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From Italy

MANOLO HAS FOR SALE: His 1991 Maserati Shamal

"Buonasera Enrico,

Vogliante inserire nel vostro sito internet la mis Maserati Shamal per venderla.



"Good evening Enrico,

I would like to sell my Maserati Shamal on your website.

Thank you,


Here are the details of my car:

Maserati Shamal.

Year: First registered 13-11-1991.

Left-hand drive.

Mechanics, optics, interior in perfect, neat condition.

Mileage: 73.320 kms.

Interior: Pelle Nera (black leather).

Colour: Rosso Maserati (red).

Chassis No: ZAM339B00*MA300139*.

Quattroporte IV engine, optimised and modified - 240 kW (326 PS).

Getrag 6-speed gearbox.

Brembo brake system in front.

Differential oil cooler.

Large air intercooler and oil cooling system.

Air-conditioning system adjusted to new coolant.

Tubistyle V2A exhaust system.

Wheels: Azev 235/40 R17 - Azev 275/35 R17.

Remote control - Immobiliser.

The Shamal is located in Macerata (MC), Italy.

Asking price is 78.500 EURO.

If you are is seriously interested you can contact Manolo direct at















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