The February 2005 issue has an article on Maserati's 90th Anniversary Meeting in Milan, Modena and Rome.
AUTO ITALIA A big thank you to Phil Ward & Co!

For many years car magazines in England have had little to offer Italian car owners, especially Maserati owners, until March 1995.

In March 1995 there appeared on the magazine racks of some newsagents a new publication, Auto Italia, a magazine devoted to Italian car owners.

The early issues, which have now become very collectable, were published bimonthly and were understandably not stocked by many newsagents. But guess what, even that first issue contained not one, but two articles on Maseratis. One on the newly launched Quattroporte IV and the other on some rare Maserati motorcycles.

I was hooked, so every two months wandered down to my local village newsagent to collect my Auto Italia which I had on special order. When I collected my copy, the gentleman who owned the shop always looked through the magazine with me - I always had my suspicions that he had already read it, and in those early mornings we chatted about some of the exotic Italian classics that appeared in each issue. He knew of my passion for Maseratis and recalled watching some of the earlier Maseratis racing at Silverstone and Castle Combe.

It was obvious from the excellent articles, their broad range of appeal, and of course the fact that they continued to offer something for the Maserati owner like myself, that this magazine was going to be successful. This became evident in March 1998 when they produced an issue monthly. It is now carried by all major newsagents.

So far 60 issues of Auto Italia have been published and in that time no fewer than 44 issues have contained articles on Maseratis or a Maserati related subject. How many motoring magazines can claim that!

A few months ago when I was enlarging this site, I rang the editor, Phil Ward, and asked his permission to reproduce a couple of articles from the magazine - 'Biturbos in the UK' and 'Barchetta Battleground'. He very kindly agreed accepting only the accreditation which I offered him.

These articles, I know from the e-mails I receive, have given visitors to my web site emormous pleasure and I thank Mr. Ward for that!

In the hope that other Maserati enthusiasts will gain as much pleasure as I have, I have listed below details of the Maserati-related articles that have appeared in previous issues of Auto Italia Magazine. I am happy to say that most of these back issues are still available.

Issue No. 01 (March 1995); Maserati Quattroporte and Maserati Motorcycles.

Issue No. 03 (July 1995); Ghibli II (M.Y.94).

Issue No. 04 (September 1995); Quattroporte IV (2.8-litre).

Issue No. 06 (Jan/Feb 1996); Maserati Biturbo.

Issue No. 08 (May/June 1996); Ghibli 'Open Cup' Evolution.

Issue No. 09 (July/August 1996); Maserati 3500GT.

Issue No. 11 (Nov/Dec 1996); Maserati 250F.

Issue No. 12 (Jan/Feb 1997); Maserati Bora.

Issue No. 13 (March/April 1997); The Louis Vuitton Concours d'Elegance.

2.8-litre Ghibli 'Cup' v. BMW M3 Evo.

Issue No. 14 (May/June 1997); Maserati 8CL meets Alfa Romeo 159.

Issue No. 16 (Sept/Oct 1997); The Alfieri Maserati Collection.

Issue No. 18 (January 1998); Maserati Shamal.

Issue No. 21 (May 1998); Maserati Quattroporte v BMW 740i.

Issue No. 23 (July 1998); Maseratis at Brooklands 1998.

Issue No. 24 (August 1998); Maserati Tipo 8CL.

Issue No. 26 (October 1998); Heritage Maserati 450S.

Issue No. 27 (November 1998); Maserati 3200GT.

Issue No. 29 (January 1999); O.S.C.A. and The Maserati Eldorado.

Issue No. 30 (February 1999); Maserati Mistral v Ferrari 250 California Spider.

Issue No. 32 (April 1999); Maserati Biturbos and the O.S.C.A. 2500 GT.

Issue No. 33 (May 1999); Maserati Merak.

Issue No. 34 (June 1999); Tipo A6G2000 Zagato and Ghibli 'Open Cup'.

Issue No. 35 (July 1999); Maserati Bora 4.7-litre.

Issue No. 36 (August 1999); Maserati 3200GT and Tipo 63 'Birdcage'.

Issue No. 38 (October 1999); Maserati Barchetta 'Stradale'

and Quattroporte V8 Evo.

Issue No. 40 (December 1999); Maserati Ghibli 'Cup' and 'Open Cup'.

Issue No. 41 (January 2000); Maserati Khamsin.

Issue No. 42 (February 2000); Maserati Barchetta.

Issue No. 43 (March 2000); Maserati 3500GT Prototype.

Issue No. 45 (May 2000); Maserati 3500GTI Sebring.

Issue No. 46 (June 2000); Maserati Quattroporte III.

Issue No. 47 (July 2000); Maserati A6GCM.

Issue No. 48 (August 2000); Maserati 3200GT v Porsche C4.

Cegga Maserati and Maserati 5000GT.

Issue No. 49 (September 2000); Maserati A6GCS by Pinin Farina.

Issue No. 50 (October 2000); Ferrari 308GT4 V Maserati Merak.

Issue No. 51 (November 2000); Maserati Ghibli Buyers Guide.

Issue No. 52 (December 2000); Maserati Ghibli SS - 'A supercar from the 1970s'.

Maserati Tipo 63 at the Vernasca Hillclimb

Issue No. 53 (January 2001); Maserati 3200GT.

Issue No. 54 (February 2001); Maserati Tipo 4CS.

Issue No. 55 (March 2001); Maseratis at Monterey.

Issue No. 56 (April 2001); Maserati Mistral vs. AC 428.

Issue No. 58 (June 2001); A special bodied Maserati 3500GTI.

Issue No. 59 (July 2001); Maserati 3500GT and the OSCA MT4.

Issue No. 60 (August 2001); Maserati Prototypes - The Simun and 124.

Issue No. 61 (September 2001); Maserati Mexico and Meridien Modena.

Issue No. 62 (October 2001); The Leo Nardo 3200GT v. the Aston Martin Vantage Zagato.

Issue No. 63 (November 2001); The A6 1500 and Cameron Millar's 250F.

Issue No. 64 (December 2001); The New Spyder and Kyalami v. the De Tomaso Longchamps.

Issue No. 65 (January 2002); The Ghibli Primatist.

Issue No. 66 (February 2002); The fabulous New Coupé and the Quattroporte (series I).

Issue No. 67 (March 2002); The factory turbocharged Merak from the Panini Collection.

Issue No. 68 (April 2002); The Maserati Indy.

Issue No. 69 (May 2002); The Maserati Spyder.

Issue No. 70 (June 2002); The Mistral.

Issue No. 71 (July 2002); The new Maserati Coupé.

Issue No. 72 (August 2002); The A6G 2000 by Frua and Cooper-Maseratis.

Issue No. 73 (September 2002); The ex-Fangio Tipo 250F 'Lightweight'.

Issue No. 74 (October 2002); Maserati Tipo 61 by Drogo.

Issue No. 75 (November 2002); A re-bodied 3500 GT.

Issue No. 76 (December 2002); The Biturbo Spyder.

Issue No. 77 (January 2003); The Maserati Boomerang.

Issue No. 78 (February 2003); The Maserati Bora v the Ferrari 365 GT4/BB Boxer.

Issue No. 80 (April 2003); The Maserati 3500GT Spyder Vignale.

Issue No. 81 (May 2003); The Maserati 5000GT.

Issue No. 82 (June 2003); The Maserati Tipos 6CM and 8CM.

Issue No. 83 (July 2003); The Villa d'Este Concours (includes Maseratis).

Issue No. 84 (August 2003); A Maserati 450S replica.

The Maserati Trofeo Monomarque series.

Issue No. 85 (September 2003); The Maserati Prototypes of Pietro Frua.

Issue No. 86 (October 2003); Jodie Kidd's Maserati Spider.

Issue No. 87 (November 2003); Maserati Tipo 61 'The Birdcage Long-tail'.

Issue No. 90 (February 2004); Maserati Karif.

Issue No. 91 (March 2004); Maserati Quattroporte.

Issue No. 93 (May 2004); Maserati 5000GT by Allemano.

Issue No. 94 (June 2004); Maserati 450S.

Issue No. 95 (July 2004); Maserati 450S.

Issue No. 96 (August 2004); Maserati Quattroporte.

Issue No. 99 (November 2004); Maserati 3500GT.

Issue No. 100 (December 2004); Maserati GranSport.

Issue No. 101 (January 2005); Maserati Merak.

Issue No. 102 (February 2005); Maserati 90th Aniversary Meeting.

Some back issues may have sold out but are available through their photocopy service.

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