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I am also looking for any information about and photos of the Grantrofeo Barchetta race series.

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 Chassis number  Engine number  Colour  Present Location

 THB CMM*LLI*  Not known  Rosso  USA

 Photo 1

 Photo 2

Photos courtesy of Bob

The ex-High Clas racing car it was sold by Chr. Pedderson (DK) around 1997 to the current owner. Underwent some alterations, e.g. filler cap in front bonnet.

 THB CMM*LAA*  Not known  Rosso  Germany

The ex-A Menegato race car.

 THB CMM*LAB*  Not known  Rosso  Belgium

 Photo 1
 Photo courtesy of a
 German enthusiast

 Photo 2

 Photo 3

Still in the hands of its first owner, in original condition.

 THB CMM*LAC*  Not known  Rosso  Germany

 Photo   1

 Photo   2

 Photo   3

 Photo   4

 Photo   5

 Photo   6

 Photo   7

 Photo   8

 Photo   9

 Photo 10

 Photo 11

 Photo 12

 Photo 13

 All photos courtesy of
  the German owner

Chassis #THB CMM LAC, was one of the three original works cars, which were developed for the Barchetta 1992 Grantrofeo Monomarque race series.
The vehicle was raced only once, at Monza on the 27th June 1993, driven by Giorgio Farina.
Subsequently the car was used to develop a road-going version, the 'Stradale', under Ing. Gamberini.
During one of these test drives, "LAC" was involved in a serious accident, following which the car was assigned to the Italian Astra Racing team for repair. However this project was abandoned.
In 2001, the car was acquired by Daniele Neri of Concordia - MO.
In July 2002, I bought the vehicle from Sig. Neri.
Following a fully documented reconstruction, “LAC” is once again in its original race condition, complete with its original No 18.
The following work has been carried out with many parts replaced with new-old-stock Maserati parts or new parts:
The complete chassis (shock absorbers, springs, joints) and braking system were renewed.
The engine has been rebuilt with new original parts, and a new gearbox fitted.
For on-the-road driving, Xenon headlights have been installed in the front bonnet, these are not visible when the yellow stickers are applied to the car.

 THB CNU*LAD*001  AM501-000020  Rosso  France

 Photo 1

 Photo 1

 Photo 3

 Photo 4

The ex-Dima Bolzano (I), converted to road version by Postert for Mr. Reichhalter, Merano (I); Italy, sold in 2001, different exhaust.
You can view the restoration of the engine of #LAD, on the new owner's web site at
This "Barchetta" will be competing in several historic races in France.

 THB CNU*LAE*  Not known  Rosso  Italy

 Photo 1

 Photo 2

 Photo 3

The only works road version (FIAT Coupe headlights, road wheels, fuel cap, different front bonnet, no rear wing, different mirrors). Sold by Maserati Spa in 1998. Now part of the Panini Collection.

 THB CNU*LAF*  AM501*000019*  Rosso  Portugal

This Barchetta has recently "surfaced in Portugal".

 THB CNU*LAG*  Not known  Rosso  Italy

No information.

 THB CMM*LAL*  Not known  Rosso  Germany

 Photo 1

 Photo 2

The car was sold to Mr. Postert from Essen (Germany) in 1992. The car was reserved as a personal car for Sig de Tomaso ... but via Sig Lorenz (a personal friend of de Tomaso) the car came to Germany. Mr. Postert never raced the car and gave it very little use in his 12 years of ownership. The car was made road legal. A special exhaust, longer mirror arms and small driving lights were fitted. At all the car remains in its original condition,..
In April 2004 the car came to my collection. Now it is stored in a dehumidified garage and when the sun is shining I use it.. what it was made for.. but I keep it in perfect condition.

 Static prototype  None  Rosso  Italy

A Barchetta body shell. Now part of the Panini Collection.


A Barchetta static model. Now part of the Panini Collection.



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