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My sincere thanks to Praxis PR for their co-operation at the NEC and to John Newman of Maserati UK for allowing me to photograph the Trofeo Cambiocorsa.



STAND 8258: The AUTOCAR stand at the NEC proudly displays the 2003 Maserati Trofeo Cambiocorsa, on view for the first time in the UK. John Newman of Maserati UK explains the merits of the Trofeo to an enthusiastic listener.

'Designed for the gentleman driver with a racing soul'

The Trofeo Cambiocorsa race series is designed fo the 'gentleman driver', that is to say, a driver with no or very little previous racing experience. Professional drivers or those with proven racing experience are excluded from this competition.

The indentification plate

The homologation approval ticket

The Trofeo Maserati 2003 monomarque race series will take in seven races staged at major race circuits in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and Great Britain.

The series is supported by Vodaphone and participants may display their own sponsor's logos providing they don't clash with the main sponsor.

The 18-inch alloy wheels with Pirelli P-Zero tyres harbour huge Brembo grooved ventilated discs and Brembo calipers.

To reduce weight the car has been stripped of the regular Coupe's air-conditioning, sound-proofing, and all non-essential accessories. Even the engine bonnet and boot lid are made from fibre glass helping to shed some 460 lbs from its original weight.

MASERATI: a name synonomous with technical excellence.

The cockpit with racing seat, full safety roll-over bar and cage, alloy pedals and foot rest. Note the clutch pedal is 'missing'!

The black suede covered racing steering wheel with the paddle gear change.

The normally-aspirated fuel-injected 4244 cc V-8 engine is an up-rated version of that which powers today's road-going 4200 Coupé Cambiocorsa.

This engine, with 'specific electronic mapping', has a maximum power output of 413 bhp @ 7000 rpm and a maximum torque of 340 lb ft @ 4500 rpm.

Weighing only 404 lb this engine has a maximum engine speed of 7700 rpm giving the car a maximum speed of over 177 mph.

Of course 'Autosport International' is not just about Maseratis, so here are a few of the other cars on display that caught my eye!

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