I would love to hear from any enthusiasts including Ghibli Cup and Open Cup owners with any information or photos that would help to compliment these pages. Thank you!




From Erik in The Netherlands

"Hi Enrico,

Here's the information on a Ghibli Cup (car number ??) which I have personally inspected in Italy in early 2003. The car had heavy frontal damage and was also damaged quite badly in the rear right corner. A one owner (in his 70's) car with only 40,000km, crashed in wet weather by the owner's son. I hesitated buying it at the time and am not sure whether the car has been dismantled or repaired (not advisable since heavily distorted and estimated at EUR 15,000) in the end. Photos can be supplied upon request.

Model/type: Ghibli 2.0 Cup
Engine no: AM577
Version: 336B204S
No.ricambi: 118
Chassis no: ZAM336B00*361000*
First registration: 1997
Exterior colour: 'nero sideral'
Interior: black leather + carbon
Present location: Italy (presumed)

I also have notes on another Ghibli Cup (presumably car number 7) which was damaged all around on the highway. Again this car would cost a lot to put right (estimated at around 25-30 million Lire according to the owner). The car was metallic silver with a black leather interior, first registered in July 1997 and had done around 33,000km before the crash. It was offered for sale by the owner about 5 years ago in Rome.

I hope this info helps you in the process of completing your Ghibli Cup database.

Best regards,


From Jacopo in Italy

"Dear Enrico,

Voglio inviarvi queste foto riguardanti una Maserati Ghibli Cup elaborata in vendita presso la 4M Automobili di Prato. So che un tipo di auto particolare e che trovarne una messa bene impresa ardua.

L'auto in questione immatricolata AY, l'immatricolazione dovrebbe essere del 1998: non ho avuto modo di verificare per bene.

E' stata costruita come esemplare unico per il suo precedente proprietario ed elaborata dall'officina di Firenze. Il venditore non riuscito a dirmi con esattezza le specifiche dell'elaborazione, quelle che ho potuto vedere riguardano gli interni e i freni.

L'auto in perfette condizioni, la carrozzeria non ha graffi n ammaccature e il colore non sbiadito. Le gomme sono gonfie e il battistrada all'80%.

Come si vede nelle foto ha percorso 57575km, sono tutti tagliandati Maserati. Il motore parte al primo tentativo, non ha esitazioni n fa rumori strani, risponde prontamente all'accelleratore - per quanto abbia potuto provare all'interno dell'autosalone, un paio di "sgasate", niente di pi.

Sostanzialmente l'auto si presenta in maniera eccellente. Il prezzo richiesto di 29.500, ma il venditore mi ha fatto capire che "trattabile".

Spero di esserVi stato utile, purtroppo ora come ora non dispongo dei mezzi economici per potermi permettere una bellezza del genere ma spero di poterlo fare, un giorno.

In ogni caso potete "far girare" liberamente questa mia mail ed il mio indirizzo di posta, se qualcuno fosse interessato sarei ben felice di poterlo accompagnare."

"I want to send you these photos of a tuned Maserati Ghibli Cup that I've found on sale at the 4M Automobili dealership here in Prato (Tuscany).

I know that this is a special car, and it isn't that easy to find one in such good condition.

The car is registered AY, it must be a 1998 one: I am not sure. It was build as a unique example for the previous owner and tuned by a specialist in Florence. The salesman could not give me the exact tuning specifications, all I could see were the interior and the brakes.

The car is in perfect condition, the body has no scratches and no dents and the paint is brilliant red. The tyres are are in excellent having about 80% of its tread left.

As you can see in the photos the car has done 57,575 Km, they're all serviced by Maserati. The engine starts at first time, has no hesitation and no strange noises. The throttle response is immediate.

Overall the car looks amazing! The price being asked is €29.500, but the salesman told me that "it's negotiable".

I hope this is of interest to you all, for at the present time I can't afford such a beauty, but I hope that one day....

In any case, feel free to publish my e-mail address, if anyone wants to see the car I'll be happy to accompany them.


From Bram in Holland

"I have a question. Two years ago I bought a 2-litre Ghibli Cup engine for my Ghibli GT. It's a genuine Cup engine with the larger roller-bearing turbochargers etc.

Now, after 25000 km, I have a problem with both exhaust manifolds, they are 'leaking'. Unlike the normal exhaust manifolds, these cup manifolds are wrapped in 'exhaust wrap'. Is the insulation perhaps the root of all the trouble, or are the turbos too heavy?

Have any other Cup owners experienced this problem?

The exhaust manifolds on both sides are cracked. The exhaust manifolds are for 90% packed in insulation material. The outside of the insulation is made from aluminium, the inside of an insulation material. The right manifold is broken 10mm next to the fastening of the manifold to the engine, just outside the insulation. The left manifold is cracked under the insulation. In normal 2-litre engines [306 bhp] the manifold is not insulated.

I never drive fast with a cold engine, only on occasions when the engine temperature is up I drive for a short distance at speed. P ******, a guy who races several years with a cup engine without problems had removed the insulation of the manifold. What are the experiences of the English Cup owners.

When I buy this engine it was checked and had a very nice horsepower line, original roller-bearing turbos, special heads, management, and standard exhaust manifolds with exhaust wrap and a special exhaust without catalytic convertors. I have already replaced one new manifold on the right side. Now I see the left is also cracked and I dont know what to do. Is there something wrong with the special manifolds? Are the turbo too heavy or is it only bad luck? What are your experiences with the cup engine. There are not so many cup engines so I asked you what you think about it?


Reply and exhaust manifold tips from Andy in the UK

"Hi Bram,

1.There are two problems with the exhaust manifolds. One is cracking and the other is warping which causes a leak between the faces of the manifold and the cylinder heads.

2. The manifold design has only changed once for all Biturbo and the superseded version with the extra rib was fitted to all GT and Cup anyway.

3. The weight of turbocharger is not a problem.

4. The wrapped manifolds that you have suggest that your engine was an OPEN Cup version, as these were the only engines to have 'wrapped' manifolds. This was no doubt an attempt to keep underbonnet temperatures down during racing but in fact accelerates the heat transfer problems which cause the cracks.

5. You would be better off with a pair of 'normal', non wrapped manifolds.

6. The problem will still occur eventually. All you can do to minimise it is to never use a cold engine hard (as you say) and also never switch off immediately after a long run - let the engine idle for a few minutes to equalise the temperatures.


From Masaki in Japan

"Hi Friends,

My Cup is almost 150,000 km, but powerful yet.

Now, oil is leaking near from the turbocharger.......this is bad.

I have to clear this problem."

From Daniel in Germany

"Hi Enrico,

Here, as promised, are the photos of the destroyed red Ghibli Cup.

Perhaps you can filter the pic with the plate, so you can see the number.

Also the photos of the new silver Gibli Cup 2.800.


Ghibli Cup 2.800

All photos courtesy of Daniel Zerr

Ghibli Cup

All photos courtesy of Daniel Zerr


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