My Bora isn't feeling very well.
Can you help? Please!

Any owner having a problem with their Maserati can send me details and I will publish these, together with any subsequent advice I receive, on this page.

Just drop me a line at


Even if I don't succeed in helping you with your problems; and I do try, it would help other Maserati owners a great deal if you could let me know how you managed to solve your problems. THANK YOU!


Mark writes:


"Enrico - Do you know where I could find a Maserati Bora Air Box?? - mine is a little rough! - much thanks if you can.

Mark - Bora AM117/49US*710*."


Dario writes:



My name is Dario and I am writing to ask you a question about a Maserati Bora.

I would like to know what kind of fluid I should add to the hydraulic system as there seems to be a lack of pressure in the braking system, apparently due to the low level of fluid.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.



Stephen writes:



The guys at Tarox suggested that I contact you. I wish to replace the braking system on my 1973 Maserati Bora.

I think the Bora may use the same rotors (discs) and calipers as the Merak, but I do not know.

The original caliper part numbers are:

Front brake calipers: Girling 64 32 07 97 and 64 32 07 96

Rear brake calipers: Girling 64 32 29 75 and 64 32 29 74

Do you have any insight on this? I would be most grateful.



Reply from Andy:-


Re: Bora braking system.


Yes, the calipers and discs (rotors) are the same on Merak and Bora but the disc bells are different. You will not find new calipers anywhere but you can get a seal kit and pistons to overhaul. Usually the pistons are OK in these as the LHM fluid does not rust them out like normal brake fluid.




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