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From the UK

JOHN HAS FOR SALE: His 1989 Maserati Biturbo Spyder 2.8

"Hi Enrico,

My husband is looking to sell his car and wondered if you could help.

Kindest Regards,


Here are the details of his car:

Maserati 2.8 Biturbo Spyder.

Date of Registration 11th August 1989......original receipt is included in the paperwork.

This car is beautifully designed by Zagato.

Only has 41,500 miles on the clock since new.

The body is in very good condition and looks classy and stylish. Paintwork is in the original colour 'Rosso Maserati' with a great black leather and suede interior.

The interior is fully original and has a correct patina.

Coming with a complete history the car is always perfectly maintained.

Technically in very good working and driving order.

The car has her original service and instruction booklets and lots of invoices.

Top quality example with a low mileage and authentic history !

If interested please ring mobile number 07813 001386.


If you are is seriously interested you can contact John direct at

You can click on the photo for a better look.



















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