My 3200GT isn't feeling very well.
Can you help? Please!

Any owner having a problem with their Maserati can send me details and I will publish these, together with any subsequent advice I receive, on this page.

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Even if I don't succeed in helping you with your problems; and I do try, it would help other Maserati owners a great deal if you could let me know how you managed to solve your problems. THANK YOU!


Sami in Finland writes:


RE: 3200 GT - No injected fuel:


I have problem with my 3200 GT. It does not start. There is "code key (symbol)" and "no asr" and "slow down" in dash but not "check engine" so I cannot do emergency start.

Start motor is running but it won`t inject fuel. I have re-charged battery. I have tried all 3 keys but nothing happens. In Finland is sad situation as Maserati doen`t have service at the moment in my country.

Best regards,



Reply from Andrea:


RE: 3200 GT - No injected fuel:

"Hi Sami,

Uh oh. This is potentially a big problem. If the check engine light does not work, it is not possible start the engine with the emergency start procedure and this will be why the fuel injection does not work.

In the first instance, check to make sure the bulb in the check engine light is present and working. Sometimes people remove them to put the light out!!

If this works and then the emergency start procedure can be done then at least the car will run but ultimately the problem will require the use of the SD2 diagnostic tester to repair properly and if there is nobody in Finland with that equipment then it will have to go elsewhere.

We now regularly have customers from Scandinavia who bring their cars to Kimpton and would be happy to deal with this one too!

Kind Regards,



"H" in the UK writes:


RE: 3200 GT - Won't turn-over:

"Dear Enrico,

Yesterday, upon passing the MOT in the 2001 3200GT at 37,000 miles, went to leave test station when engine would'nt turn-over! And I had to trailer it home!

Ever encountered starter motor failing to turn and flattening a fully charged battery, though engine turns freely via socket on crank or via flywheel by hand?

Can hear the solenoid and sound of engaging though no turn of engine!

How easy to remove starte rmotor? ('not', I think, as looks as if intake manifold has to be removed?).

Your experience would be greatly appreaciated as this problem is stopping me enjoying the little sun we get that it only goes out in.

Many thanks, yours in anticipation,



Nicos in Cyprus writes:


RE: 3200 GT - 3rd Brake Light replacement:

"Enrico Hi,

Congratulations for your fantastic site. You’ve solved many problems with my 3200 GT.

Now comes the time that I have to replace the third stop light in the middle. Can you sent me some information or procedure?



Reply from Maurizio and Enrico:


RE: 3200 GT - 3rd Brake Light replacement:

"Hi Enrico,

To gain access to the 3rd brake light you must first remove the rear seats by following the instructions given below.

Having removed the rear seat and rear seat belts, you must now undo the four rear trim/parcel shelf retaining bolts. You will find two bolts housed within each of the contours for the rear head rests.

Now open the car boot and remove the carpetting from the top of the boot, under the rear window. Undo the three rear parcel shelf retaining bolts. From inside the car remove and take out the rear parcel shelf. You will find the third brake light connected to this trim.

Take care when re-fitting the rear seats as replacing them can prove to be quite difficult. According to an enthusiast on the Repartocorse2 web site, this procedure should take you about two hours.

Good luck!

Maurizio and Enrico."

Issa in Saudi Arabia writes:


RE: 3200 GT - Idling problems:

"Hi Enrico,

I am an owner of a 2002 3200 GT / manual transmission.

Lately I have faced a lot of problems with my car.

The main problem being: It started on a hot Saudi day, when in the morning I started my car and an error light turned red on my dashboard. It was surprising, that no matter how hard I pressed on the gas pedal - nothing, engine in idle 1000 rpm+/- even when I press it goes 700 rpm+/- .

Left it for a while, then tried again, started just fine; gas power everything is just fine.

Then it continued as normal for couple of months, till lately it not accepting any gas. Error light on and after like turning on and off battery switch for 10 times and turning ignition on and off for 15 mins it will eventually start with gas acceptance.

I am really in need of your help and advice as I have no other place to go.

Issa - Jedah."


Ed in the UK writes:


RE: 3200 GT - "Bonnet Open" warning light:

"Hi Enrico,

Discovered your site last week while looking for Maserati information and must congratulate you on a fantastic site.

Have driven Alfa Romeos for 10 years and always been passionate about Italian cars. I have dreamt for 3 years of owning a 3200 GT but had heard horror stories of serious financial outlay by people who had bought a bad one. The information within your site, although a bit scary sometimes, convinced me I should "go for it". So I did.

Bought my car 4 weeks ago and its more than I dreamed it would be and drives beautifully.

I have one question, if you could help me. On the way to Goodwood yesterday, I opened her up a bit on a clear stretch and had a bit of a moment when the "bonnet open" symbol flashed up. As soon as I backed off the light went out.

When we arrived, I checked the bonnet which was secure and presume wind pressure had lifted bonnet off sensor a little. Is this a common occurence and can anything be done?




Reply from Myles:


RE: 3200 GT - "Bonnet Open" warning light:

"Hi Ed,

For once this is an easy fix.

Open the bonnet and locate the open bonnet sensor on the N/S front inner wing, about half way down near the ABS pump.

Simply pull the metal bracket up towards you for a better contact when the bonnet is shut.

Best regards,



Matthew in the UK writes:


RE: 3200 GT Experiencing faults:

"Hi Enrico,

Loving your site.

I have been reading through all the technical issues pages for the 3200 and I have noticed that you refer to you manual being on CDRom. Question is, is this available for purchase or is this something you have done yourself because I was pretty sure that no such literature existed electronically.

I have had my 3200GT 2001/Y for 2 months now and faults that I am experiencing are:

1. Drivers side door window motor weak. I have replaced the seals and when you open and close the door, it is very weak and not rising fully. What you have to do it take the window down to half way and give it a run up.

2. When I back off the accelerator I am getting a sharp whistle...its not the turbos spooling up, its like a sharp whistle as if the pressure is being released or dumped.

3. Right-hand rear silencer has started to knock, but that’s just adjustment I suppose.

4. Windscreen wipers jump and I get a clicking in the glove box area, I have seen that it has a relay that controls the switching on and off, so it must be that, but I have no idea how to get at it.

5. Finally and most annoyingly, it jumps out of reverse gear sometimes when cold. The previous owner had the linkage replaced, but still no good.




John in the UK writes:


RE: 3200 GTA 'Engine Light':


I have a 3200 GTA registered in December 2002 with 34,000 miles on the clock. Very Nice car which I use daily to and from work about 30 miles each way.

Engine Light came on a couple of weeks ago and would not go out but I did not notice any ill effects

Had It checked and it turned out to be the brake sensor which needed a bit of WD 40.

Hope this is of interest.




Reply from Enrico:


RE: 3200 GTA 'Engine Light':

"Hi John,

Thank you for your email.

I'm puzzled! Which warning light was it?

Was it the Engine failure control system (the one with the engine profile) or the Defective wheel anti-lock (ABS), Front brake pad wear/low breake fluid (!) or Handbrake (P) ?




Reply from John:


RE: 3200 GTA 'Engine Light':

"Hello Enrico,

It was the Engine Failure Control System light.I had read somewhere that it is very often the brake pedal sensor so you can add this one to your list of possibilities !! Apparently the sensor had some corrosion and was fine after a clean up.

Kind Regards,



Ajay in the UK writes:


RE: 3200GT queries:

"Hi Enrico,

Your website is brilliant and very helpful. I have recently bought a 3200GT and have a few questions:

The passenger heated seat button seems dead and not heating the seat ? - Any ideas?

Also, when accelerating there is a whistling noise and not sure if this sounds right.

Also, when I bought the car the 'ERROR' light kept coming on and then disappeared and then on - is this normal or what should I do?

The car is loud of course, can this be toned down any or made quieter?

Any help would be great.




Reply from Andrea:


RE: 3200GT queries:

"Hi Ajay,

The passenger heated seat button seems dead and not heating the seat ? - any ideas?
Have you checked for a blown fuse? You will find more info in the Driver's Handbook. If the fuse has blown, there may be a good reason for it and it should be checked out.

Also, when accelerating there is a whistling noise and not sure if this sounds right.
Could be!

Also, when I bought the car the 'ERROR' light kept coming on and then disappeared and then on - is this normal or what should I do?
This does happen and usually signifies a failing lambda sensor. You may find that after a while it starts coming on and staying on for the duration of the journey, and eventually, it will stay on permanently. If that happens, you will need to take it to a dealer to have the diagnostic done.

The car is loud of course, can this be toned down any or made quieter?
Shouldn’t be that loud. Has it got aftermarket silencers in stainless steel? The only way to make it quieter would be to fit original type ones if that is the case.




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