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From Italy

DAVIDE HAS FOR SALE: His 1991 Maserati Racing

"Hi Enrico,

I am writing to you from Italy (near Verona and Padova).

I heard a lot about you and your passion, from various Maserati owner friends.

I am a happy owner of a Maserati Racing, but unfortunately I have decided to sell it.

Could you help me, for example putting my car on your site ?

Thank you so much !

Kind regards,



Maserati Racing.

Year: 1991.

Left-hand drive.

Colour: Dazing Black.

Interior: Black leather.

Mileage: 145,000 Km.

A.S.I. Italian historical car certificate. License plate Modena.

Always checked (always used Shell Helix ultra Ferrari 10W60 oil).

Always used with 100 octane gasoline.

Belt distribution done and water pump done.

Differential reconditioned.

Both turbos ok.

Original Koni electronic shock absorbers, new.

It currently mounted Orap Gas (+40%) shock absorbers and Eibach Ghibli Cup red springs (very rare and with Maserati certificate).

Maserati Ghibli Cup sports pedals.

Original Momo Corse steering wheel 90s (+ original steering wheel).

Complete upholstery set for the bottom interior (NEW), total black, still to be mounted.

New rear tyres.

Original documentation with original leather document holder.

Double keys.

If you are is seriously interested you can contact Davide direct at

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