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Looking for a magazine article about the Maserati you own or would like to know more about? Well thanks to Dr. George Lipperts that information is now available on these pages!

My sincere thanks to George for providing me with this database.

Now were not pretending that this database, although comprehensive, is complete, so if you know of any magazine articles that do not appear on these pages, please let us know!

Some of the articles listed are from recently published magazines so they should be easy to obtain from the 'Back Issues Dept.' of the magazine concerned. Most magazines can provide you with a photocopy of a particular article if the magazine is no longer available.

Articles that have appeared in the earlier magazines can often be found for a reasonable price at the many Auto Jumbles held up and down the country during the year.

? While browsing through this database, you will come across several question marks. This is due to the fact that some of these articles were removed from the original magazine and unfortunately the name and date of the magazine cannot be confirmed.


The Tipos 4CL, 4CM, 4CS and 4CLT

The Tipos 6CM and 6C-34

The Tipos 8C-2500, 8C-3000, 8CFT, 8CTL, 8CL and 8CM

The Tipos 150S and 200S

The Tipo A6 and its derivatives

The Tipos 300S and 350S

The Tipo 250F

The Tipo 450S

The Tipos 60, 61, 63, 64 and 65

The Tipo AM 101 3500GT

The Tipo AM 101 3500GT Spyder

The Tipo AM 103 5000GT

The Tipo AM 101/10 Sebring

The Tipo AM 107 Quattroporte

The Tipo AM 109 Mistral

The Tipo AM 112 Mexico

The Tipo AM 115 Ghibli

The Tipo AM 115 Ghibli Spyder

The Tipo AM 116 Indy

The Tipo AM 117 Bora

The Tipo AM 120 Khamsin

The Tipo AM 122 Merak

The Tipo AM 123 Quattroporte II

The Tipo AM 129 Kyalami

The Tipo AM 330 Quattroporte III

The Biturbo

The Biturbo Spyder

The Biturbo 2500

The Biturbo i, E, ES, S and Si

The 2.24v.

The 222E, 222SE, 222Si, 222SR and 222SR 4v.

The 228

The 420, 420 i, 420 S, 420 Si and 425

The 4.24v., 428 and 430

The Karif and Racing

The Barchetta and 320S

The Shamal

The Ghibli II and Ghibli Cup

The Quattroporte IV

The Quattroporte IV V8

The Buran Concept Car

The 3200GT

The Spyder GT

OSCA and Maserati-engined cars

The OSCA - Officine Specializzate Costruzioni Automobili

The Cooper Maserati

The Ligier Maserati

The Citroen SM

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Classic Cars 0044-(0)1733-468000 (0845-121-4000)
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Ruoteclassiche 0039-02-82472529
Auto Oggi 0039-02-92735353
Auto 0039-051-6227282
Auto Sprint 0039-051-6227282
Autokampioen 0031-070-3146688
Sports Car International 001-415-382-0580
Magazine Automobiele 0032-(0)3-820-4920
Autokrant Magazine 0032-(0)3-820-4920
Auto & Design 0039-011-488225
La Manovella 0039-02-466338
AM Automotor Magazine 0039-051-6227295
Classic Car Weekly 0044-(0)1733-468000
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