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Every time my wife and I take a trip to Italy, I always find an excuse to visit Modena, and the Candini Workshop in Via Tito Livio is nearly always my first port of call!

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A 4.7-litre Bora sitting outside
Giuseppe Candini's workshop.

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From 1953 to 1958 Giuseppe Candini was with Maserati's race support team where he worked with many top racing drivers including the five times World Champion

Juan Manuel Fangio
Seen here during a visit to the Candini workshop.


Giuseppe, Fangio and his brother discuss the complex gearing of the sixteen cylinder V4 engine.


A rare opportunity to view the complex gearing of the 16-cyl 4-litre V4 engine. As early as 1929 this incredible engine produced 305 bhp @ 5500 rpm.


One of the posters for Fangio's film
'FANGIO Una Vita a 300 all'ora'.

No, they don't sell ice cream! An enamelled sign from the ice cream company that sponsored the Tipo 420M/58 'Eldorado' for the Monza and Indy '500'.


And to prove the point, Giuseppe and Marcello Candini stand by a little piece of Maserati history, the Tipo 420M/58 'Eldorado'.


The DOHC 2-litre engine from an A6G 2000.


The SOHC 1.5-litre engine from an A6 1500.

Giuseppe Candini's collection
of Maserati motorcycles
includes the prized 50cc 'Rospo'!


Under the wheel-arch of a 3500GT Spyder by Vignale: the front suspension and disc brake.
The Marchal front fog light from an A6G 2000.


The beautiful chromed coil-spring from
the bonnet of an A6G 2000 by Frua.
The oil-filler cap from
the engine of an A6G 2000.


Marcello's recently acquired 1:8 scale resin model, 56 cm (22 ins) in length, of Fangio's Maserati Tipo 250F. This model was built by an ex-Ferrari employee who now builds 1:8 scale models of Maseratis and Ferraris from his garage at home..


The Candini Workshop also has a selection
of original and after-market wheels for sale.

Re-conditioned engines
for 24-valve Biturbos.

The Candini Workshop is always well stocked with genuine Maserati parts. Marcello, who speaks excellent English, supplies parts to Maserati owners all over the world.


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