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MASERATI 3500 GT Spyder by Vignale

by Walter Bäumer

Published by Walter Bäumer 2016

A fully illustrated book about the individual history of one of the greatest GT-cars of the 1960s, listing almost all the cars, chassis by chassis.

Printed in hardback landscape format with dust cover (28.5 cm x 29.5 cm), the book contains 208 pages with some 300 photos.

A limited issue of only 243 copies, this book is priced at the princely sum of around GB £180 !!!



Maserati All the Cars

by Gianni Cancellieri

Published by Giorgio Nada Editore 2015

Maserati turned 100 years old in 2014 - a century of history, graced by some of the world's greatest technicians, racing drivers, cars and victories. "Maserati All the Cars" is a 'catalogue' that celebrates the House of the Trident by bringing together almost all its production, from the Tipo 26 - the Grand Prix racer with which the Maserati brothers first became constructors back in 1926 - to current production cars like the GranTurismo, Quattroporte, Ghibli and the brand new Levante. Between the two were road and racing cars that were true icons of automobile history. The first group includes, among others, the A6 1500, 3500 and 5000 GT, the Ghibli, Indy and Merak; the second the astounding 8CTF, the A6GCSs, the 250 F, the 'Birdcage' and the more recent MC12.

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Published in a hardback portrait format (15 cm x 21 cm) with 320 pages and includes hundreds of photos in coloure and b/w, plus 150 full colour designs by illustrator Michele Leonello. Priced at around GB £20 !!!



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One of 100: Maserati and Zegna

by Ferri, Fabrizio (Photographer)

Published by Editions Assouline 2015

For 100 years Maserati has represented the pinnacle of luxury, world-class performance, and signature Italian style. One of 100 celebrates the collaboration of Maserati with fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna - renowned for fine materials and craftsmanship in its own right - to produce the Maserati Quattroporte Zegna, limited to an edition of 100. Photographs by renowned fashion photographer Fabrizio Ferri pay tribute to the craftsmanship and skill that characterize Maserati and Ermenegildo Zegna s unique designs, capturing the hands of artists and craftspeople from writers and musicians to chefs and athletes and pairing them with images of the cars exquisite details, as unique as a human hand.


Produced in a hardback portrait format in a luxury slipcase (28cm x 35cm) with 224 pages and 100 illustrations.

Handsomely priced at around GB £130.00.




La Maserati du Colonel

by Michel Bollée

Published by Editions du Palmier 2014.

A hero of World War II, passionate about motorsport, Colonel John Horace Simone started in motor racing at the dawn of the fifties, giving it all up a few years later for the love of actress Junie Astor. He became a flag bearer for Maserati, championing the Tipo 151-002 in the hope of reviving the glorious sporting past of the Trident marque.

Enthusiastic and tenacious, Colonel Simone struggled alone for four years, hoping to beat Ferrari, and then Ford. The adventure "La Maserati du Colonel" evokes a turning point for endurance racing, one who lived to overcome the supremacy of Ferrari and the rear-engine Ford commiting enormous resources in his attempts to win. Alas, time was running out for the artisans…

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This latest edition, with additional photographic content, is published in hardback portrait format (297mm x 210mm) contains 144 pages and some 195 images.

Priced at around EURO 39, it represents excellent valus !



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Maserati: The Evolution of Style

by Roberto Iasoni - Photos by Roberto Carrer

Published by Rizzoli Publications 2014

Published to coincide with Maserati’s one-hundredth anniversary, this lavishly produced volume celebrates the glamour and excellence of Italian automotive style and design.

Maserati traces the history of the legendary Italian luxury sports car company that was founded in 1914 by Alfieri Maserati and his three brothers, Bindo, Ernesto, and Ettore, and which went on to back-to-back wins at the Indianapolis 500 — the only Italian car manufacturer ever to do so.


The book profiles the twelve most iconic Maserati vehicles, including the best-selling Ghibli as well as the Quattroporte, GranTurismo, Bora, Berlinetta, and - for the first time ever published - the Alfieri, which has been described as the manifesto of the future of Maserati design. The book features stunningly precise photography that highlights the exquisite lines and lavish details of the vehicles, along with never before published images and technical and engineering highlights.
Also included are special contributions by Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Giovanni Soldini, Franca Sozzani, Gildo Zegna, and Mario Botta.

Priced at around GB £80, and produced in a hardback portrait format (11⅓ in x 13¾ in) with 305 pages and numerous colour and black and white photographs.



Maserati Centenario

Text by Simon Park with help from Andy Heywood

Images by Michael Ward, Maserati SpA, Johann Lemercier and Lyndon McNeil

Published by Auto Italia 2014

From 1926, Maserati built racing cars under its own name, for various branches of motorsport and the marque continued to do so until 1964, culminating in the achievement of the Formula 1 World Championship in 1957 with Juan Manuel Fangio. After World War II, Maserati began production of Gran Turismo for the road, and this was from 1957, their main business activity.

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The 3500 GT was the beginning of a dynasty of luxury, stylish coupes and spyders with six- and eight-cylinder engines. In addition, the Autostrada network in Italy inspired the Quattroporte that ushered in the era of the modern super saloon. The glamour and romance that all these cars breathe, forms the basis of the legend of the current Maserati.

Recorded by Auto Italia contributor Simon Park, "Maserati Centenario" follows the Maserati story from its roots in Diatto, through the Orsi dynasty, the Citroen years, the De Tomaso episode and finally Ferrari and the current Fiat administration. The dream of Fratelli Maserati all those years ago has finally been realised with Maserati becoming one of the most recognised and respected exclusive car marques.

Priced at only GB £9.95p (plus £1.10 p+p), "Maserati Centenario" is produced in a soft bound portrait format (23 cm x 30 cm) with 84 pages and numerous colour and black and white photographs. The feature photography is sourced from Auto Italia's own archives and the layout has been designed by Art Editor Michael Ward.

I have just received my copy, and I have to say, it is beautifully presented with some stunning colour photographs, and makes for a pleasant and interesting read. it's a must for the Maserati enthusiast, and I'm happy to say, it now forms part of my "Maserati Library" !!!

To order your copy of "Maserati Centenario", simply email Josie Ward at



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Uit de archieven van: Maserati
From the archives: Maserati

by Jan Haakman

Published by Not known 2013

The book From the archives: Maserati, has arrived !

If there is a car marque with a colorful history, then it is the company that was founded in 1914 by the Maserati brothers as a supplier for other automakers and gradually as a taxidermist of racing cars.


From 1926, Maserati built racing cars under its own name, for various branches of motorsport and the marque continued to do so until 1964, culminating in the achievement of the Formula 1 World Championship in 1957 with Juan Manuel Fangio. After World War II, Maserati began production of Gran Turismo for the road, and this was from 1957, their main business activity. The 3500 GT was the beginning of a dynasty of luxury, stylish coupes and spyders with six- and eight-cylinder engines. In addition, the Autostrada network in Italy inspired the Quattroporte that ushered in the era of the modern super saloon. The glamour and romance that all these cars breathe, forms the basis of the legend of the current Maserati.

From the archives: Maserati, published in portrait format (300mm x 322mm), this softbound book, takes the reader through the history of the marque. The book has 160 pages and is characterized by few texts and a lot, a lot of original photos and historical advertisements in large format. The book begins with a brief history of ten brand pages where the reader is familiarized with all the ins and outs of Maserati through the years soon. Then follows the visual enjoyment with lots of images, press photos, advertisements, brochures and other advertising media, in sharp black and white and in colour. Both road cars and the racing activities expanded pass in review.

Available at 11,95 euros.



Maserati: Collector's edition

by Jan Haakman

Published by Oldtimer 2014

Luxurious, sporty and elegant. These are the central concepts that Maserati has used in the past decades and still used when it brings a new model on the market. The Italian brand with the beautiful trident logo was founded in 1926 by the Maserati brothers. In just 100 years, Maserati has developed into one of the world's most exclusive brands.

This hardback book in portrait format is priced at 19.95 euros.

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Maserati 250F Manual

by Ian Wagstaff

Published by J H Haynes & Co Ltd 2014

An insight into owning, racing and maintaining the classic front-engined Formula 1 car.

The Maserati 250F is one of the classic grand prix cars of all time and won F1 World Championships in 1954 and 1957, both in the hands of Juan Manuel Fangio. Stirling Moss, who won the 1956 Monaco Grand Prix in a 250F, described the car as the nicest front-engined F1 car he drove during his career. Here, in this new Haynes Manual, is a unique perspective on what it takes to restore, maintain and race a Maserati 250F, as well as an insight into the design, engineering, development and period race history of this iconic racing car.


Published in portrait format (210mm x 270mm), this hardback book, contains 160 pages with 150 colour and 140 in black/white.

Available at GB £21.99.

UK RESIDENTS: Available via Amazon for under GB £16 including postage, and represents excellent value !!!!



MASERATI 250F in Focus

by Anthony Pritchard

Published by Veloce Publishing 2014

The Maserati 250F raced against Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Vanwall for Grand Prix supremacy during the 2500cc Grand Prix Formula years of ’54-’60. Period photographs, including contributions from Tom March, are presented, along with engine cutaways, drawings, technical descriptions, and the chassis and race numbers of every 250F to have competed during this period. Stories from leading drivers who raced the 250F, including Sir Stirling Moss, Juan Fangio, and Mike Hawthorn, along with Anthony Pritchard’s lively text, helps bring the racing story of this iconic model back to life.

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Competing throughout the 2500cc Grand Prix Formula years of 1954-60, the Maserati 250F is one of the most famous and iconic racing cars ever built. Maserati 250F In Focus is one of the most detailed accounts ever written about a single model, and this superbly illustrated book features photographs by Tom March, one of the 1950s leading motor racing photographers, along with historic engine cutaways, chassis drawings, and technical descriptions of the 250F’s evolution and development.

Anthony Pritchard’s lively and informative text includes reminiscences from some of the leading drivers of the day, including Sir Stirling Moss, Juan Fangio, and Mike Hawthorn – drivers who raced these historic machines during the halycon days when Maserati battled with Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Vanwall for Grand Prix supremacy.

From the 1954 Argentine Grand Prix, to the 1960 US Grand Prix, a record of the chassis and race numbers of every 250F to have competed during this period is presented, along with detailed race histories and results, completing this most comprehensive and authoritative of books on Maserati’s racing legend.

Covers the period 1952 - 1960, and the T1 (1954-6 - although examples were raced until the end of 1960), T2 (1956 Italian Grand Prix), T3 Lightweight cars raced by the works in 1957, V12 (1957), Piccolo (1958-59), and the Tec-Mec (1959), the Maserati's successor.

Published in portrait format (250 mm x 250 mm), this hardback book, contains 224 pages with 192 illustrations in black/white and colour.

Available from Veloce Publishing at GB £60.



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1914-2014 MASERATI:
100 anni di storia attraverso i fatti più significativi

1914-2014 MASERATI:
100 years of history through the most significant facts

by Daniele Buzzonetti

Published by Poligrafico Artioli Spa 2014

Questo volume intende ricordare i 100 anni di vita della Maserati attraverso una analisi dei fatti e delle macchine costruite, però sempre accompagnata dalle vicende e dalle certezze (e talvolta dei dubbi...) degli uomini che hanno costruito una storia tanto affascinante. Un visti da vicino arricchito di episodi, curiosità, fatti di cronaca e testimonianze particolari, che la successione delle date permette di riportare di volta in volta alla ribalta.


This book is intended to commemorate 100 years of Maserati through an analysis of the facts and automobiles built, but always accompanied by the events and the certainty (and sometimes doubts ...) of the men who have built a story so fascinating. Viewed from a near-enriched episodes, trivia, news stories and particular testimonials, that the sequence of dates allow you to return from time to time in the limelight.

Prefaced by Dott. Adolfo Orsi, and published in portrait format (300 mm x 255 mm), this hardback book, complete with slipcase, contains 320 pages with 494 illustrations in black/white and colour.

Available at the special price of 41,25 EURO from




by Luca Dal Monte, Cesare De Agostini, Lorenzo Ramaciotti and Gianni Cancellieri

Published by Giorgio Nada Editore 2013

A project of high level meant to commemorate 100 years of Maserati, this work covers the history of the marque in all its aspects and is divided into three large sections.

The first chapter signed by Luca Dal Monte, deals with the company history and the marque’s industrial matters: from the early years, when production was concentrated on racing cars, to the advent of the first GT of the immediate post-war period through to the great classics of the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies.

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The ‘Road cars and design’ section by Lorenzo Ramaciotti, is specifically devoted to the Trident’s road cars: from the A6 1500 to current production, including the extraordinary expressions of design offered by models like the 3500 and 5000 GT, the various Quattroportes, the Mistral, Ghibli, Indy to then approach the present day, touching on the 3200 GT and the current Quattroporte, Granturismo and GranCabrio. Historic and modern pictures illustrate each of these models in a long photographic treatise, preceded by an introductory section which focuses on the historic matters associated with this vein of Maserati production.

The last section written by Cesare De Agostini and Gianni Cancellieri is about races: from the outset Maserati’s history has mainly been one of racing, from the pioneering era to the glorious Fifties, as much in Formula 1 with the 1957 world championship won by Juan Manuel Fangio, as endurance races, Maserati has expressed itself with success at the top levels of the sport. But even before that, the glorious marque had written unforgettable pages in the annals of racing, including victories at Indianapolis in 1939 and 1940. The recent success of the MC12 is the latest chapter in this proud history of achievement. There are also specific boxes in this section devoted to particular competitive aspects, such as the great road speed records (1926-1952) and the company’s long experience in speedboat racing.

Published in portrait format (300 mm x 270 mm), this hardback book contains 360 pages with 262 colour photographs and 486 in black and white, and is reasonably priced a EURO 60.

There is also an Italian edition priced at EURO 50.

You may purchase this exciting new book direct from Libreria Dell'Automobile:



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Jean Behra
Le Prince des damiers

by Jean-Luc Fournier

Bielles Doo Wap 2013

The life of Jean Behra (1921-1959), the iconic French champion motorcyclist and racing driver during the glorious decade of the 50s, is told here in detail for the first time.

Many testimonies of his contemporaries (Houel Monneret, Manzon, Trintignant, Da Silva Ramos or Stirling Moss, among others) round access to family archives entrusted by his son and enriched by the result of many literature searches.


Official Driver successively Gordini, Maserati, BRM, Ferrari and Porsche having successfully defended the colors of Moto Guzzi, Jean Behra, character terribly endearing, has dreamed a generation before the arrival of Jean-Pierre Beltoise. It has also given in writing the preface to this book completely new.

The helmet checkered Jean Behra, outsized champion, remained as famous as his achievements and determination to overcome this Prince of motorcycle and car racing.

The planned publication date for this limited edition of 600 copies is November 15, 2013. This hardback book in portrait format measures 270mm x 210mm, contains 256 pages with more than 300 B/w photographs. Priced at 45 EURO - ISBN code : 9782953137491.



Le guide de la
Maserati Bi-turbo

by Fabien Foulon

Published by ETAI 2013

Around the 25th May 25 a new book will be released on the saga of the Maserati Biturbo. The book deals with all models from the carbureted Biturbo to the 3200 GT, a total of fifty models.

In this guide you will find all the details that distinguish one Biturbo model from another; engine, gearbox, bodywork and interior. The Biturbo is scrutinized to find all the differences and recognize a model for sure after a few checks and become a Biturbo expert !

Text in French

The driving section, through trials allows you to get your hands on your Biturbo, to know the cockpit and instrument panel, to familiarize yourselves with the controls, tame the power and discover through time spent testing, the sensations delivered by a Biturbo. For maintenance, know the weaknesses avoids problems. You'll find tips for keeping your Biturbo roadworthy, detect faults or find defects when buying and also perform routine maintenance.

We owe this book to Fabien Foulon, passionate about the Biturbo - he has three different models ! It took over two years to get to grips with this project. Fabien has done a fantastic job on this book of over 200 pages which will give you a lot of reading pleasure. Several topics are discussed, and it is decorated with more than 600 photos. Modestly, several from L'Automobile Sportive have assisted including Maxime, Etienne, and Cedric Thomas. The cover photo is also signed by Stephen Roville whose talent you can enjoy regularly on our site!

Published in portrait format (250 mm x 190 mm), this hardback book contains 208 pages with 626 black and white and color photographs, and is reasonably priced a EURO 33,50.




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The Maserati A6G 2000 Zagato

by Walter Bäumer

Published by Dalton Watson Fine Books 2013

This is the first book devoted exclusively to the Maserati A6G 2000 model with coachwork by Zagato, one of the most beautiful GT cars ever built. The cars were strong and successful contenders in the 2-litre class and were actively raced in the Italian GT Championship in the second half of the 1950s, winning their class in 1956 and 1959. The cars also participated in legendary races like the Mille Miglia, Targa Florio and Giro di Sicilia. This history of the twenty-one cars made by Officine Maserati S.p.A. in Modena and bodied by Carrozzeria Zagato in Milan, is listed chassis by chassis and profusely illustrated with period photographs and documents, many only recently uncovered.


Published in portrait format (290 mm x 295 mm), this hardback book, complete with dust jacket and slipcase, contains 288 pages with 337 black and white and color photographs, and is priced a GB £95.

A limited edition of leather-bound books – 21 books dedicated one to each car produced – is also available at US $450/GB £295 each.



Maserati – The Citroen Years 1968 - 1975

by Marc Sonnery

Published by Eau Rouge Publishing 2012

The full story of the Citroen Era at Maserati is brought to life by Marc Sonnery, author of ‘The Ferrari Breadvan.’ This is the definitive book on the Maserati Khamsin, Bora & Merak, plus a special section on the Citroen SM project.

The least documented era of Maserati’s history, the Citroën period of Maserati ownership, was also the most misunderstood…until now, thanks to this tome many years in the making.

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Those years started with immense promise as the venerable Modenese firm, previously in dire financial straits, was modernised and reorganised, the clearest evidence being the replacement of obsolete models with plainly old fashioned technology, firstly with the leading edge Bora, the most advanced and well rounded of all first generation mid engine GT cars, then the Khamsin, the most sophisticated and brilliantly competent front engined GT car of the seventies and lastly the Merak, which afforded excellent handling and a beautiful shape to a whole new group of Maserati buyers.

All these are covered comprehensively, likewise with considerable new unpublished material, the Citroën SM which caused the French manufacturer to buy Maserati when seeking an engine for its flagship Grand Tourisme.

Also covered extensively is the still born Maserati Quattroporte II, the special V8 engine which had been intended for it after the initial V6, the SM which was fitted with that prototype V8, the Bora Group 4 racers which never realised their promising potential, and the Khamsin spyder. The author has test driven all of these cars, and was the first journalist to test a Bora Group 4 since 1973. All the various special SMs from rally to presidential versions are covered.

Included withinn its 520 pages are over 70,000 words of interview with Maserati and Citroën participants in the saga - several of whom had never ever been interviewed and several of whom have unfortunately since passed away - and the results of unprecedented research at Maserati and Citroën in Modena and Paris as well as major private archives.

Finally a Registry of Khamsins, with data on more than 75% of them, completes the definitive work on that era curtailed by the energy crisis, the introduction of speed limits, the quadrupling of fuel prices, the political and social unrest, all of which formed a virtual tsunami which the firm could not repel, leading to its closing and sale to De Tomaso with Italian government help, transitioning into the next era.

The book is available in two hard copy formats - Standard and Deluxe. The Deluxe version will be strictly limited to 250 copies and will be signed by the author and publisher.



Editions in German and English

The Maserati 3015 – Complete History

by Bernhard Brägger

Published by Buchhandlung Schmidgasse AG 2012

A Maserati Tipo 8CM which has an amazing history over the past nearly 80 years. The author executed a painstaking research into the political and economic circumstances unveiling the fate of this very car from the day of delivery, its races, its drivers and its owners into the postwar era of the fifties when the proud Italian was still victorious in the communist Hungary, its restoration and the new racing career until today. In addition there is a tecchnical section and a list of race results.


The book will be published with editions in both English and German. The limited edition book will be of 1,000 books, with the German edition running from 1 to 400, and the English version from 401 to 1,000. Publication is expected by the end of September 2012.

The cloth bound book will be published in landscape format (300 x 230 mm), with 190 pages and 170 photos. A nice touch is the Tipo plate on the cover, which is not just printed, but is an actual brass plate which has been affixed to the cover.

This unique publication is available at EURO 135.- plus shipping. For orders placed before the 25th of September we will charge the Subscription price of EUR 110.- plus shipping. The book will be shipped in strong packaging to protect it from damage during transport.




by Nigel Trow

Published by Plenham Press 2016

The book also includes a comprehensive reference index, a register of race results and detailed technical specifications for all of the Trident’s cars and commercial vehicles.

The two volumes are printed in hardback portrait format, complete with slip case (27.5 cm x 22.0 cm), the book contains 872 pages with over 200 colour and b/w photos, illustrations and technical drawings, many previously unpublished.

The Tifosi Edition is printed on heavyweight silk art paper, hard-backed in Wibalin binding and presented in a bespoke slip-case, and priced at GB £195.

The Collector's Edition is a leather bound limited edition of only 101 copies, and is priced at the princely sum of GB £595.

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Sports Car Racing in the South
Florida to Texas, 1957-1958

by Willem Oosthoek

Published by
Dalton Watson Fine Books 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1-85443-246-9

The history of sports car racing in the Southern United States featuring the top echelon of European sports cars has long been unexplored territory. With the exception of the Sebring 12 Hours, the meets were largely ignored by the national press, and no comprehensive research material is available for the numerous events organized between Texas and Florida, when amateur competition surged in the late 1950s. Yet, the South offers a rich road racing history, often fueled by wealthy oilmen from Texas and Oklahoma.


Many of the events were hosted on airport courses where late-model Ferraris, Maseratis, Jaguars, Porsches, OSCAs and Climax-engined cars such as Lotus, Cooper and Elva did battle with American V8-powered vehicles, both Corvettes and homebuilt Specials. This book, the first of a series of three, offers a race-by-race account of all 1957 and 1958 Southern events, from Novice Races to the weekend-ending Features competition.

The author has scoured local newspapers of the period for race reports and results and interviewed many of the drivers, mechanics and owners that were involved in the competitions. He provides an exhaustive report of the time, vividly illustrated by period photographs, many from the archives of Bob Jackson, the acclaimed press photographer.

Residing in Weddington, North Carolina, Willem Oosthoek is a retired international banker and a lifelong Maserati aficionado. As historian of The Maserati Club in the US he has written numerous articles for its magazine Il Tridente. His articles have also been published in Vintage Motorsport, VintageRacecar Journal, Motor Sport, Prancing Horse, Der Dreizack and Sports Car International. Oosthoek’s 2004 book Birdcage to Supercage, and the 2008, The Magnificent Front-engined Birdcages, written with Michel Bolleé, are the defining history of the Maserati Birdcage racing cars. He is a recognized authority on the subject of competition Maseratis, often consulted by private owners, museums and auction houses.

The book will be produced in portrait format (330 mm x 240 mm) containing 264 pages. Hardback with dust cover, it contains 343 black and white, and 121 color photographs.

Priced at US $125/ GB £80.




Le Grandi Storie Dell'Auto

by Luca Del Monte

Published by Quattroruote
La Gazzetta dello Sport 2011

Text in Italian

Era il 1914 quando Alfieri Maserati fondava a Bologna, insieme ai fratelli Ettore ed Ernesto, un'azienda che portava il suo nome, dedicata all'elaborazione di vetture da corsa. Iniziava così una storia affascinante, arrivata fino ai giorni nostri, e fatta di meravigliose vetture stradali ad alte prestazioni e di successi strepitosi nel mondo delle competizioni.

Modelli e successi
Nel 1926 arrivò la Tipo 26, prima vettura a recare il simbolo del tridente, che da allora avrebbe contraddistinto il marchio; nel '37, per vicissitudini economiche, l'azienda viene ceduta alla famiglia Orsi, che la trasferisce a Modena; nel '57 Juan Manuel Fangio vince il suo quinto titolo mondiale di Formula 1 al volante di una Maserati. La storia prosegue con splendide auto stradali e gravi crisi economiche, cessioni e rischi di fallimenti, fino all'assorbimento da parte del Gruppo Fiat, che ne fa un'alternativa meno estrema e più elegante alle Ferrari, con le quali le Maserati di nuova generazione condividono parte della meccanica.

Decimo volume
Alla Maserati è dedicato il decimo volume della collana "Le grandi storie dell'auto", acquistabile con "Quattroruote" o "La Gazzetta dello Sport" al prezzo di 9,99 euro (più quello del mensile o del quotidiano). Ma i libri possono essere acquistati anche attraverso l'iPad e l'iPhone, ognuno al prezzo di 5,99 euro; la versione per iPad offre, in più, la possibilità di navigare attraverso un indice, di visualizzare in anteprima le doppie pagine, di accedere a photogallery, video e ad altri contenuti extra.

It was in 1914 when Alfieri Maserati founded in Bologna, together with his brothers Ettore and Ernesto, a company that carried his name, dedicated to the preparation of racing cars. And so began a fascinating story, which has lasted up until today, and is made up of marvellous high performance road cars and laudable successes in the world of motor racing.

Models and Successes
1926 saw the arrival of the Tipo 26, the first car to carry the symbol of the trident, che da allora avrebbe contraddistinto il marchio; in 1937, due to economic circumstances, the company passed into the hands of the Orsi Family, who tranferred the business to Modena; in 1957 Juan Manuel Fangio won his fifth World Formula 1 title at the wheel of a Maserati. The story continued with splendid road cars and grave economic crises, closure and risks of bankruptcy, until its intergration as part of the Fiat Group, who turned it into a less extreme and more elegant alternative to the Ferraris, with whom the new generation Maseratis share mechanical components.

Tenth volume
The tenth volume in the series "Le grandi storie dell'auto" is dedicated to Maserati, and available through "Quattroruote" or "La Gazzetta dello Sport" at the price of 9,99 euro (plus the price of the magazine or newspaper). But the book is also available via your iPad and iPhone, each one at the price of 5,99 euro; each iPad version offers, as well, the possibility of navigating via an index, to preview the double pages, to access the photo gallery, videos and other extra content.

The book is published in prtrait format ( 310mm x 265mm ) with 160 pages, and containing numerous illustrations.




Text in French

La Maserati du Colonel

by Michel Bollée

Published by Michel Bollée 2011.

Priced at EURO 35 RRP

ISBN: 2-9513642-8-8

EAN: 9782951364288)


The fifth volume in the "Archives D'un Passionné" series in which Michel Bollée narrates the fascinating story of a Frenchman's quest for a Maserati victory at the 24 Heures Du Mans.

The Frenchman in question is Colonel Johnny Simone, a hero of World War II, motor racing enthusiast, and Maserati Concessionaire, who entered motor racing in the early Fifties, before giving up racing for the love of film actress Junie Astor. He became a flagship for Maserati, and never ceased in his attempts to revive the sporting past of the "Casa del Tridente" by racing one of its great cars: the unforgettable monster, the Tipo 151-002.

A man with boundless enthusiasm, he struggled alone in the hope of beating Ferrari. But the struggle was too unfair. Yet it was a beautiful page in the book of motor racing history.

Bollée tells us of Simone's quest in detail with an understandable fondness and affection, aided by a collection of stunning photographs, some of which are full page. I was delighted to add this book to my collection and no Maserati enthusiast should be without it.

Produced in hardback landscape format (265 x 210mm) with 104 pages containing 145 b&w and colour photographs.




Italian luxury and flair

by Martin Buckley

Published by Haynes Publishing 2011.

The latest addition to the popular ‘Classic Makes’ Series tells the story of Maserati, a marque that has enjoyed a remarkable resurgence in the last decade – having previously fallen on hard times after the glory days of the 1960s and 70s.

After establishing its name through racing success, Maserati built some of the world’s most desirable sports cars during the 1960s and ’70s. After a period in the doldrums in the 1980s and ’90s, the marque has emerged during the past ten years and is making some great cars again under the stewardship of parent company Fiat. The new Quattroporte in particular is one of the finest cars Maserati has ever built. This is an essential addition to the Haynes ‘Classic Makes’ series, blending history and technical information with driving impressions and buying hints.

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The book blends history and technical information with driving reviews and buying hints for each post-war model. It also contains profiles of the key personalities involved in Maserati’s rollercoaster story, taking readers up to its rebirth under Fiat’s ownership and the release of updated models in the ever popular Quattroporte and Gran Turismo series.

Classic icons such as the 3500GT and the Ghibli are also featured in one of the few in-depth histories to be produced on this famous Italian manufacturer, charting its transition from race car to road car production that have seen it come to rival Ferrari and Lamborghini in providing fast, glamorous vehicles for the discerning rich.

Specifications, driving impressions and buying advice for each post-war model - Profiles of the key personalities involved in Maserati’s rollercoaster story - The early road cars: the 2-litre straight-sixes built 1946–57 - The 3500 Series: 3500GT, Sebring, Mistral - The 5000GT: a car built for the world’s super-rich - The Quattroporte of 1963–70: the world’s fastest four-door saloon and its two door Mexico cousin - The Ghibli and Indy: glamorous front-engined V8s - The Bora and Merak: mid-engined supercars - The Khamsin and Quattroporte II, the Quattroporte III and Kyalami - The Biturbo era and the Quattroporte IV - Maserati’s rebirth with the Coupé, new Quattroporte and Fiat money.

Produced in hardback portrait format (270 x 210mm) with 160 pages containing 150 colour & 50 b&w illustrations.

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Martin Buckley is a freelance motoring journalist based near Stroud. He is a columnist for Classic & Sports Car and has written numerous magazine features about classic and modern Maseratis as well as over a dozen other motoring books. A lifelong devotee of the marque, he has owned several of its most celebrated models.

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MASERATI 250F - 1950-1960

Distributed by QUANTUM LEAP - May 2010

Product description:
- the cars, the drivers, the characters, the big race glory and the tragedy.

Having spent a number of years in development the 250F first raced and won in the 1954 Argentine Grand Prix driven by Juan Manuel Fangio whilst Stirling Moss raced his own privately owned 250F for the full 1954 season.

1955 saw a setup with 5-speed gearbox as well as SU fuel injection (240 bhp) and Dunlop disc brakes. Jean Behra ran this in a five-member works team which included Luigi Musso and in 1956 Stirling Moss won at the Italian Grand Prix and the Monaco Grand Prix in his private car. In 1956 three 250F T2 cars first appeared for the works drivers. Developed by Giulio Alfieri using lighter steel tubes they sported a slimmer, stiffer body and the new 315 bhp (235 kW) V12 engine.


But in 1957 the car and perhaps the greatest racing driver ever to grace the sport were reunited and Juan Manuel Fangio drove to four more championship victories, including his legendary final win at German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring (Aug. 4, 1957), where he overcame a 50 second deficit in just 20 laps, passing the race leader on the final lap to take the win.

1957 turned out to be the last hurrah for Maserati as the company was drowning under a sea of red ink. Luckily the Italian government stepped in and placed Maserati under a "Controlled administration" but not so luckily the works racing team was disbanded. Except for those cars remaining in private hands the end of the Maserati 250F had arrived.

Running time: 60 minutes.

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