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by Dott. Mario Semproni

Published by Arte Grafiche Cantagallo, Penne 2014

In "Maserati 100 Anni Magnifici", Dott. Semproni, a native of Penne, in the province of Pescara, pays tribute to Maserati in celebration of its magnificent 100 years. It may seem strange, but the Maserati myth has a deep connection with Penne, in particular through its connection with Marchese Diego De Sterlich. Founded in Bologna on 1 December 1914 by Alfieri Maserati and two of his brothers, Ettore and Ernesto, it was the noble Diego de Sterlich who was one of the most prominent supporters of the birth of the Maserati marque. A family friend and passionate about motor cars, the Marchese Volante, as he became known through his motor racing achievements, played a key role in the early days of the House of the Trident.

Produced in a softback portrait format (21cm x 21cm) with 60 pages and many historic illustrations.


primo Re della Montagna

by Dott. Mario Semproni

Published by Arte Grafiche Cantagallo, Penne 2012

Dott. Semproni recounts his quest to discover and identify how many Maseratis were owned by the Marchese de Sterlich, and his exploits behind the wheel of his Maseratis, A nobleman who through his passion for motorsport became an accomplished racing driver, with numerous race victories driving Bugattis, Alfa Romeos, Diattos and his beloved Maseratis.

Text in Italian

"One cannot deny that betwen Alfieri and Diego de Sterlich there has always been an empathy, to the point that even at critical times for the Casa del Tridente the nobleman from the Abruzzi never held back from supporting a friend in difficulty. The friendship between the two was so strong that one can assume that it was de Sterlich who suggested to adopt, as a logo for the Casa, the trident held by Neptune on the fountain, designed by Giambologna, in the Piazza Maggiore of Bologna. The initial idea was then drawn up by Mario Maserati, the only one of the brothers not to be spellbound by a passion for engines. On that sad March 5th 1932, the day of Alfieri's funeral in Bologna, Diego de Sterlich would lead a band of drivers the calibre of Nuvolari, Borzacchini, Campari, Minoja and Nazzaro, who escorted the coffin on its final journey. Even though the two characters are no longer with us, Alfieri Maserati and Diego de Sterlich have entered motoring legend. A motoring world derived from passion, enthusiasm and sincere friendship, a world so diverse from that of today which relies so heavily on sponsors' names prominently displayed on cars, maddening electronics, and pit strategy. Oh, how much we miss the likes of Alfieri and Diego !" ( a passage taken and translated from this enlightening book )

An excellent read produced in a softback portrait format (21cm x 21cm) with 39 pages filled with many historic illustrations.


Text in Italian


by Dott. Mario Semproni

Published by Arte Grafiche Cantagallo, Penne 2010 (2nd Edition)

The history of the "Coppa di Natale" a 12.5Km hillclimb raced from Loreto Aprutino to Penne in Dott. Semproni's own province of Abruzzo, which includes an account of the first race that took place on the 27th December 1925 and won by the Marchese de Sterlich driving a Diatto.

Produced as a limited edition of only 500 copies, in softback portrait format (21cm x 21cm) with 96 pages and numerous illustrations.





by Yanek Sterzel

Published by
Sorridi Editore 2005

A portrait format hardback book containing 130 pages and 140 colour photographs chronicling the successful 2005 Maserati Trofeo monomarque race series.

Text in Italian and English



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Motor cars since 1947

by Matthias Braun and Alexander Fr. Storz

Published by Motorbuch Verlag 2007

A volume from the Typenkompass series of car books by orbuch Verlag.

I have purchased a copy and am awaiting delivery. I will report on it as soon as it arrives.

This softback pocket book contains 127 pages, 69 colour prints and 56 black/white prints.



Maserati 450S
The fastest sports racing car of the 50s

A complete racing history from 1956 to 1962

by Willem Oosthoek and Michel Bollée.

Published by Michel Bollée 2005

The first ever book written about the Maserati Tipo 54, better known as the 450S. The book focuses on the works cars as well as the privately-owned cars of Tony Parravano, Jim Kimberly, John Edgar, Temple Buell, Ebb Rose and J.Frank Harrison Jr.

Portrait format hardback, it measures 240 mm x 320 mm, contains 208 pages with 270 photographs - colour whenever appropriate throughout the text but mostly black/white, since not too many colour shots were taken in those days.

Text in English

Coverage: every race in which one of the nine 450S Maserati chassis constructed has ever participated, from the 1957 WSCC to the North American racing scene [SCCA, USAC and Cal Club races for the U.S.; the Nassau Speed Week; the Cuban GP] between 1956 and 1962. Race reports have complete results with race numbers, engine sizes and classes for all entries. An abundance of never seen color and black/white photos, many from the private collections of the people involved in that era. Race histories by individual chassis number. Subsequent histories and post-competition owners. Interviews with former drivers, owners and mechanics. Also extensive coverage of the 420M monopostos at the Monza 500 [1957 and 1958] and Indianapolis 500 [1959 and 1965].

The Tipo 54 made 119 race appearances, scoring 31 victories. Apart from the well-known Maserati works drivers, the cars were raced/practiced by Bob Drake, Richie Ginther, Jack McAfee, Jim Kimberly, Carroll Shelby, Ebb Rose, Dan Clippenger, Walt Cline, Dan Gurney, Pete Woods, Dabney Collins, Maurice Trintignant, Harry Rollings, Jack Brumby, Billy Krause, John Haas, Eddie Crawford, Hal Ullrich, Jim Rathmann, Chuck Daigh, Lloyd Ruby, Chuck Kessinger, Jim Hall, Bill Kimberly, Wick Williams, Jim Jeffords and Fred Gamble.

This book is the defining work on the history of the fastest sportsracer of the Fifties.




Text in English

Maserati Tipo 151
“The last monster from Modena”

by Michel Bollée and Willem Oosthoek

Published by Michel Bollée 2006

So far there has never been a single reference book on the Maserati Tipo 151, the spectacular Coupe designed with only one objective in mind: winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

This is to let all Maserati and other aficionados know that a book on the Tipo 151 will soon be available [January 2006]. Just like the recent book on the Maserati 450S, it will be published in France by Michel Bollée. The authors are Michel Bollée and Willem Oosthoek. It is in the English language.


Only three Tipo 151 Maseratis were built. The book focuses on the period 1962-1965, during which thirteen drivers tried to tame these powerful beasts: Maurice Trintignant, Lucien Bianchi, Bruce McLaren, Walt Hansgen, Bill Kimberly, Dick Thompson, Augie Pabst, Chuck Daigh, Marvin Panch, André Simon, Lucky Casner, Stan Peterson and Skip Hudson.

The Tipo 151 Maseratis made the entry lists 27 times, in Europe [Le Mans, Brands Hatch, Reims, Clermont-Ferrand and Montlhéry] and the U.S. [Road America, Bridgehampton, Riverside, Daytona, Vacaville and Cotati]. All owner/entrants were American: Colonel John Simone of Maserati France, Briggs Cunningham, Beverly Spencer of Spencer-Buick and Chuck Jones of Team Meridian.

Every race in which a Tipo 151 was entered is fully described, with complete entry lists and results, race numbers, engine sizes and classes of all participants. They range from the World Sports Car Championship events to obscure California Divisionals sponsored by the SCCA, and are illustrated by an abundance of never-seen photographs. The book includes: Full technical specifications; Race histories by chassis numbers; Subsequent post-competition histories; Insights by drivers, owners and mechanics; Drivers’ biographies.

In addition, “The last monster from Modena” covers details on the competition from Europe [Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lotus, Cooper, Ford] and North America [Scarab, Genie, Chaparral, Dailu, Zerex Special, Harrison Special, Shelby Cobra, Corvette Grand Sport] during that time frame.

Format: 24 by 32 cm. Contents: 184 pages, including 296 black-and-white and color photos.




Maserati Retrospektive:
Alle Serienfahrzeuge in Originaldokumenten

by Wolfgang Hörner.

Published by Wieland Verlag 2004

The book illustrates the complete history of all Maserati road vehicles built up to today through the numerous and rare brochures from the author's collection. They document the changes of the 'Casa del Tridente' better, than one could describe in words.

Text in German

All series models illustrated and described through original documentation and brochures. The content is interesting, very nicely illustrated in colour and even though I don't speak any German, I have enjoyed it!

Hardback book in landscape format, contains 156 pages and all illustrations, there are plenty, are in colour. Measures 10 ins x 8½ ins and and represents excellent value.




Text in German

Auto Motor und Sport:

by Various contributors.

Published by Motorbuch Verlag Pietsch 2005

Maserati can certainly be designated as cult marque and its appeal enhanced since ownership passed to Ferrari. The demand for information about post 1997 models has increased dramatically of late. Experts from the editorial staff have put the Quattroporte IV, Quattroporte IV 'Evoluzione', 3200 GT, Spider, Coupé, Trofeo, Gransport and MC12 under a magnifying glass.

Hardback - 160 pages - Available now.


This book has everything one needs to know (as long as you can understand German!): relevant articles, driving reports, individual and comparison road tests, advice on buying as well as information on all Maserati models and equipment variations and its most important competitors. Drivers, lovers and potential Maserati buyers as well as aficianados of Italian sports cars will find lots of useful and interesting information on this legendary marque.



Le Légendaire Constructeur au Trident

by Automobiles de Rêve

Produced by
NOV'edit 2005

A short video that starts with some early motor racing footage and then moves on to cover briefly Maserati's 90th anniversary celebrations that took place back in 2004.

It then goes on to relate the history of the Maserati Brothers from their race preparation of Isotta Fraschinis to their first production race car, the Tipo 26. We then see US Maserati Club member and Maserati collector Douglas Magnon cover the history of Maserati right through to the new Quattroporte and GranSport via his collection with footage of him driving a Mistral, Mexico, Ghibli, Bora and Biturbo Spyder.

It's a pity that an English soundtrack is not available and the French narrator talks over the interesting contribution from US Maserati Club member and Maserati collector Douglas Magnon.

Soundtrack in French



Soundtrack in Italian


by RCS Quotidiani S.p.A.

Produced by Bibax Video Productions 2005

One of a new series of DVDs produced by the 'Gazzetto dello Sport' editorial team entitled "Auto da Sogno" (Dream Cars) that tells about the history of Maserati and the creative force behind it.

From the original inspiration, to the modern factory of today, you will see and hear the history of Maserati from those who witnessed it firsthand. With over 90 minutes of original, never before seen footage, this DVD is your passport to the exclusive world of Maserati.




by Beda Marsano and Rossana Bossaglia.
Edited by D Giulio & R Cerugeti.

Published by Mondadori Electa 2004

A hardback book covering the story of Maserati from 1960 to the present day. Portrait format it measures 250 mm x 280 mm, contains 160 pages and over 150 colour illustrations.

Text in English

"A publication relating the entire history of one of the most amazing car brands: Maserati. Illustrated with superb models such as the A6G, the A6G54, 'Tipo 26', the Khamsin, the Mistral and others.

A large, refined and thrilling illustrated book focusing on the forms, fascination and style of the world of Maserati, today represented by the latest Quattroporte, with a 400 bhp V8 engine: a top-of-the-range saloon capable of combining the qualities of an automobile of prestige with those of an authentic touring and sports car.

A book that marks the international relaunch of the Modenese manufacturer.

Italy has always played a very important role in the world of the automobile and it Is thanks to makes like Maserati that It has entered the collective imagination of motorists. The Tridente is a symbol of the luxury sports car, spacious and very comfortable, able to marry refinement and high performance, two things that were once considered incompatible. The work traces the history of Italian customs in the 20th century through ninety years of Maserati cars, always a symbol of prestige and elegance (for example the Quattroporte Tipo AM 107 model of 1964 and the M 139 AQ/340 model of 2003)."



Text in Italian

Maserati Merak:

by Marco Musazzi.

Published by De Agostini 2004-2005

From the series '100 Anni di Italia in Automobile', this softback booklet contains 32 pages with a chapter about the 'Splendidly sporting' Maserati Merak, with many photos of this much-loved rear engined sports car.

Interesting chapter on the important events, 'changing styles' and 'way of life' during the Seventies followed by a chapter on the renowned Maserati archivist Sig Ermanno Cozza.

Each booklet came with a 1:43 scale model of a Maserati Merak.


Maserati Coupe Cambiocorsa:

by Marco Musazzi.

Published by De Agostini 2004-2005

From the series '100 Anni di Italia in Automobile', this softback booklet contains 32 pages with a chapter about this superbly engineered Maserati and its 4.2-litre V8 engine, with colour photos of the Coupe.

Interesting chapter on the important events, 'changing styles' and 'way of life' during 2002 followed by a chapter on the launch of this popular Coupe.

Each booklet came with a 1:43 scale model of a Coupe Cambiocorsa.

Text in Italian


Text in Italian

Maserati Biturbo:

by Marco Musazzi.

Published by De Agostini 2004-2005

From the series '100 Anni di Italia in Automobile', this softback booklet contains 32 pages and begins with a chapter about Maserati's history leading up to the launch of the Maserati Biturbo in 1981, with colour photos of a 1982 series one Biturbo and a 1989 2.24v.

Interesting chapter on the important events, 'changing styles' and 'way of life' during the Eighties followed by a chapter on entrepreneur and Maserati saviour, Alejandro De Tomaso.

Each booklet came with a 1:43 scale model of a series one Biturbo.




La Piccola Indianapolis:
La fotografia e l'Autodromo di Modena 1950 - 1975

by Paolo Battaglia and Matteo Panini.

Published by RFM Giuseppe Panini 2004

Hardback book with 60 pages of historic photographs: the races, the drivers, the cars and the celebrities.

It is the history of the Autodrome in Modena, the site where Enzo Ferrari and his cars made their first steps. The drivers: Sergio Sighinolfi, Alberto Ascari, Giuseppe Farina and Florian Gonzales.... The personalities: Delia Scala, Anna Magnani, Anthony Quinn and Mike Bongiorno... guests at the great Modena Autodrome race meetings.

Text in Italian


by Various Authors.

Published by RFM Giuseppe Panini 2004

A series of 3 books contained in a presentation box.

Collated by Paolo Battaglia

Collated by Paolo Battaglia e Matteo Panini

Collated by Paolo Battaglia, Sandro Bellei, Giancarlo Benatti and Alessandro Bedoni.

Text in Italian

Nell'ultimo secolo Modena e la sua gente si sono legati in maniera indissolubile all'automobilismo sportivo. La cronaca fotografica delle vicende automobilistiche modenesi è stata ricordata con le iniziative "I pionieri della velocità", "La piccola Indianapolis" e "Il palcoscenico della città", curate dalle Raccolte Fotografiche Modenesi Giuseppe Panini negli ultimi tre anni, in occasione della manifestazione "Modena Terra di Motori". Le mostre e i cataloghi realizzati per diffondere la cultura fotografica legata a questi eventi, raccontano le vicende eroiche dei primi piloti che si sfidarono ad inizio Novecento nel "Record del Miglio" e di coloro che animarono le otto edizioni del Circuito di Modena disputate tra gli anni Venti e gli anni Quaranta. L'ultimo capitolo della storia dell'automobilismo sportivo modenese negli anni Cinquanta ha avuto come teatro il nuovo autodromo, ribattezzato "La piccola Indianapolis", in quanto aveva la caratteristica di poter essere abbracciato in un unico sguardo come la mitica pista statunitense. Fu certamente quella l'età d'oro per i motori modenesi, dominatori incontrastati a livello mondiale.

During the last century, Modena and its people have been inextricably linked with motor sport. A photographic account of the changes in their motoring fortunes have been recorded in the titles "Pioneers of Speed", "Little Indianapolis" and "The City's Stage", assembled over the past three years by Raccolte Fotografiche Modenesi Giuseppe Panini, and presented collectively in the publication "Modena, Land of Engines". Exhibits and records put together to display the photographic culture associated with these events, recounting the heroic feats of those early drivers who pushed themselves to the limit in the early 1900's in "Record del Miglio" and of those who acted out the eight editions of the Circuit of Modena disputed between the Twenties and the Forties. The last chapter of Modena's motor sport history of the Fifties had as its theatre a new race track, nicknamed "Little Indianapolis", because at first glance, it had all the characteristics of that mythical American race track. It was certainly a golden age for Modenese engines, the undisputed leaders on the world stage.


Maserati Cars
The Ultimate Portfolio 1999 - 2007

by Various Contributors

Published by Brooklands Books 2007

"Maserati is one of those deliciously Italian names that rolls phonetically off the tongue with a slight roll of the 'r' sound and a short 'i' at the end. Said properly it sounds beautiful, just like the famous cars to which it is attached. After some years in the doldrums - Maserati is back with a vengeance!

Softbound. Contains 200 pages, all in full colour. Size: 200mm x 270mm.

Text in English

"The resurgence began with the 3200 GT coupe back in 1998 and, slowly but surely, there has been a re-emergence of one of the motoring world's most iconic makes that has a fabulous history. A history that includes World Championships in Formula One with Juan Manuel Fangio winning the driver's championship and the company winning the Constructor’s Championship in 1957 after an amazing drive by Fangio on the tough Nurburgring against the Ferraris of Hawthorn and Collins. It was one of the epic drives.

Over the past decade the coupe (and the later convertible) have been upgraded with larger capacity engines and the Cambiocorsa semi automatic paddle shift gearbox that has drawn its fair share of criticism from the media in particular. Today's range is, for the performance connoisseur, nigh on perfect. If you want a beautifully styled coupe there is the delectable 4200 GT; if your heart desires a convertible then there is the drop-top version of the 4200 GT; and if you have family matters to contend with and need a high performance long distance limousine there is the gorgeous Quattroporte. The coupe and convertible were styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro at Italdesign and the big Quattroporte was the work of the Pininfarina studios. Many critics have said that it is the best looking high performance limousine ever made and they may well be right.

Technically all three models are bang up-to-date with light weight alloy quad cam V8 engines under their hoods driving to a rear-mounted transaxle-gearbox and differential combined in one unit, that helps to balance the weight distribution; the suspension systems are wishbone and coil springs at all four wheels and there are electronically controlled dampers plus huge ventilated brake disc rotors to cope with the enormous speed these cars can be driven at. And inside all passengers travel in sybaritic comfort on beautifully crafted leather seats and in a climate controlled environment listening to their favourite music on a top quality audio system plus all the electronic toys needed to keep in touch with the world while crossing the Continent.

All will exceed 170mph given the right conditions and will blast from rest to 60mph in around 5.0 seconds and use fuel at a rate close to 15mpg, if you can afford these cars filling the tank should be a minor concern. For the extreme extroverts there was the MC12, a 630bhp 6.0 litre V12 engined powered race and street car of which only 50 were made and sold. Capable of over 200mph and a storming 3.8 seconds 0-62mph acceleration time, it was developed by Maserati's engineers from a Giugiaro idea with the idea that the trident would return to the international racing scene.

Few marques have put the word Grand into Grand Touring the way that Maserati has. Included are road & comparison tests, new model intros & buying guide. Models covered: 3200 GT, 3200 GTA, 3200 GT Assetto Corsa, Coupe Cambiocorsa, Trofeo, GranSport, Quattroporte, Quattroporte Sport GT, MC12 and GranTurismo.


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