at Silverstone 2000
Part II
José Albuquerque's 1956 Maserati Tipo 250F.     
Maserati 250F Chassis No. 2507 - Engine No. 2511.    
Jouchin Folch-Rusinol's 1956 Maserati 250F.    
Chassis No. 2524 first raced in the 1956 Belgian Grand Prix.  
A view of the 250F rear suspension showing the
transverse leaf springs and Houdaille vane-type damper.
Burghard Von Schenk's 250F.                      Murray Smith's 1956 250F.       
Technical specification - Tipo 250F

Body type Single seater
Production years From 1954 to 1958
Engine Front engined 6 cylinder in line
Bore and stroke 84 mm / 75 mm
Engine capacity 2494 c.c.
Compression ratio 12:1
Maximum power 240 / 270 bhp @ 7200 / 8000 rpm
Distribution Twin overhead camshaft, two valves per cylinder
Fuel feed Normally aspirated with three
Weber 42 DC03 / 45 DCO3 carburettors
Ignition Twin plugs per cylinder with two magnetos
Lubrification Forced with delivery and return pumps
Transmission Rear wheel drive
Clutch Dry multiplates
Gearbox 4 speed and reverse
Chassis Multi tubular with two 40mm side members
Front suspension:- Independent wheels, coil-springs
and telescopic shock-absorbers
Rear suspension:- De Dion axle, transverse leaf-springs
and hydraulic shock-absorbers
Brakes Hydraulically operated drum brakes on all four wheels
Wheelbase 2280 mm (from 1957 - 2225 mm)
Wheel tracks Front 1300 mm    Rear 1250 mm
Tyres Front:- 5,25 x 16    Rear:- 6,50 x 15
Dry weight 670 kg (from 1957 - 630 kg)
Maximum speed 290 km/h
Models constructed 31


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