Bill McGrath Workshop 2002
Maserati   Specialist

When Andy Heywood invited me down to the Bill McGrath workshop it was a little like 'waving a red rag to a bull'. The bull in question being me!

Always on the look out for extra material for the web site and I thought it would be the ideal opportunity to devote a page to one of the oldest and most respected Maserati workshops in the UK.

Bill McGrath had been in the motor trade for a number of years before setting up his company specialising in Maserati in 1977. The reason he chose Maserati was that he owned a 3500GTI which he had restored and was amazed at the difficulty in finding information and parts on these cars. As he progressed with his own car and joined the Maserati Club, word got out that he had some experience and so other owners started to come to him for work.

Between 1977 and 1984, the company was more or less a one man band but as interest grew, an expansion was necessary and in 1984, he moved to the current premises in Kimpton (although at first only in one unit).

In 1986, when the Biturbo was launched in the UK, McGrath Maserati became an official service agent and this continued throughout the Meridien period until Ferrari took over in 1998.

Meanwhile, the company grew steadily and in 1988, Andy Heywood joined - initially as a restorer but from 1990 as workshop manager. Bill McGrath Maserati have always retained a balance between the new and the older cars and also specialised in service rather than car sales.

They now have four mechanics: Alan Piggott and Stuart Nelmes (who specialise in restoration), Derek Jesse (who specialises in servicing of older cars) and Paul Molyneux (who specialises in the Biturbo era cars - Paul was one of the judges at the recent Maserati Club Concours). In addition, there is a parts manager, Adrian Bunting and an office and accounts manager, Colin Seddon.

The parts department not only provides spares for the workshop but also sells worldwide.

Since 1997, Bill McGrath himself has been retired but like Andy, still likes to keep his hand in building the odd engine.

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The Bill McGrath Limited Workshop
in Claggy Road, Kimpton,
Hertfordshire, England.

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Not 'a headless craftsman' but Paul repairing the crankshaft pulley from a Bizzarini.


The imposing Quattroporte Royale awaits attention.


Road and race, side by side.

This Barchetta is being prepared for the next round of the Auto Italia Championship at Donington.


Derek works on the front brakes of an Indy.

A Mistral waiting for its engine.


A Barchetta being prepared for next season.

Two names with a long-time association.


A Bizzarini being given a lift
while a Ghibli Cup waits its turn!

The cross-drilled discs of the Barchetta.


A very special Ghibli Open Cup engine.

You've seen the cars, here are the Stars!

(from left to right) Derek Jesse, Andy Heywood, Paul Molyneux, Allan Piggot, Stuart Nelmes, Adrian Bunting and Colin Seddon.


A 5000GT by Allemano

A Merak SS awaits its turn

Alan sorts out the electrics of a 3500GT

A Quattroporte III open for inspection!

This Indy is a one owner example

At the wheel of a Barchetta!

UNCOVERED - the front of a Barchetta

Close-up of the front suspension

The pedal box

The huge ventilated disc brakes

Front LH suspension

Front RH suspension

The engine of a concours-winning Ghibli SS


The luxurious interior of a Quattroporte Royale


Fold-back veneered tables in the rear doors


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