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From France

YVON HAS FOR SALE: His 1971 Maserati Indy 4200

"Hello Enrico,

I sell this beautiful Maserati Indy 4200.

Best regards,


Here are the details of my Maserati Indy 4200:

Year: 1971.

Left-hand drive.

Chassis No: AM 116*548*.

Colour: Maroon (bordeaux).

Interior: Beige leather.

Bought a German car dealer from Austria.

The previous owner, Mr Gianni Oreggia, was acquired in 1990.

It performs a restoration of Maserati by customizing the car (wood insert into the cabin). Unfortunately he dies, the car remains so many years without rolling but fortunately stored in a dry place (see the quality of the body).

I carried out extensive research on the car (radiator, handbrake, ignition, fuel system, coil etc ....) bills for 14,000 Euros.

Today the Maserati runs perfectly (compression pressures are very good).

I own a certificate of origin from Maserati.

Blank MOT.

This is the time to buy the Maserati Indy, it will quickly exceed the 100,000 Euros.

Asking price: 90,000 Euros.

Car located in Rouen, France.

If you’re seriously interested contact Yvon directly at


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