Galleria Tipo 450S

Tom Hollfelder's fabulous 450S at the 1000 Miglia - 2000
The 450S in the scrutineering enclosure
When Tom opened the bonnet it was like bees to the honey pot!
The 'Goody Bags' Il 'Marchio Candini' Spectacular!
Inside the Monster "Off with your head!"
The cockpit of the 450S
Maserati cup holder? My car and the 450S Going Up!
The front and rear ventilated drum brakes of the 450S

The History of Tipo 450S - Chassis No. 4510.

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Jan 1958 : Shelby Racing Cars, Texas, USA and sold straight through to:
Jan 1958 : Frank Harrison, Chattanooga, Tennesse, USA by salesman Jim Hall.
1958 Harrison Racing entries:
Chester, South Carolina, USA driven by Walt Cline : 1st Overall.
Cocoa, Florida, USA driven by Walt Cline : 1st Overall.
Dothan, Alabama, USA driven by Walt Cline : 1st Overall.
Fort Worth, Texas, USA driven by Walt Cline : 1st Overall.
Gainsville GA driven by Walt Cline, : 1st Overall.
Walerboro LA driven by Walt Cline : 1st Overall.
Coffeyville Kansas GP driven by Jim Hall.
Oct 1959 Alabama Regional Final, Courtland driven by Jim Hall : 3rd Overall.
Oct 1959 Alabama Regionals, Courtland driven by Jim Hall, results unknown.
Oct 1959 Alabama GP, Dotham, Alabama, USA driven by Jim Hall : 1st Overall.
Oct 1959 Alabama GP, Dotham, Alabama, USA driven by Jim Hall, 2nd Overall.
Oct 1959 Alabama GP Final, Dotham, Alabama, USA driven by Jim Hall : 2nd Overall.
Dec 1959 Nassau Feature race driven by Jim Hall : 8th Overall.
1959 Campaigned by Jim Hall for Harrison Racing.
1960 RA 500 (practice only) driven Jim Hall.
1961 Practiced by Fred Gamble, the engine seized.
1968 Steve Hammatt, USA, for US$2500.

1968 Harrison's mechanic Jerry Eisert sold the car on Frank's behalf. The car was sold with engine #4514 installed at that time but it had 'Corvette' disc brakes fitted and a 'Corvette' 4-speed gearbox. The original gearbox & alumunium finned drum brakes were included along with the original Bill of Sale and the original paperwork.

1969 Colin Crabbe (Antique Automobiles Ltd), UK, $5000.
1969 John Fellowes MP, UK , who vintage raced it and also owned #4509.
Feb 1977 by M. H. Rigg, Worcestershire, UK.
1984 Mille Miglia, Fellowes-Cross, UK, #210.
Bruce Vanyo, San Francisco, restored at Nino Epafani's, Berkeley, CA.
1987 Mille Miglia, Vogel-Canopa, USA, #265.
1988 Mille Miglia, Vanyo-Zucconi, USA, #211.
May 1989 sold at Christie's auction in Monaco for 1,2M.
May 1989 Nick Harley, UK.
Hans Thulin, paid $1,86M.
1991 Mille Miglia, Bremer-Thulin ,S, #301.
1991 repossessed by NY Optima Bank of Sweden.
1991 the bankrupsy of Optima Bank ensued.
1992 Bosch, Germany for US$900K with a broken engine (Thulin had thumped the newly rebuilt motor on the Mille Miglia in 1990).
May 1998 dealer Klaus Werner (Classic Automobiles, Germany) paid around US$1.1M.
Present owner Tom Hollfelder, USA.
2000 Giro di Toscana, Hollfelder-Migliorini, USA/IT.
2000 Mille Miglia, Hollfelder-Migliorini, USA/IT, #322.

Technical specification - Tipo 54 - 450S

Body type Sports racer
Production years From 1956 to 1958
Engine Front engined V-8 cylinder @ 90°:
Bore and stroke 93,8 mm / 81 mm
Engine capacity 4477,9 c.c.
Compression ratio 9,5:1
Maximum power 400-bhp @ 7200 rpm
Distribution Four overhead camshafts, two valves per cylinder
Induction system Normally aspirated with Four Weber 45 IDM carburettors
Ignition Double with Marelli magnetos or distributors
Lubrification Forced with delivery and return pumps
Transmission Rear wheel drive
Clutch Dry multiplates
Gearbox 5 speed and reverse
Chassis Welded tubular trellis
Front suspension:- Independent wheels, coil-springs
and Houdaille hydraulic shock-absorbers
Rear suspension:- De Dion axle, transverse leaf-springs
and Houdaille hydraulic shock-absorbers
Brakes Hydraulically operated ventilated drum brakes on all four wheels
Wheelbase 2400 mm
Wheel tracks Front 1350 mm    Rear 1300 mm
Tyres Front:- 7,00 x 16    Rear:- 7,00 x 16
Dry weight 790 kg
Maximum speed 320 km/h
Models constructed 11

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