Le Mans Classic 2002

"Maseratis return to Le Mans!"

Maserati Club member Simon Lees-Milne was lucky enough to make it to this prestigious event and has kindly sent me these photographs in order that we unfortunates, who were unable to attend, may share in the atmosphere of what appears to have been a fantastic event. Roll-on 2004!

Thank you Simon!


There are many images on this page so please be patient!

Drivers are under way at the real start of the Group 5 race.

Drivers race across the track to start their cars.

A little chaos at the demonstration 'Le Mans Style' start!

But any serious trouble was averted by courteous driving!

The Club-Marquee of the Deutscher Maserati Klub.

Maseratis lined up at the side of the Bugatti circuit.

Members of the the British, Dutch and Belgian Maserati Clubs enjoying German hospitality on the "terrace" of the marquee!

Club members and their guests were treated to a picnic lunch followed by a few laps around the Le Mans circuit.

Hartmut Ibing's 1960 Tipo 61 'Streamliner'.

#2451 (M Gregory/ C Daigh) raced at Le Mans in 1960.

The windscreen that prompted the nickname 'Streamliner'.

Philippe Marcq's 1960 Tipo 63 rear-engined 'Birdcage'.

Jeremy Agace's 1956 Tipo 200SI.

Hartmut Ibing's awesome 1956 Tipo 450S.

Antoine Blasco's 1952 OSCA MT4 2AD 1100

Carlos De Miguel's 1950 OSCA MT4.

Burkhard Von Schenk's 1954 Tipo A6GCS.

Hans-Hubert Leuchter's 1954 Tipo A6GCS.

William Binnie's 1956 Tipo 300S.

Another shot of William Binnie's 1956 Tipo 300S.

Andrew Green's photogenic A6G 2000 by Frua.

The lightweight rear window is made of Plexiglass.

Wolf Zweifler's 1957 Tipo 300S.

Ferraris, Lotuses, Maseratis, they were all there!

The handsome 3500GT Spyder by Vignale.

A Tipo 4CS and a 3200GT parked near the Club enclosure.

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