in Marignano. There followed a tour of the boatyard in which they were treated to a demonstration in one of their luxury motor cruisers on the Adriatic Sea.

The Ferretti Boatyard

The Ferretti boatyard.

Maseratis at the seaside. Where's the sea?

Ferretti's off-shore power boat in dry dock.

He just had to go back and have another look!

This exciting trip however finished on a slightly sour for Signor Van Rossum for it was on the return journey to Belgium in his beloved 222 4v. began losing power just as he was enjoying himself only to..... But that's another story!

A Ferrari transporter heading back to Maranello.

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