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From the France

HENRI HAS FOR SALE: His 2002 Maserati Spyder GT

"Hello Enrico,

I do not use my 4200GT Spyder as much as I should, so I have decided to sell it.

Thank you.



Here are a few details:

It's a Maserati 4200 GT Spyder.

Left-hand drive.

First registered: August 2002.

Blue with beige leather.

Mileage: Less than 57,000km.

The soft-top was replaced in 2015. It is black and no longer blue.

The clutch was replaced at 50,000km.

Rear dampers were rebuilt.

It is full options except for cruise control.

The softop opens and closes as required.

Car located 10 miles from Nice and 25 miles from Cannes.

Asking price 34,000 EURO.

If you're interested, please contact Henri direct at
You can click on the photos for a better look. It's well worth it!!!







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