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Text in Italian

Maserati in pista e su strada
by Maserati SpA

Published by Maserati SpA 1991

A beautifully illustrated brochure celebrating Maserati's return to the track in the Grantrofeo Barchetta Maserati.
PISTA - Contains a description and full technical specification of the 1992 Barchetta and full list of Maserati podium finishes in the Sportscar category from 1946 to 1962.
STRADA - Contains details of Maserati road cars: the Shamal - the 2.24v. - the 4.24v. - Spyder i.


The front cover shows Jean Behra driving a Tipo 450S to victory in the 1957 Swedish Grand Prix. The rear cover shows three A6GCSs in the Maserati pits during the Gran Premio di Pescara in 1948.


Grantrofeo Barchetta Maserati 1993
Compiled by L. Valdevit

Published by Maserati SpA Dec. 1993

A pamphlet published by the factory detailing the race results for the 1993 race series.
Page   2: Index.
Page   3: Circuit details and fastest laps.
Page   4: Owners and chassis numbers.
Page   5: Drivers and participation details.
Page   6: VARANO - Drivers and results.
Page   7: PERGUSA.
Page   8: MISANO.
Page   9: MUGELLO.
Page 10: MONZA.
Page 12: MUGELLO.
Page 14: MAGIONE.
Page 16: Driver's participation details.
Page 17: Individual driver's results.

Text in Italian
 Chassis number  Engine number  Colour  Present Location

 THB CMS*LLA*  AM 501*000017*  Rosso  Japan

 Photo 1

 Photo 2

 Photo 3

 Photo 4

 Photo 5

 Photo 6

 Photo 7


Photo courtesy of a German enthusiast

The factory prototype (slightly different body shape from the others, black seats), used as factory owned car in the Grandtrofeo series and gained the most victories. Sold by Maserati Spa to Panini (I) in 1998. Sold to Theodor Seidl (D) in 2000, completely restored to original condition. Sold again in 2001 to the current owner.
Presently for sale by Marcel Roks Consultants, Belgium.

The following text on LLA and photographs 1 to 7 courtesy of Marcel Roks Consultants.

According to the 16-11-2000 "Cerficate of Origine" this particular car was constructed in 1992 with engine type AM501 #000017.

The car has been used as an experimental car by the factory and later it was used as a factory-entry in the 1992 and 1993 championships.

As an official Maserati SpA entry the car was driven by various celebrity drivers and they managed to win various races with LLA.

The following results are known for LLA in the 1993 races:

04/04/93 Varano - Oscar P. Larrauri - 1st.
02/05/93 Pergusa - Bruno Corradi - 1st.
16/05/93 Misano - Bruno Corradi - 1st.
13/06/93 Mugello - Bruno Corradi - 2nd.
27/06/93 Monza - Carlo Facetti - rtd.
03/07/93 Zandvoort - Jan Lammers - 1st.
11/07/93 Mugello - Bruno Corradi - 1st.
22/08/93 Jyllandsringen - Bruno Corradi - rtd.
19/09/93 Magione - Giamp. Simoni - 1st.
03/10/93 Vallelunga - Bruno Corradi - 1st.

After its racing years LLA was shipped to Dallara and later to Pregliasco to be evaluated to construct a stradale version of the Barchetta.

Then the car remained in dismantled condition and was sold to Mr. Panini in 1998 and in March 2000 it was sold to Mr. Seidl in Germany who gave the car a ground-up restoration before it was again being sold to Japan.

For the present Japanese owner the Maserati expert Dott. Adolfo Orsi inspected the car and researched its history. In his report he stated that the car is the original LLA car was the first Barchetta constructed.

LLA had many different features from the later Barchettas which were constructed as production cars. These differences were in particular:

- The driver's cockpit is different and less rounded than the production cars.
- The connection points of the front part of the body are different.
- The doors are closed by a small bolt and not operated by a small chain.
- The seat upholstery is black and not in tartan.
- The roll-bar cage is less rounded than that of the production cars.

After the German restoration the inspection in Japan by Dott. Orsi revealed that the following parts were missing or different from the original condition of #THB CMS*LLA*:

- The present steering wheel is not original as the original Personal steering wheel is no longer available.
- The rear-wing is missing and replaced by a non-original one.
- The mirrors are different.
- In the small radiator grill 3 blades are missing.
- The car is now fitted with German production aluminium wheels which were tested on the stradale version
  of the Barchetta.
- The small front air-splitter is missing.

But still Dott. Orsi finishes his report saying that LLA appears to be the original one, properly restored and in good running condition.

As use of this sort of car is very limited within Japan the owner has decided to offer the car for sale again.

This Maserati Barchetta is probably the one with the best race-results and the most race-wins. Also a big plus is that the car has been driven by many well-known racing-drivers.

For further details, please contact Marcel Roks Consultants, Belgium.

 THB CMS*LLB*  AM 501*200008*  Rosso  Italy

 Photo   1

 Photo   2

 Photo   3

 Photo   4

 Photo   5

 Photo   6

 Photo   7

 Photo   8

 Photo   9

 Photo 10

 Photo 11

 All photos courtesy of
 the Italian owner

Chassis THB CMS*LLB* was the second Barchetta produced.
It was a spare car for the Grantrofeo Barchetta Championship during 1992 and 1993.
It was listed for Monza Grantrofeo G.P. but it only ran in practice, as the driver wasn't able to take part in the race.
Later this car was used for various tests to develop the Barchetta Stradale (the road version of Barchetta) and finally for the crash test.

 THB CMT*LLC*  Not known  Rosso  United Kingdom

 Photo 1

 Photo 2

 Photo 3

 Photo 4

 Photo 5

 Photo 6

The ex-High Clas racing car, based in Denmark, never driven again. This car has been in the UK since 1999, probably in original race condition.

 THB CMJ*LLD*  Not known  Rosso  Germany

The ex-John Neilson, (DK), race car. Still in its original condition.

 THB CMM*LLE*  Not known  Rosso  Germany

Used by de Cilla in the Grantrofeo race series. Sold around 1998 to the present owner.

 THB CMM*LLF*  Not known  Rosso  Germany

Still in the hands of its original owner.

 THB CMM*LLG*  Not known  Giallo  Germany

 Photo 1

 Photo 2
 Photo courtesy of Henny Cate

 Photo 3
 Photo courtesy of Henny Cate

 Photo 4

 Photo 5

 Photo 6
 Photo courtesy of
 Dr George Lipperts

The ex-Nielsen car now converted into road version. It is now fitted with a 2.8-litre engine and different gearbox. Unique in that it is the only yellow car, fitted with black wheels, leather seats and a different exhaust system.

 THB CMM*LLH*  Not known  Rosso  Australia

 On the road!

 On the track!

 Kai at the wheel.

 Front view of the grid

 Rear view of the grid

 It's my turn next!

 Cannonball Run!
"Officer, I can explain!"

All photos courtesy of Kai Mysliwiecz

The ex-ITALIA race car, fitted with "frog-eyed" headlights from the factory. Shipped out to the Australian importer for promotional reasons. Winner of the Northern Territory Cannonball Run held in 1994. This was a high-speed road event starting in Darwin, Australia going to Ayers Rock (Uluru) and back. In 1996 it was sold to the current owner.




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