Technical specification - 222 4v.

Body type 2-door coupé
Production years From 1991 to 1994
Engine Front engined V 6 cylinder @ 90°
Bore and stroke 94 mm / 67 mm
Engine capacity 2790 c.c.
Compression ratio 7,4:1
Maximum power 278,8-bhp @ 5500 rpm
Distribution Four overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder
Induction system Supercharged with No 2 water-cooled IHI turbochargers/
No 2 intercoolers and Weber Multi Point electonic injection
Ignition Single electronic
Lubrification Forced with delivery pump
Transmission Rear wheel drive
Differential Ranger® final drive: 3,36:1
Clutch Single dry plate
Gearbox ZF Type 5 speed and reverse
(automatic transmission on request)
Chassis Integral body
Front suspension:- Independent, Mac Pherson strut type, coil-springs
and double action telescopic shock absorbers
Rear suspension:- Independent, semi-trailing arms mounted on subframe with
coil-springs and double action telescopic shock absorbers
Electronic suspension:- Standard equipment
Brakes Servo assisted discs on all four wheels
Wheelbase 2514 mm
Wheel tracks Front 1450 mm    Rear 1462 mm
Wheels Magnesium light alloy, size 7"J x 16" / 8"J x 16"
Tyres Front:- 205/45 ZR 16    Rear:- 225/45 ZR 16
Dry weight 1308 kg
Maximum speed 220 km/h
Models constructed 130

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