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DONNY HAS FOR SALE: His 1996 Maserati Ghibli GT

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Maserati Ghibli GT 2.0 V6 1996 year.

Left hand drive.

Colour: White, recently painted.

Interior: Black leather.

Mileage: 43,000km on the instrument panel (odometer).

Immaculate cosmetic and mechanical condition.

No rust and no leaks anywhere.

Interior leather looks like new.

External paintwork in superb condition.

New parts on the engine recently installed:

1. Water pump new Maserati, not rebuild.
2. Timing belt
3. Spark plugs
4. 2 Bearing (roller) of timing belt 5. Oil filter and engine oil
6. A/C belt, alternator belt, power steering belt.
7. Front seal ring on crankshaft.
8. L.H. COMPLETE LEVER, R.H. COMPLETE LEVER with bushing and bearing.
10. Front and rear bonnet gas spring.
11. Engine hood trim with air intake.
12. Replaced headlight glass for Lexan.
14. Replaced clutch and turbochargers overhauled.

Description of work carried out .........

The cylinder heads have been fully restored, the turbochargers refurbished, the flywheel has been lightened by 2 kg (before and after photos available), the entire work was carried out in March 2015. Step by step photos of the restoration work are available via e-mail.

The front and rear subframes, front and rear anti-roll bars, cross members, tie rods, trailing arms, axle hubs, suspension arms and all other parts that form the suspension were sandblasted and treated with a high temperature plastic coating.
The original suspension was modified with Bilstein upside down shock absorbers together with racing H & R springs (the standard electronic suspension was replaced with a traditional system). This was, perhaps, the most difficult part of the project; since it wasn't easy to find the correct settings. As a starting point we took the specifications from a Group 'A' 2-litre turbocharged rally car. Furthermore, we had to create new modified sleeves for the shock absorbers, totally different from the originals.

The front suspension has a special plate fitted for adjusting the negative camber (see image). Front wheels are -2.3 and rear -3.0. Finding the correct settings was really difficult as this was after all a 'one-off'. As a result, the car is extremely stable with excellent handling both on cornering and at high speed. Wheels are 18-inch O.Z.; 225 x 18 x 45 at the front and 255 x 18 x 35 at the rear.

The new braking system came from a Maserati Quattroporte V8 Evoluzione. All brake pipes and the brake proportion valves were changed as the old ones were very rusty. Calipers were disassembled, then ground and treated with a black plastic high temperature resistant coating. All rubber rings and seals were replaced.

The original exhaust was replaced with a new 60mm diameter stainless steel system made by Schacal in Zagreb. The catalytic converters were removed (It's great fun in Croatia!), and replaced with straight through mufflers. The sound of the exhaust note is quite amazing.

Air filters has been changed for a free-flow Kingdragon system, not only allowing more air into the system but producing the most amazing sound during hard acceleration!

Gearbox and differential were polished, all screws seals and gaskets were changed. Of course we also fitted new clutch and pressure plates and the release bearing.

The interior; all seats, dashboard, doors and centre console etc., was re-upholstered in the finest quality leather. All door, engine bay, rear boot and window seals were replaced as were the 'Maserati' door treads and plastic trims.

Price is 25,000 EURO.

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