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From Canada

ALEC HAS FOR SALE: His 2005 Maserati Trofeo GranSport

"Hello Enrico,

Wanted to sell my Maserati GranSport Trofeo. Would you list it for me on your site ?



Maserati Trofeo Gransport

Left-hand drive.

Car is a Model M138ABET.

Engine model: M138T.

Chassis No: ZAMBL38B00*0009672*.

Year of manufacture: 2005.

Colour: Bianco Alpi (White).

Interior: Tan leather.

Mileage: 6,000 total original kms.

The car is completely original and in as new condition.

OMP racing seats all original as from factory.

Built in jack/lift system.

Fire suppression.

Roll cage etc.

Carbon fuel cell.

Including many spares:

Two carbon doors complete.

New front facia.

Steering rack.

Many brake parts.

Fuel pump.

New diffuser.

And more.....

Has new Yokohama tyres and a spare set of wheels...

Car located in Toronto, Canada.

Offers in the region of 110,000 USD or Euro equivalent.

For further information please contact Alec at


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