My Quattroporte IV isn't feeling very well!
Can you help? Please!

Any owner having a problem with their Maserati can send me details and I will publish these, together with any subsequent advice I receive, on this page.

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Even if I don't succeed in helping you with your problems; and I do try, it would help other Maserati owners a great deal if you could let me know how you managed to solve your problems. THANK YOU!


Antonio in Portugal writes:


"Dear Enrico,

I am the happy owner of a Maserati Quattroporte IV of 2000cc for 1996.

I have a problem that perhaps the Enrico can help me. The Speedometer (account km) left to mark. Began but did not mark off the engine when the car around and began to connect again to mark the speed at which were going.

Now all other gauges work except the speedometer and totalizers of kilometers travelled. The total and partial.

Will I can give an idea of what might be causing this problem.

Congratulations on your magnificent website

Best regards,



Reply from Enrico:-

Re: Quattroporte speedometer

"Ciao Antonio,

Sounds like the speedometer sensor in the rear differential or poor contacts in the instrument binnacle

Your Quattroporte has the later Ferrari Ranger rear differential (part number 13) ?



Cihangir in Turkey writes:


"Dear Enrico and Myles,

I cannot thank you enough.! Indeed the “slow” fan relay was faulty (when the one pointed at in the photo was removed the plastic bit around the slot had melted, I do not know if there is any test to find that out otherwise)) and changing that settled the problem immediately.

Now I do whatever I like; weather, traffic, nothing matters - the tempersture gauge never goes over 75°C and my Maserati is as cool and powerful as before… No, this car does not like heat, I urge people should question their mechanics if they insist “90° is normal” - IT IS NOT !!!)..

I would like to give my humble advice to all owners of this magnificient machine:

1: Drive your Maserati; it costs much more if you let it go lazy, it is a racehorse and needs exercise, also you will not understand this car before you drive 20,000 km or so …

2: Read Enrico’s pages, know more, you’ll love it more…

Thank you millions Enrico.




Red in the UK writes:



Please help!

I have a 2000 Quattroporte V8 Evolutione. It starts once every other day and then dies after 30 seconds and will not restart.

The cam and crank sensors are OK and the ignition is working. Could it be the fuel pump as there is very little residual pressure in the injector fuel line.

The fuses and relays are all OK. Where is the pump? could this be the problem? I can't find it. Has anyone else had the same symptoms?

Kind Regards and Thanks,



Reply from Audun:-

Re: Quattroporte - “Dies after 30 seconds!”

"Hi Enrico,

Found this on Your excellent page, about the Quattroporte IV.

I had a similar problem on my 1996 Quattroporte 2.8. Mine started, kept on running for up to 15 seconds, then died. The problem on my car was a bad contact at the fuel pump. I had it fixed at my regular garage, cost me about 200 euros, including fault diagnosis. I believe the fuel pump is located on the top of the fuel tank.

Best Regards,



Cihangir in Turkey writes:


"Dear Sir,

My Maserati 1997 Quattroporte Ottocilindri is an official chip-tuned sport exhausted one at 50,000 km.

I have been experiencing overheating problems for the past few months: this appears as the heat needle comes towards the 90° point very eagerly, especially when I slow down and the fans come on at full speed and noise. When the temp is down to 75°-ish they go off, but stop completely, until the heat comes up again within a minute or less and on they come again at full rate!

I mean should they not continue at a slower rate after fast spinning, because when I stop the car and open the bonnet and inspect, I see the fans stationary then I go round the dash and watch the temp climb to 85 deg. Then the fans come on at full speed straight from stationary…. The strange thing is the slower fan speed is not completely gone, when I turn off the engine it just comes on?...

The service here said that it is OK, but I do not think so? I had this car for the past 37,000 km, and it did not used to do that, it always ran cool around 70° and rarely, if ever heard the noisy full speed of the fans or see the needle up to 85-90°.

The radiator was flushed and cleaned, the fan resistor replaced just in case, but the car then heated up to 105°.

On a hot weather trip and on turning back the exhaust valves were burnt out, which we put down to using 100 octane (Shell V-Power) gasoline… The cylinder head and cams and all are changed with a 1998 Quattroporte engine in pristine condition plus an “officially” allowed range of cam performance timing.

Now the car goes like a rocket and really is a stunner - I use the 97 (BP) octane - but lo and behold … the (temptation to) (over)heating problem is still there and exactly the same !?!? Also –this has also been bothering me for several months- : the cooling level warning light-the fan symbol- glows on the dash even when the water level is at max when some speedy turns are taken (the easy explanation is that the water is swayed to one side with centrifugal force ok, say the the manufacturer did not think about it at the time and my memory isn’t good enough that I do not remember such thing happening for the first 30,000 km with this car !

Could it be these are the tell-tales of an ECU that is playing up so the fans are running may be erratically etc ?...

Many thanks and regards,



Reply from Myles:-

Re: Quattroporte - fans are running incorrectly.

"Hi Enrico.

It doesn’t sound like the fans are running correctly; the most common problem is the resistor at the bottom of the fan cowling. Check the relays in the engine bay fuse box there are two one for slow speed one for fast. I have had problems with the fuse box itself before.

If that is all okay, remove the coolant expansion tank and you will find underneath the cooling fan control unit, it may have coolant inside and a damaged circuit board.

Hope this helps.




Carl in the UK writes:


"Maserati Quattroporte IV 2000 LHD - Can you help? Trouble free from new, then just last week;

Dashboard lights stopped working (all warning lights are fine). Not a fuse problem and no other auxiliary service, such as cigarette lighter or radio has stopped working. Mazerati GB want £500 for replacement unit?!

My exhaust rear silencers have corroded though and need replacing; can anyone recommend where to get custom made pipes or pick up spares; do you really require the rear mufflers?

Steering rack needs refurbishment or replacing. Again, can anyone recommend where to get a spare or refurbishment.

Also require rear brake discs; suggestions?




Patrik in Sweden writes:



My name is Patrik and I am wondering if it is possible to put the engine from a 2000 3200GT in a 1996 Quattroporte if I take most of the stuff from my old engine?

Thanks for any replies.



Aldo in Switzerland writes:


"Dear Enrico,

After years, as passive reader of your fascinating web site, dreaming a Maserati, since few months I own a Maserati Quattroporte IV- V8 Evoluzione (1999, 26,000 Km).

Till now I could not really enjoy my car because of many troubles that, till now, could not be solved by the official Maserati dealer I bought it.

The main issues are: “error” led of electronic suspensions is often ON and low battery voltage (11 volts shown at voltmeter). The alternator was already checked. I have the feeling that these two problems are related each other.

In the past, somebody wrote a similar problem with the low battery on Quattroporte IV, but I cannot tell you the name because, at the moment, your second page of “Can you Help: Quattroporte IV” can not be found.

Could you please forward this mail to him or put me in contact with him? Or maybe, do you know if somebody else had the same problem and how it was solved?

Many thanks in advance.

Best Regards,



Reply from Myles:-

Re: Quattroporte - “ERROR” LED of electronic suspension

"Hi Enrico.

Hope all is well,

First Aldo’s faults, The error suspension warning light can only be diagnosed when the error is present with the light on, a test procedure done on the car by activating the ecu test procedure can usually trace the fault to which shock absorber is faulty.

Another way to test the shocks is have someone selecting the 4 mode settings repetitively and go round individually to each shock with a stethoscope and listen for the motor working or not in each shock, usually the fault is a front one with a broken wire, cut the insulation back where the wiring disappears in to the top of the shock and sometimes if your lucky some care full soldering can fix it.

With regard to the battery voltage, does the car have the modified Nippon Denso alternator fitted, being a 99 car it should have. The earlier AC Delco alternator was not up to the job on the V8 and the battery would discharge on a long drive with the A/C, lights, HRW, on.

Check the output under load with a meter to test the alternator if the voltage is ok, check the battery is 100% and there is no drain.

It is not un common for the voltmeter to read inaccurate.

Michele's car must have a battery drain or a faulty battery, don’t trust the car voltmeter for a true reading of alternator output use a multimeter.

Hope this helps,




Fred in France writes:



I own a 1995 Quattroporte 2.0-litre. The interior lights (front and rear) don't work properly. Sometimes they light on, sometimes not.

There is no switch that I could check on the door.

What can I do?



Reply from Stephen:-

Re: Quattroporte - Interior light switch

"Hello Enrico,

I am sending you this again as I have had some unreliability with e-mail delivery (and receipt) of late. This may help " Fred.. in France" who posted a query in the QPIV Section of "Can you help".

regarding the query from Fred.. in France, and the non working front and rear interior lights in his 1995 Quattroporte 2.0-litre.

I had the same problem with my QPIV. The switches are within the door locks themselves and with "keyhole surgery" and a little patience can be replaced without dismantling the lock . A suitable replacement switch is available from Maplin Part no N96AQ.

Regards Stephen."


John in the UK writes:


"Hi Enrico,

I have recently replaced a venerable old (1981) German built sports car with a modern (2000) Maserati QP V8 Evo. The experience so far has been fantastic. The Maserati QP is a superb machine and, with the right service history, is a very good buy these days. My "rough guide" to Maserati ownership thus far:

1. Ensure there is a specialist fairly local (for technical assistance and a supply of the correct oil). Get the A/C serviced before going anywhere!

2. Do not be afraid of a car with history which has been driven and has had major works properly done. The same rule applies to any performance car - they should be driven!

3. If you have a 2000 car or something older - take it to your local bodyshop immediately. TAKE OFF EVO SIDE BADGES and MASERATI boot badges and deal with paint blisters and corrosion in these areas!! This is a warning to any other QP EVO owners - those badges are beautiful but they are metal (not plastic) and are fixed with old fashioned metal studs, bolted through the bodywork. If you look closely there will be paint blistering - if not then you are amazingly lucky.

My bodyshop man sorted it all out and resprayed the bonnet getting rid of all the stone chips - the car now looks like new!

I'm just wondering what to do to prevent the problem recurring! I suspect a burst of Waxoil but any suggestions would be most welcome.

Best Regards,



Alessio in Italy writes:



Sono un felice possessore di una Maserati Quattroporte IV 2000 dell 1996 pero si è bruciato un componente della centralina elettronica del climatizzatore e ho grosse difficolta nel trovarlo. Mi rivolgo a lei per avere qualche suggerimento.

La ringrazio infinitamente il mio numero di tel è +39 340*******

Un saluto da un Maseratista convinto.



I am the happy owner of a 1996 2-litre Maserati Quattroporte IV but a component in the climate control control unit has burnt out and I am having great difficulty finding one. I am turning to you to see if you have any suggestions.

Sincere thanks, my telephone number is +39 340*******

Best regards from a convicted Maseratista.



Reply from Enrico:-

Re: Quattroporte - Centralina elettronica del climatizzatore/Climate control control unit

"Ciao Alessio,

Per gli component non ti posso aiutare. Pero, Sig Candini a Modena vende il centralino intero revisionato (contracambio rese) per EURO 300,00 piu le tasse e speditione. Tel: 059 828280.



"Hi Alessio,

I can't help you with the individual components. But, Sig Candini in Modena sells a complete overhauled control unit (in part-exchange only) for EURO 300,00 plus taxes and postage. Tel: 059 828280.




Ming in Hong Kong writes:


"Hi Enrico/Andy,

Thanks for your reply and recommendation on my last query. I did some jobs on the car recently and would like to share some thoughts with other owners.

Remember the "sticky" feeling on the throttle I mentioned? It was actually a wire on the throttle that wasn't installed probably and a correct alignment solved the problem. Also, my water pump was actually leaking and coolant was getting lower so that the coolant temperature was getting higher but the cooling fans were really did their job to keep the car in normal running temperature until last week when the water pump was really leaking a lot so that the cooling temperature warning light came on.

I immediately stopped the car and luckily I did order a new water pump with the thermostat and o-rings and problem was solved. Moreover, the starter motor was broken and I found a compatible one to fit in.

Last but not the least, the car was shuddering a lot when I turned the steering wheel to 10-15 degree left on the highway and the garage reckons it might be the tie rod ends that caused the problem. However, it didn't solve the problem after fitting the tie rod ends and the mechanic helped me to refurnish the whole tie rack but he reckons replacement is requireed for a long term basis. I shall be getting a used one from a 1999 Ghibli which supposed to be the same part number. Do you think it is a wise idea to get a used on as it is only one fourth of the cost of a new one?

Thanks again as always,

Best regards,



Ming in Hong Kong writes:


"Hi Enrico/Andrea,

Once again, I have to say Thank you for the wonderful web site for the Maserati which is a even better source of infromation than the dealer over here in Hong Kong. I was recently got hooker again by buying a 96/98 QP IV after selling my Ghibil II V6 2.8 3 years ago. Several queries for you if you don't mind.

1. The QP IV seems to be a bit "sticky" as compared to the Ghibli during accelerating from still. I reckon the Quattroporte IV is heavier.

2. Few weeks ago, the voltometer showed only 11-12v when the engine was on and during the whole journey with front fog lights on but became normal at 13-14v after then until today (fingers crossed). Do you think it was a loose connection of the alternator or the notorous alternator is getting bad?

3. The cambelt was changed four years ago by the previous owner and I am going to change it in a cchainbelt has to be changed too (as the car is close to 80K km) but he told me there is no time chain belt but only cambelt????

4. The colant temperature will be close to 100 degree c before the cooling fans kicked in at the first time and will kick in again when the temperature is close to 90 degree afterwards. Is it normal?

I personally recommend the owners of Quattroporte IV should consult the "Can you help" column in Ghibli II as there are more info but also applicable to the car too.




Reply from Andrea:-

Re: Quattroporte - "Several queries!"

"1 - Yes it is heavier!

2 - This sound normal but If you have concerns over the charge rate, get it checked by testing using a separate voltmeter.

3 - No, there are definitely timing chains as well – one on each side of the engine at the back. In theory, they need changing every 80,000kms according to the schedule. However, they can be checked with the cam covers removed and if they are not particularly worn (or noisy in service), then they can be left for another 20,000kms and then checked again. The belt at the front of the engine should be changed every four years even if the mileage is less than 40,000kms.

4 - This sounds normal.

Finally - Recommending the owners of Quattroporte IVs to consult the "Can you help" column in Ghibli II is very sound advice and could save me a lot of time!!!



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