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From Repartocorse 2 in Italy


PLEASE NOTE: It is highly recommended that you check out their suitability prior to purchase.

ALTERNATOR BITURBO/ 222 and 2.24v.:
Identical to that fitted to the FIAT Fiorino.

WINDSCREEN WIPER MOTOR 2.24v: Identical to that fitted to the FIAT Panda.

WINDSCREEN WASHER ELECTRIC PUMP: Identical to that fitted to the FIAT Uno.

BITURBO STARTER MOTOR: Identical to that fitted to the FIAT Uno Diesel.

SPYDER 24v. STARTER MOTOR: Same as the Peugeot 405 - BE CAREFUL the flange is different, so you must use the original Maserati flange.

BITURBO FRONT SIDE LIGHT/INDICATOR (transparent with plastic body): Similar to those fitted to the FIAT 127-128 (different insets).

GHIBLI FRONT SIDE LIGHT/INDICATOR: Identcal to that fitted to the FIAT 131.

SIDE INDICATORS: The side indicators are similar to those on the Lancia, but be careful those on the Maserati have screw fittings whilst those on the Lancia are push fit.

FRONT FOG LIGHTS 4.18v./ 2.24v./ 4.24v./ Racing/ Spyder 3a serie: Identical to those fitted to the Lancia Thema 1st and 2nd series only!

FRONT HEADLIGHTS: Esthetically identical to those fitted to the FIAT 127 sport. Similar to those fitted to the FIAT 126-127-128, but with different lenses; be careful thay are made by different manufacturers: for the Biturbo with 4 headlights, you should buy those with the insets for H4 halogen bulbs, or you should use adaptors.

2.24v. UNDER DASH CENTRAL LOCKING CONTROL UNIT (but probably suitable for other Biturbo models): Fiat Regata 70, but was also fitted to other Fiat models and the Lancia Thema.

Bocchette aerazione e pulsanteria: sono Innocenti Mini - Small.

ROTOR ARM (distributor): Identical to that fitted to the Alfa Romeo 75.

BITURBO ELECTRIC WINDOW SWITCHES: All listed in the Ansor catalogue at

2.24v. ELECTRIC WINDOW REGULATOR: Same as that fitted to the Alfa Romeo 75.

BITURBO SPYDER HOOD RELEASE/LOCKING HANDLERS: Identical to those fitted on the Peugeot 205 Cabriolet.

BITURBO STEERING RACK (non power steering): Looks very similar to that of the FIAT 131, but interior gearing may be different.

From Chuck in France

"Hi Enrico,

You have a letter on your website from Nikola in Italy interested in Eprom programming.

I have reprogrammed my 2.24v Eprom. Can you give me the email address of the person who inquired on this page. Next I am changing to 3bar map sensor and will program for additional boost up to 2 bar.


From Bill in the USA


In answer to your query on the noisy ZF gear shifter:

Although the problem is common to all of the models I have owned, it can be cured by grinding out the shift ring surrounding the shaft at the base of the shifter; an easy fix.


From Nikola in Italy

"Hello Enrico,

I have been working on reverse engineering Weber Marelli IAW engine management systems for years. The list of the tools I developed includes diagnostic interface, remapping software etc.

After reading a lot about Maserati on your web site, my interest to extend the knowledge to IAW applications in Maserati grew - and I decided to address you - it could be that you might be able to provide the info I need.

I tried to get as much as possible from your web site - you probably get lot of emails, so I didn't want to waste your time answering something you already put on the web site. If I missed something, please take my apologies.

I will list some of the questions:

1) How many types (generations) of IAW system are present in Maserati applications?

I read there was separate ECU for injection and ignition, was that the case on all the Maseratis?

Do you have photos of ECU housings of different IAW generations?

Do you have (or can you make) photos of injection ECU printed circuit board?

2) Are there some diagnostic resources available? I read about Maserati diagnostic tool, do you own the thing?

3) Are there some EPROM chip dumps available?

4) Is engine phase (camshaft) trigger the same part number as crankshaft trigger?

Hopefully, I haven't put too many questions at a time.

Many thanks for any input on those!

With regards,


Reply from Andrea


In answer to your query on the Weber Marelli IAW engine management systems:

1) How many types (generations) of IAW system are present in Maserati applications?
Basically two types. The first system on all cars up to Ghibli MY94. The second system on all cars after that fitted with ignition coil packs.
I read there was separate ECU for injection and ignition, was that the case on all the Maseratis?
Do you have photos of ECU housings of different IAW generations?
Do you have (or can you make) photos of the injection ECU printed circuit board?
No! Only ever take them apart to drain the water out of them!

2) Are there some diagnostic resources available?
The diagnostic kit for the early type is fairly involved with two stand based boxes. The latter version is the small hand held unit. I read about Maserati diagnostic tool, do you own the thing?

3) Are there some EPROM chip dumps available?
Who knows?

4) Is engine phase (camshaft) trigger the same part number as crankshaft trigger?


From Yogi in Hungary

"Your Maserati Pages helped me many times before but now I couldn't find an answer so here is the question:

To what model was the engine with the # AM577 built in?

I just bought a 2.24v in Italy. The seller said she has the interior, brakes, alloys and the engine of a Ghibli. Now the Ghibli interior is quite obvious, wheels and brakes are most likely but the engine is a bit strange to me. It doesn't have electronic ignition, air filter in its old place behind the engine, small spark plugs, black intake housing instead of red and so on.

It looks like an ordinary 2.24v engine. I thought it couldn't be simplier: let's take a look at the engine number, is it AM475 or AM495 or 496? The two liter Ghiblis I know have the last two. I spent three hours in the rain since it is well hidden under a rain-forest of wires and tubes. To my surprise I found the above mentioned number of AM577.

I googled over the net but I found only one result (in your pages) and that said a Ghibli Cup has this number. Of course it's not a Cup engine. But what is it then?

Any ideas or hints greatly appreciated.

I try to attach one or two pictures; I didn't have the time to shoot more but as soon as I can I send you some more pics.

All the best,


Reply from Enrico

"AM577 is definitely the type number for the same engine that was fitted in the Ghibli Cup. There should be a reference to the engine type on the VIN/chassis plate. It should read Motore/Engine/Moteur/Motor AM577.

If the VIN/chassis plate does not have this reference, then I suggest the engine was either fitted at a later date or the factory had some surplus AM577 engines and fitted the odd one to a 2.24v etc.

Your best bet is to contact the factory and ask for the factory's original specification for your particular car.



From Enrico in the UK

"Hi Maseratisti,


I do not value cars, so please don't ask me. It's difficult enough to value a car when you are looking at it, via email it is nigh impossible! Most classic car magazines offer a comprhensive guide on present day values and although these can never be taken as being perfectly accurate they are at least a rough approximation based on current auction prices and sales!

At the end of the day, any Maserati is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. Ask too much and you will be sitting on your car for a long, long time. Ask too little and it will be snapped up! So if you value a car too highly and is doesn't sell, be prepared to come down a little on your asking price. And if any prospective buyer comes up with a reasonable offer, take it! But, on the other hand, don't let someone steal it by accepting silly money.


I am also asked by prospective buyers on what they should look for when buying a car. My views are published all over this site. Buy a car from a reputable Maserati dealer where possible. If buying privately, check for an uniterrupted Maserati service history (by a reputable Maserati workshop), check the mileage, make sure all the electrics work. Check the wheels for damage (this can indicate if a car has been abused by its owner). See if the car and engine bay are clean - sometimes a good sign. Buying from a Maserati Club member can on occasions indicate that the car will have been treasured by its owner, though not always.

To be extra sure, and when you're spending that kind of money, it pays to be sure, Bill McGrath Maserati (tel: 01438 832151) offer a pre-purchase inspection service on most Maseratis. The car does have to go to their workshop but the inspection can be done while yo wait. It takes around 2 hours and costs 150 plus VAT to produce a written report.


I drive a 1995 Maserati Ghibli with ABS and only a 1995 Maserati Ghibli with ABS. Ask me all you want about owning and driving one of these. But, I have never been invited to drive any other Maserati so don't ask me what they drive like - BECAUSE I JUST DON'T KNOW!!!

At your service at all times!


From Mathieu in the USA


I am seriously hoping you can help a fellow colleague out of a tight jam. I am an experienced wrench (primarily vintage Mercedes) getting my feet wet on Citroen SMs for the first time.

It is my understanding that the SM shares a similar motor if not the same to the Merak. I found the timing chain was loose according to the factory manual. The Citroen manual does not instruct that the cams should be at TDC before doing this and tonight I am eating a LARGE slice of humble pie.

I loosened the chain tensioner on the right bank (Cyl 1) and the intake cam jumped time. Since then the exhaust cam has too jumped time. I have a factory SM manual in my possession showing me where the timing marks should be. However, there are no marks on the cams!?! I am looking for the "0" on the intermediate shaft as specified and I found what may look more like a "0" and it is very feint. If this is indeed the correct mark, is there a marker to line this up against?

It seems I need to break out my dial indicators per the manual, but I lack the special holding tools as specified in the manual. Is it possible to still do this without those holders? In short I need to re-time this bank, still tighten the chain for the left bank and am at a loss of how to proceed without assistance.

If you would be so kind as to assist me I would be eternally grateful. Please be my savior on this or point me to someone who may be able to help me. Thank you for your time.

Humble and warm regards,


Reply from Abi

"SM OR C114 Valve timing


With dial bring Piston 1 left hand bank (FIRST PLUG) ON FLYWHEEL (PMS)seen through the little circular hole on bell housing.

CAMSHAFTS marks should be lined up with index markings on the front caps . Line up the BIG MARKS NOT the Small Ones ...small ones are for Piston No6 at TDC .....

Im afraid there is only one way for the person concerned to lock the cams that is by inserting a normal paper in 2 or 3 folds under the cam caps or holders and to tighten them carefully if the guy does not have the special locking caps .

But I have a feeling since he has jumped the chain the timing is totally out and he could easily damage the exhaust valves that are delicate sodium filled and are easily broken by my experience when they hit each other or the piston ...

Good luck.



From Mike in the UK

"Hi Enrico,

I have migrated from my Ghibli to something rather more bizzare - I am building a GT car based on a 3200GT engine and a Quaife transaxle all wrapped up in the body panels from a Juno Racing car.

I am at the stage of joining the engine and gearbox - Do you know of any source of technical drawings of the engine block (rear)? If not have you worked out how to e-mail the factory (it must be worth asking!)

Many thanks.


Reply from Enrico


Your best bet is to fax the factory at +39 059 222867. However, I must add that I doubt that they would release any such technical information.

Your best bet is to take measurements from someone who has a used 3200GT engine for sale.

Have you tried asking Eurospares at ?

Hope this helps,


From Mike in the UK


I have the heads and intake manifold at a technicians workshop for porting and polishing.

He has flow tested them both and found the intake to be poorly designed, (flowing approx. 30% less than the head).

He states that the best outcome albeit the most expensive, would be to manufacture a custom intake manifold with separate throttle bodies. I'm probably not inclined to go this far and have asked him to determine if doing any further work on the heads will indeed do anything useful.

He is going to take a look at what he believes may be a new angle. Grinding the head intake port which for some reason is split in to 2 openings. He has done head work on all types of engines and states that he sees no reason for this septum except to slow the flow of air out of the intake!

Any useful ideas here?

Thank you,


From Chris in the UK

"Dear Enrico,

I very much enjoyed seeing your photos of the Panini Museum. I will be passing Modena on 10 June on my honeymoon (taking my 1971 Ghibli SS to Le Marche).

Is it possible to visit the collection?

Yours hopefully,


Reply from Enrico

"Hi Chris,

Thank you for your email.

Go to this site Send an email to informing them when you intend to visit and they will let you know if that's OK.

There you will see directions to this farm. The farm belongs to the Panini family and the museum is on the farm.

Don't forget to buy your Parmesan cheese there. It's one of the best, if not the best, you can buy. Also buy some of their Balsamic vinegar. It's top quality, like syrup, not like the wishy washy Balsamic vinegar we're offered in the supermarkets. It's not cheap, but it costs half the price you would pay in the shops for that quality.



From Keith in the UK


Your site is excellent - well done.

I have a Maserati Neptune chronograph which needs a repair. Do you know of anyone in the UK who can do it? I would be very grateful for your help.

Reply from Enrico


The Valjoux automatic movement in this watch will be well known by any reputable, and I mean reputable, watch repairer.

I know someone near London, his name is Terry Deeley at Dorchester Repairs, telephone 0208 330 5157. He's honest and well qualified. His workshop is near Worcester Park.



Question of the week?


I have attached 3 pictures, and I am trying to identify this manifold. My guess is that it is from a 1987 Maserati Biturbo, fuel injected application. Can someone be so kind to confirm or correct me about this?


From Dave in the UK


I was wondering what 'alfieri' means.



Reply from Enrico


Alfieri is of course the first name of one of the five brothers who founded thw company.

When the word 'alfieri' is put throught my Systran translator it comes back with FLAG/ BANNER.

In my Italian/English dictionary, the word 'alfiere' is translated as: standard-bearer/ ensign. It also states that alfiere means a bishop on a chess board.

Hope this helps,


From Dave in the UK


I am interested in Knock off Spinners of the Carlo Borrani type.

Do you have any pictures of these?



From Bill McGrath Maserati

The UK's leading supplier of Classic Maserati and Biturbo era parts

A selection of our Maserati Parts from our Autojumble:

Maserati Merak

Project car. Complete RHD pre-SS. 1974. Not for the faint hearted. Will break.

Used Engines:

4.2 V8 Quattroporte I engine. Complete with carbs and water pump. Good for a special.

4.2 V8 block Quattroporte I

4.2 V8 block Indy

4.2 V8 cylinder heads (pair) Ghibli

4.2 V8 cylinder heads (pair) Quattroporte I

3500 engine blocks various

Biturbo 2.0 litre engine

Biturbo 2.5 litre engine

Used Gearboxes and axles:

ZF S5-20 for Mistral/Indy/Quattroporte 1

Merak Citroen gearbox

ZF Biturbo dogleg gearbox

Borg Warner Automatic gearbox Quattroporte I/ Sebring

Reconditioned Getrag 6-speed for Ghibli GT and Ghibli Cup

Ghibli Cup differential 3.45:1

New old stock exhausts:

Quattroporte III/ Kyalami rear section

Kyalami centre sections (both sides)

Merak ANSA sports system

Bora ANSA sports system

Bora original factory tailbox

3500 ANSA centre section


Used Indy rear bumper

Various used bumpers for all Biturbo models

4 Borrani wheel rims. Wide!

4 bolt on wire wheel suitable for Merak

(Oh yes!) Merak bonnet - brand new

Merak engine cover - used

We also have a large collection of OE Biturbo era special tools

And much more! Please enquire for prices - Open to offers.

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