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Trident on the rocker cover of Maserati Tipo 6CM
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!

With a view to broaden its range even further, Maserati is about to launch the new Quattroporte Automatic alongside the current Quattroporte fitted with the DuoSelect gearbox.

The name, Quattroporte Automatic, describes the car’s main innovation. It is fitted with an automatic six-speed ZF gearbox, which ensures a smooth, fluid gear change while allowing for rapid shifting, for improved driving comfort.

The all-new transmission system results in a slightly different weight distribution ratio (49% front, 51% rear, vs 47% front 53% rear of the DuoSelect version with transaxle layout), but still preserves the extremely sporty nature of the Quattroporte. The torque converter also boosts the progression of the V8 Maserati engine at low to medium speeds, without limiting its power.

The international press will be given a preview of the Quattroporte Automatic at the Detroit Motor Show, and the car will be on sale worldwide from January.

Launched in 2003, the Quattroporte immediately grabbed the attention of the media and car enthusiasts alike, thanks to its sophisticated, elegant design, specification and performance-enhancing technology. The Quattroporte has always been at the forefront of the luxury sports saloon market, since it created this new category back in 1963. It is now considered the archetype of this market segment, which is being explored by other prestigious names in the car industry. Since 2003, the Quattroporte has received 28 awards from the world’s most prestigious media: a tangible sign of its popularity in the motor industry and with the public.





From Andrea in the UK

"Hi Enrico,

Thought you might like to see this photo of a cylinder head from the V8 engine of a Khamsin.




The right-hand bank cylinder head
From Giuseppe in Switzerland

"Dear Enrico,

I hope that you are just fine.

I am sending you a few pics of my Ghibli GT in a very special surrounding.

Take care,











From the UK

Last Sunday (3rd Dec '06), I settled down to relax in my armchair whilst reading my copy of 'Night and Day Live', a weekly magazine that comes free with the Mail on Sunday. My relaxed mood didn't last very long, for as I made my way through to the magazine's centre spread you can imagine my outrage when I read a review of the ...

Maserati Biturbo

Fact File

Built: 1981-1989.

Engine: 1996cc.

Top speed: 132 mph.

Price when new: GB £23,795.00.

Number produced: Unknown.

Why is it so bad? - Dreadful reliability.

"Italy's answer to the BMW 3 series was heavy on flash features but lacking a little in the quality control department. Yes, it had fine Italian leather and woodwork by Missoni and even - ye gods - a dashboard-mounted carriage clock, but garages were the winners with this line, as the electrical equipment and minor components began to disintergrate even as proud new owners were driving their purchases off the forecourt."

From Maserati in Modena


Elegant and comfortable sportswear, luxury items and motoring memorabilia: these are the new, exclusive products from the Maserati Collection that the Trident company will unveil at the Bologna Motorshow from December 7th to the 17th.

The new collection is divided into six lines: Pure, Executive, Leisure, Gift, Passion and MC.

The Pure Line includes T-Shirts with the unmistakeable Maserati grille, jackets, gilets, sweatshirts, polo shirts, pullovers, scarves, elegant ties and leather driving gloves.

Frequent travellers can find anything they need among the items in the Executive range: from travel bags, to elegant briefcases. Also in this range are pens, wallets and exclusive cufflinks in silver with carbon-fibre details.

Maserati has also thought about relaxing moments, creating the Leisure line, which features bathrobes, bathing-suits with matching beach towels, as well as shopping bags.

Within the Gift range one can find anything for the perfect present. They include aluminium dice, pencils, paperweights, as well as a set of coffee and tea cups.

The Passion collection is where Maserati scale models of the current range, as well as classic cars from the past, can be found. Radio-controlled vehicles, like the racing version of the MC12, are also part of this range. Coffee-table books and posters are also available.

And last but not least the MC (Maserati Corse) range, with the sportier look. Here one can find sweaters, keyrings, sweatshirts and bags that relive the emotion of racetracks around the world. Since its establishment, competition has been part of the Trident’s DNA. Maserati’s successful comeback to international motor-racing culminated this year with several triumphs for the MC12s in the FIA GT, which allowed drivers Andrea Bertolini and Michael Bartels to conquer the Drivers’ Championship title.

All the products from the Maserati Collection are available through the Maserati dealer network and soon on a specially designed e-commerce site. For further information, please visit

To locate your nearest UK dealer please log onto or call 0800 0646468.


Silver cufflinks with carbon fibre details
From the EXECUTIVE range (Price GB £70.00p)

Aluminium Trident Dice with numbers in blue enamel
From the GIFT range (Price GB £33.00p)

“Exclusive” long sleeve polo shirt
From the PURE range (Price GB £65.00p)

1:18 scale radio controlled Maserati MC12 by Nikko
From the PASSION range (Price GB £48.00p)

Shoulder Bag from the MC range by Alcantara
Blue with red MC logo and piping (Price GB £105.00p)

Golf towel from the LEISURE range
100% cotton with metal hook (Price GB £18.00p)
From Andy in Japan

"Hi Enrico,

Attached are a few more photos of Maserati I've spotted during my travels around Tokyo. Whilst Japan drives on the left as in the UK, virtually all prestige cars are sold as left-hand drive. I'm told that owning a LHD car adds to the driver's status by signifying that the car is an import!

Interestingly, white is considered the most prestigious colour for cars; I've never before seen so many white Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche etc.

The 4200 Coupe (Boleh Japan plate) is a 2004 model with 13,000kms and it is currently for sale at the equivalent of 39,500 pounds. Secondhand values are I think generally higher than in the UK; I've yet to find a 3200GT advertised for less than 23,000 pounds...although most tend to be low mileage.

222SR seemed to be priced from 5,000 pounds and up. The white example I photographed doesn't seem to have moved for some time and is looking a little tired. But with the Japanese climate kinder to cars than that of the UK there are no signs of serious rust - its definitlely not beyond saving....just needs some tender loving care....

Kind regards,



Maserati Quattroporte

Maserati Biturbo Spyder

Maserati Coupé

Maserati Quattroporte

Maserati Coupé

Maserati GranSport

Maserati 222 SR

Maserati 222 SR
From Jacques in France

"Bonjour à tous,

Cayé ! mon auto est peinte !

Maintenant la voiture doit descendre à Modène pour se faire une beauté intérieure sous forme de cuir vert et moquettes beige. Et se faire ajuster la voilette noire de la capote. Prochains clichés ? L'année prochaine...

@ vos chocolats

@mitiés à tous



"Hello Everyone,

Cayé ! My car is painted !

Now the car will be taken to Modena, where a beautiful interior of green leather and beige carpets will be made and fitted. And then to fit the black mohair hood. The next bulletin? Next year...

@ vos chocolats

Best wishes to you all,







From Mark in the US

"I have the Indy America brochure and the later, 1972 or so brown car, Ghibli SS brochure.

Here are the pics of the brochures. Indy America and Ghibli SS. I am afraid I do not own one of these automobiles. I have yet to see a COLOR earlier style Indy brochure in person or offered for sale, only B/W.



Front cover
Maserati Indy America brochure

Back cover

Technical specification (It-GB-F-D)

The brochure opens up into a three page centrefold spread
Maserati Ghibli SS brochure

Front cover

Three page centrefold spread

Reverse side

Back cover
From John in Australia

"Hi Enrico,

I am wanting the email address of Ermanno Cozza whom I understand is Maserati's official archivist as I am wanting some more information on my 1964 Maserati Quattroporte Series 1a which I have owned for the past 12 years.

I am about to commence a full scale restoration of the car and any information I can glean would be helpful with the process.

The car's chassis and engine number is AM 107*022*, and I believe it was manufactured in 1964 as RHD.It has the De Dion rear end, and the motors heads were cast with provision for 2 spark plugs per cylinder something I understand is very rare!

I have owned the car since 1992, and purchased it in Melbourne, Australia. From what I can gather the car was probably delivered to Australia new sometime in 1964 or 1965, and has a sticker on the rear window saying that it was sold and serviced by Talbot Motors in Melbourne.

I would appreciate any help that you may be able to give me.



"Hi John,

Maserati Quattroporte #AM107*022*.

Right-hand drive was delivered to the concessionaire in England in November 1964.

Colour: Amaranto.

Interior: Black leather.

Any chance of some photos of your Quattroporte, please?




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