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"What on earth are they talking about?".

"Just in front of the gearknob is an unusual touch-pad control for heating and ventilation and, just above that, a quaint **** ***** that more resembles bed-side tableware than a dash fitting."
'Car' April 1988.

"A central console houses the efficient air-conditioning controls which can be set to either manual or automatic temperature level, and also a row of push buttons for secondary controls. Above this the pretty but impossible to read Maserati *****."
'Performance Car' October 1990.

"Dominating the fascia is the most kitsch object on any modern car, with the possible exception of the Texan buckle badge on the front of the Nissan Infiniti: a '**** *****' after the style of Salvador Dali which looks as if is about to melt and slide down on to the carpet."
'Fast Lane' June 1991.

"Authentic Maserati interior features sumptuous leather, thick carpets and that **** ***** that seems to belong on somebody's mantelpiece."
'Performance Car' May 1993.

"Inside, the leather and finery is marred to an extent by poor ergonomics and suspect switchgear. You could be forgiven for thinking that the '**** *****' would be more appropriate for your mantelpiece than a 150mph sports car."
'Autocar & Motor' March 1994.

"The cabin offers the traditional Maserati luxury with every detail created and finished with a craftsman's meticulous care. There are acres of fine leather ... and that wonderful '**** *****'."
'Auto Italia' March 1995.

"The interior of the Maserati is simply stunning. Hand-stitched leather by the herd, Alcantara suede by the acre, a forest of highly polished wood and that so seductive central '**** *****' are enough to convert a Marxist into a Thatcherite capitalist in an instant."
'Auto Italia' September 1995.

"One of the main reasons for buying the outwardly understated Biturbo is the interior. A few had loose-tuck velour, most have leather, all have air conditioning. Make sure it's good enough for you. The fabulous dash mounted '**** *****' costs a fortune to replace."
'Auto Italia' January 1996.

"It might give you an idea of what the Maserati Ghibli Cup is like when I tell you that there's an obscene '.... .....' in the middle of the dashboard, and it shouldn't be there. This ghastly object should be gracing the marble fireplace of some Vatican banquet hall, but it's standard equipment in all current Maseratis"
'Performance Car' December 1996.

"Momo wheel, drilled pedals and carbon-fibre trim are slightly at odds with the '**** *****' on the fascia, which looks like the sort of thing Peter Stringfellow (an English night club owner) wears on his wrist."
'Performance Car' May 1997.

"The interior is a feast of magnolia leather, polished wood and Alcantara. The '**** *****' looks as if it came from a jeweller and the wooden steering wheel from a gentleman's club."
'Auto Italia' February 1998.

"The stripped out interior of this ex-Maserati Ghibli Open Cup racer still carried the famous '**** ****'. At least it produced better times than the car did!"
'Auto Italia' June 1999.

"A Trident replaces the famous central '**** *****' - a nice touch ten years ago but a little too baroque after such a long time in this modern architecture."
'Auto Italia' October 1999.

"Of course, the Connolly leather dashboard remained (with carbon-fibre inserts where the wood usually lived) as did the '**** *****', for reasons best left to Maseratis themselves."
'Auto Italia' December 1999.

"If missing the famous (and garish) oval dash-mounted ***** costs 500 to replace."
'Thoroughbred and Classic Cars' Spring 2001.

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...and finally 'Biturbo quote of the decade!'

"La lamiera è troppo buona, non sa dir no alla ruggine."
'Ruoteclassiche' January 1996.

"The sheet metal is too nice, it just can't say no to rust."
'Ruoteclassiche' January 1996.


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