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From Germany

THERESE HAS FOR SALE: Her 1992 Maserati Barchetta

"Ciao Enrico,

I would like to sell my Maserati Barchetta at your website.

Many thanks.



Here are the details

Maserati Barchetta.

Year: First registered 1992.

Left-hand drive.


The Barchetta THB CMM LAC is one of the three original factory cars that have been built for the Barchetta 1992 Grantrofeo Monomarque race series.

The vehicle also has been driven once at Monza on 27th June 1993 by Giorgio Farina.

Following on from this, the car served as a "Barchetta Stradale" trial version under the engineer Gamberini.

In July 2002, the vehicle was purchased by me.


I carried out the rebuilding of this car only with original spare parts from Maserati.

The following work has been carried out:

- The complete suspension (dampers, springs, joints) and the brakes were renewed.
- The engine was rebuilt and a new gearbox has been installed.
- Xenon headlights were mounted in the front bonnet to drive on the road.
- In June 2016 a complete Inspection with oil change and timing belt replacement has been carried out.

The car can be used as a fun tool on the road, on track days or at events.

The price of the car is 250,000 EURO.

If you are is seriously interested you can contact Therese direct at

You can click on the photos for a better look.

Xenon headlights have been installed in the front bonnet.

These are not visible when the yellow stickers are applied to the car.

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