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Maserati Selenia Ghibli Open Cup
by Adolfo Orsi and Raffaele Gazzi

Produced by Maserati SpA 1996

A 24 page landscape booklet containing full reports on the 1995 Maserati Ghibli Open Cup series promoted by Historica Selecta.

The booklet gives full classified results and a brief summary of the races at Imola, Mugello, Helsinki, Nürburgring, Zandvoort, Donington, Estoril and Magny Cours.

Many action photos and photos of the cars and drivers with a detailed technical specification of the 'Ghibli Open Cup'.

Text in Italian and English

Ghibli Cup owners wishing to purchase a copy of the Maserati Selenia Ghibli Open Cup yearbook, may do so by contacting Historica Selecta Archive at The cost is €25,00 (around GB £18.00 or US $30.00) plus postage per book.

This yearbook is a must for the Ghibli Cup owner and Maserati enthusiast. I am told that there are only a few copies left, so don't leave it too long!!!


Courtesy of Scot

Selenia Ghibli Open Cup
by Various contributors


The story of the Open Cup race series as seen by motor sport magazines from all over the world. Articles from Italy, Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the USA.

The soft-back book contains photocopies of every article written about the Selenia Ghibli Open Cup race series in 1995.

This book was given only to sponsors, participants and drivers.

On reading it I was most disappointed to find the poor coverage the series was given in the British motoring press. After its long absence from the track, you would have thought the name of Maserati deserved better!


Maserati Ghibli Open Cup 1996

Produced by Maserati SpA 1996

An instructions manual containing full details and instructions for the modifications required to convert a 1995 Ghibli Open Cup to a 1996 Ghibli Open Cup Evoluzione. These modifications were necessary for eligability to the 1996 Maserati Ghibli Open Cup series.

Sadly the 1996 series was terminated after only two races. The reason given by new owners FIAT was that they were no longer viable.

It is often rumoured that the real reason for 'pulling the plug', was that the new Evo cars were quicker than the Ferrari 355 and they couldn't have that now, could they !!!

Text in Italian

Courtesy of Bob Staaterman



Il kit di transformazione contiene tutti i particolari per il montaggio e le specifiche di instruzione.

The conversion kit contains all parts to be fitted complete with instructions.

Le sole modifiche autorizzate sono quelle riportate nel "Regolamente Technico".

The only modifications permitted are those stated in the "Technical Rules".

I componenti montabili sono solo quelli del kit 96 o quelli della vettura 95 modificati (ove espressamente indicato).

Only the components supplied with the 1996 kit, or those from a 1995 car that have been modified, may be fitted.




- roll-bar ( roll cage )

- staffe attacco cinture ( seat-belt mounting points )

- prese d'aria sul cofano ( bonnet NACA vents )

- paraurti anteriore ( front bumper )

- paraurti posteriore ( rear bumper )

- cofano posteriore completo ( rear boot lid )

- sospensione anteriore completa ( complete front suspension )

- barra stabilizzatrice anteriore ( front anti-roll bar )

- ammortizatori anteriore e posteriore ( front and rear shock absorbers )

- supporto piantone dello sterzo ( steering column support )

- telaietto anteriore ( front subframe )

- bracci posteriore ( rear suspension arms )

- barra stabilizzatrice posteriore ( rear anti-roll bar )

- coppelle duomo posteriore ( ? )

- dischi freni anteriore e posteriore ( front and rear brake discs )

- pinze freni anteriore e posteriore ( front and rear brake calipers )

- impianto di raffreddamento freno anteriore ( front brake cooling system )

- convogliatori aria degli scambiatori ( intercooler air intakes )

- scarichi ( exhaust system )

- differenziale ( rear differential)

- valvola regolatrice pressione pompa idroguida ( adjustable power steering pump pressure valve )

- volante con mozzo ( steering wheel and boss )

- fanali anteriori ( front headlights )

- cerchi anteriori e posteriori ( front and rear wheels )

- pomello leva cambio ( gear lever knob )


- parafanghi anteriori e posteriori ( front and rear wings )

- passaruota anteriori ( inner wheel arches )

- foratura duomi anteriori ( upper shock absorber mounting points )

- Attacchi sedili ( seat mounts )

- scatola guida ( steering box )

- telaietto posteriore ( rear subframe )

- mozza posteriore ( rear springs )

- campana del cambio ( gearbox bell housing )


- impianto del freno a mano ( handbrake assembly )

- pannello traversa posteriore baule ( rear window parcel shelf trim )

- imperiale e luci di cortesia ( door warning and courtesy light )

- pannelli dei montanti anteriori, centrali e posteriori ( front, central and rear pillar trims )


- regolatore di frenata ( brake adjuster )

- rondella su sopporti motore ( engine support washer )

- barra duomi ( strut brace )

 Eng. #870032  ZAM336B00*PB360671*  Blu Sera  The Netherlands


  Photo 1

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"This car was the first Ghibli Open Cup constructed, and is the actual car presented at the Bologna Motor Show in 1995. In 1995, many specialised motoring magazines wrote articles about this car including many photographs, it even made the front cover of some.

It was used by Maserati for demonstration purposes around many circuits including its first outing at Vallelunga, Imola, Fiorano, Balocco, etc... It has been driven by many well-known racing drivers including Michele Alboreto, Arturo Merzario and Giorgio Pianta etc...

This car was purchased by Autofficina Europa di Barbieri Giulio direct from Maserati and is the only Ghibli Open Cup in this colour blue. Initially, the two colours for this model were to have been blue and red."

In January 2008 Peter Kleuters bought, via Franco Pastorelli (official Maserati garage in Holland ( ), from the Barbieri Brothers in Piacenza a Maserati Ghibli Open Cup, ( DGM 50726 OM, chassis nr *ZAM336B00*PB360671* - tipo 336B204P with engine tipo AM 577 ).

The car was originally registered on the 23rd of February 1994. According to the identification plate the original engine was a tipo AM 496, which engine was replaced by a race-tuned version tipo AM 577 on the 14th of September 1995. The car has an official Italian registration certificate.

This car is listed in your catalogue as the first car that has been tuned by the Maserati factory in 1995 for the Ghibli Open Cup Races in Europe. It was shown at the Bologna Car Show in 1995.

Than 13 other Ghiblis were made to conform to this car's specifications, and all of them raced in 1995 and 1996. As a "prototipo", this car did not participate in those races, and when Peter bought it last year the odometer only showed 2,400 km ( 1,500 miles, being test kilometres ), thus a new car! The original lead seals are still on the engine parts, because it was not allowed to "soup up" the engine!

Since March 2008 Peter has raced the car over 1,000 km at Zandvoort in Holland, as a member of the Dutch National Racing Team ( DNRT ), in the Scuderia Italiano and also as a member of the Historical Automobile Ren Club ( HARC ).

Some people say it is a pity that Peter uses the car for racing, because it has historic value, but on the other hand this car was made for racing and he loves to drive it on the race tracks.

Peter says that the handling is quite easy, but if you put your foot down before finishing a bend, you might make a 180° turn, caused by the incoming twin turbo that gives the car some 100 HP extra! The total power has been measured at 350 HP (257 Kw) and you can feel them under your foot!

Attached are a few photos of the car with the original stickers, so that they can be added to the Ghibli list.

If anyone would have a photo of the Bologna Car Show of 1995, or a car magazine in which the car was shown, Peter would be very interested to have a copy.

A Dutch car magazine called CARROS might do an article about my car next year.

Ghibli 'Open' Cup

 Engine No.  Chassis No.  Colour  Present Location
 & Delivery Date

 Eng. #870032  ZAM336B00*00361017*  Giallo  Japan

 Eng. #???  ZAM336B00*00361215*  Rosso Maserati  The Netherlands

  Photo 1

  Photo 2

  Photo 3

  Photo 4

  Photo 5

  Photo 6

 Eng. #870011  ZAM336B00*00361216*  Rosso Maserati  Australia
#361216 airborne over a railway line at Targa Tasmania in 1998

 Eng. #870005  ZAM336B00*00361217*  Rosso or Blu?  Germany - 31/01/97

 Not known  ZAM336B00*00361218*  Giallo  Not known

 Eng. #870015  ZAM336B00*00361219*  Giallo  Denmark - 13/12/96

 Eng. #870007  ZAM336B00*00361220  Bianco Alpi  USA - 12/04/95

1995 race spec

Photo by Stefano Orlandi - Historica Selecta Archive

1996 Evo spec

Photo courtesy of The Maserati Club

 Eng. #870010  ZAM336B00*00361221*  Bianco Alpi  Not known - 26/03/97
Photo by Photo Quattro - Historica Selecta Archive

 Eng. #870019  ZAM336B00*00361222**  Bianco Alpi  UK - 12/04/95

 Eng. #870009  ZAM336B00*00361223*  Rosso Maserati  Rome/Italy - 12/04/95

  Photo 1

  Photo 2

  Photo 3

  Photo 4

 Eng. #870008  ZAM336B00*00361224  Rosso Maserati  UK - 31/05/95
Photo by Auto Italia - Maserati Club

 Eng. #870012  ZAM336B00*00361225*  Rosso Maserati  Denmark - 13/12/96

 Eng. AM577*870026*  ZAM336B00*00361226* *  Giallo  The Netherlands - 12/04/95

  Photo 1

  Photo 2

  Photo 3

"The original owner of Ghibli Open Cup #361226 competed with this car during the 1995 season of the Ghibli Open Cup Championship, placed quite a few times he ended the Championship in 7th place overall.

For several years #361226 disappeared from the scene only to re-surface, in its original race condition, at a public auction near Varese in Italy.

The car, now fully restored, is with its new owner in The Netherlands.  

 Not known  ZAM336B00*00361227*  Giallo  Not known

 Eng. #870017  ZAM336B00*00361228*  Giallo  Italy - 12/04/95

  Photo 1

  Photo 2

  Photo 3

  Photo 4

  Photo 5

  Photo 6

"This yellow Ghibli Open Cup #361228, was specially prepared by William Sala of Modena in full 96 version plus GT, including major engine rebuild (we had 370 bhp on the test bank). The car has been lightened (door structure cut, plexiglass windows, fibreglass bonnets etc.). It has an additional passenger seat and we moved the electronics to the rear of the car. It has a specially made exhaust, tail pipes exiting from the side of the car."

 Eng. #870018  ZAM336B00*00361229*  Rosso Maserati  Germany - 17/02/97

 Eng. #870014  ZAM336B00*00361230*  Rosso Maserati  Japan - 20/04/95
Photo by ISP International Sport-Photo - Historica Selecta Archive

"The set up was full 96 upgrade (but no GT configuration with fibreglass bonnet and trunk)."

Total production - To be determined!

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