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Trident on the hub of a 1992 Barchetta
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!

From Enrico in the UK

With Christmas fast approaching, have you checked out the merchandise available online at the official Maserati Store?

You'll be surprised how reasonably priced some of the gifts are. It's well worth a look at

I'm sure the children would love a remote controlled Maserati MC12, or even a remote controlled Quattroporte at only EURO 90 plus postage; its headlights come on when moving forward!! I saw the daughter of the owner of a Quattroporte I playing with one of these at SpaItalia this year and it attracted a lot of attention from the other Maseratisti present.


A remote controlled Maserati Quattroporte at SpaItalia

I'm a big boy now, but even I have treated myself to an MC12, at EURO 70 plus postage it was a snip!!

Most Extreme Maserati to Wear Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT

It is considered the most extreme Maserati of all time – with 755 horsepower under the bonnet and a maximum speed of 202 mph – and it is designed exclusively for the racetrack.

Now, Hubert Haupt, entrepreneur and former driver in Germany’s Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters racing series, has become the first driver to put a Maserati MC12 'Versione Corse' through its paces on a regular street.

Haupt drove the MC12 on a series of test laps on Italy’s Adria race circuit, and later secured the first-ever approval to drive the car on public roads. Taking charge of this level of power and race technology out amongst other drivers is no small responsibility, so Haupt selected tyres he was confident would handle his MC12 well – the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT, in dimensions of 315/30 ZR 19 on the front, and 325/35ZR19 (106Y) XL on the rear.

As for his decision to buy the first of the only 12 of the 1.2-million-euro supercars that will ever be made, car aficionado Haupt explains: "Having the ‘number one’ is something very special. You can hardly refuse an offer like this. The MC12 is absolutely a super sports car." Haupt is no stranger to Dunlop products either – the tyremaker is exclusive tyre supplier to the DTM series.

Dieter Seibert, who is responsible for marketing, motor sports, and tuning at Dunlop Germany, commented "this vehicle represents pure fascination. With the utmost in driving enjoyment and extravagant driving performance in the field of motor sports, we are naturally on the scene with the brand Dunlop and our products. Our current motto, ‘In Touch with the Road,’ could hardly be depicted more concretely, because what is required here is the highest level and greatest possible sportiness in connection with safety."

Last year, the MC12 Competizione brought Maserati the brand and driver world championship titles in the FIA GT long-distance series. The racing version used in the series, boasting 630 bhp, had to undergo drastic power restrictions due to the racing regulations. The current 'Versione Corse', with its 755 bhp, accelerates to 200 Km/h in 6.4 seconds. The driver has a six-gear Cambiocorsa gearshift similar to those used in racing at his fingertips, and most of the aerodynamic parts also come from the racing version.

From Ian in the UK


I thought you might like a couple of pics I took at the Sydney Motor Show this year.



The Maserati GranTurismo

The Maserati Quattroporte
Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S

The new Quattroporte Sport GT S was launched in a world premiere at the Frankfurt Motorshow in September 2007.

The car is the ultimate sporting expression of Maserati's flagship model.

Developed for those looking for an even sportier ride from a luxury berlina, the Quattroporte Sport GT S, equipped with an automatic 6-speed gearbox, stands out for its exceptional dynamic response and precise handling.

This result was obtained with the introduction of a single-calibration suspension system and a racing set up. The ride was stiffened by fitting new springs and dampers and by lowering the front end by 10mm and the rear by 25mm.

The Quattroporte Sport GT S boasts a unique braking system developed in collaboration with Brembo. This innovative technology uses composite cross-drilled discs, the first time such a set up has been employed on a road car.

Unlike traditional cast iron discs, composite cross-drilled discs are constructed from two materials, cast iron and aluminium. This optimises braking, improving performance in the most extreme conditions and providing greater resistance to fade even at the highest temperatures. The braking system on the Quattroporte Sport GT S employs new single-piece, six-piston callipers in the front and has tyres developed especially for this car (front 245/35-R20 and rear 295/30-R20). These larger tyres provide improved traction while the new tyre compound works with the brakes and suspension set-up to assure even better handling and a more involving drive.

The exterior of the Quattroporte Sport GT S has a distinctive and assertive look. The black chrome mesh grille is an element that distinguishes this sporting version of the Maserati Quattroporte. This design cue is echoed by the black coloured window frames and twin exhaust pipes and by the body coloured door handles.

The Quattroporte Sport GT S is fitted with eye-catching Dark Chrome 20", seven-spoked alloy wheels.

Even the choice of material for the interior of the Quattroporte Sport GT S reflects the car's dynamic character. Traditional Poltrona Frau leather has been combined with the Alcantara that covers the centre of the seats, door panels and the boss of the steering wheel. Maserati has previously used Alcantara for the interior of the competition versions of the Trofeo and the MC12.

The instrument panel is in carbon fibre with a new aluminium weave design. In the rear, comfort levels have been improved with the new, more body-hugging seats.


The Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S - speed in a different class!









Text and photos courtesy and copyright of Maserati

From Gert in Belgium

Gert has very kindly sent me these three photos taken at Zolder in Belgium during the recent FIA GT race meeting.


The Vitaphone Racing pit wall crew

The Vitaphone pit crew in action during a change of drivers

The Vitaphone Racing pit crew

The Vitaphone Racing pit crew

A Maserati Quattroporte in the paddock area.

You can learn more about the successes of the Maserati MC12s raced by Vitaphone Racing, Playtime SaraFree and JMB Racing on the Maserati Club Uk website at

CLICK on 'events', and then CLICK on 'motorsport'.

From Bonhams in the UK
Important Collectors' Motor Cars, Collectors' Motorcycyles and Fine Automobilia

3rd December 2007
Olympia, London

Lot No: 508 - A 1956 Maserati L125T2 motorcycle
Frame no. A6024

Estimate: GB £5,000 - £7,000

Contrary to popular belief, Maserati motorcycles were not manufactured at the eponymous car-maker’s Modena factory, but by another subsidiary of the Orsi Group parent company - Fabbrica Candele e Accumulatori Maserati (FCAM) - that manufactured spark plugs and other automotive electrical components. Demand for two-wheeled transportation was booming in post-WW2 Italy, a state of affairs that FCAM decided to exploit by purchasing Italmoto, a small independent manufacturer in Bologna, in 1953.

Production was transferred to FCAM’s factory in Modena and the company reconstituted as Maserati Candele, Accumulatori e Moto, producing Italmoto’s existing designs initially before a range of new Maserati-designed models came on stream.

Motorcycles soon became MCAM’s most important products, but nevertheless became casualties of the Orsi Group’s financial meltdown at the end of the 1950s, MCAM being placed in liquidation in 1960. This Maserati ‘125’ was sold new in Italy in 1956 and imported into Germany by the current owner in the 1990s. Described by the vendor as 100% original and unrestored, the machine is offered with all of its original documentation including Italian and German registration papers.

Text and photo - Copyright © 2002-2007 Bonhams 1793 Ltd.

From Erik in Norway

"Hi Enrico!!

How are you? Still going very strong for all Maserati-enthusiasts in the world... GREAT!! What would life be without you?

Attached is a link to a video of a recent introduction of the GranTurismo to the Norwegian people. It was organized by Autostrada, the No 1 dealer for Italian luxury cars and covered by DN, the leading Norwegian business newspaper. It is in Norwegian language, but I am sure you and many others will enjoy the looks and the sound of this brilliant car, which to me looks much like the Ghibli of the nineties (my favourite Maserati...).

Autostrada is a friendly minded showroom which has gained a great enthusiasm for Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo over the last years here in Oslo. They are working hard to get an official dealership for next year, which I hope they will get. They deserve it very much!!

We have been without an official representative for Maserati for over 10 years. I hope you will post the link on your "Enthusiast Pages" to let people see this great evening in Oslo where half of our club members attended. There was free champagne and delicious Italian food for what to me looked like at least two hundred visitors.

Also around 19 Maseratis of all types showed up. Two Ghibli Series I, Meraks, 3200 GTs, Biturbos, Ghiblis etc. all driven by proud owners with car wax still under their hand nails! It made life as a Maseratisti so much more fun and exciting.

Please follow this link:

All the very very best,


From Erich in Germany

Barchetta #THB CMM LAC

Bei der Barchetta THB CMM LAC handelt es sich um eine der drei originalen Werkswagen, die fur den Barchetta Grantrofeo Markencup 1992 aufgebaut wurden ist.

Das Fahrzeug wurde nur einmal in Monza, am 27 Juni 1993 unter dem Fahrer Giogio Farina eingesetzt.

Anschliegend diente das Fahrzeug als Stradale Versuchsversion unter Ingenieur Gamberini.

Nach einem bei Testfahrten verursachten Unfall sollte "LAC" vom italienischen Astra Racing Team wieder aufgebaut wurden, was jedoch nicht realisiert wurde.

Das Fahrzeug wurde dann im Jahr 2001 von Ned Daniele aus Concordia - MO ubernommen.

Im Juli 2002 habe ich dann das Fahrzeug von Herm Daniele gekauft. Nach einem dokumentierten Neuaufbau befindet sich das Fahrzeug wieder im damaligen originalen Rennzustand mit der NR.18.

Folgende Arbeiten wurden hierbei durchgeführt, wobei sämtliche Teile die erneuert wurden aus dem Restbestand von Maserati stammen and Neuteile waren:

Das komplette Fahrwerk (Dämpfer, Federn, Gelenke) and Bremsanlage wurden erneuert.

Der Motor wurde mit neuen originalen Teilen wieder aufgebaut, and ein neues Getriebe eingebaut.

Um eventuell auf der Straße zu Fahren wurden in der vorderen Haube Xeon Scheinwerfer montiert. Diese sind nicht sichtbar wenn die gelben Aufkleber am Fahrzeug sind.


Barchetta #THB CMM LAC

Maserati Barchetta, #THB CMM LAC, was one of the three original works cars, which were developed for the Barchetta 1992 Grantrofeo Monomarque race series.

The vehicle was raced only once, at Monza on the 27th June 1993, driven by Giorgio Farina.

Subsequently the car was used to develop a road-going version, the 'Stradale', under Ing. Gamberini.

During one of these test drives, "LAC" was involved in a serious accident, following which the car was assigned to the Italian Astra Racing team for repair. However this project was abandoned.

In 2001, the car was acquired by Daniele Neri of Concordia - MO.

In July 2002, I bought the vehicle from Sig. Neri.

Following a fully documented reconstruction, “LAC” is once again in its original race condition, complete with its original No 18.

The following work has been carried out with many parts replaced with new-old-stock Maserati parts or new parts:

The complete chassis (shock absorbers, springs, joints) and braking system were renewed.

The engine has been rebuilt with new original parts, and a new gearbox fitted.

For on-the-road driving, Xenon headlights have been installed in the front bonnet, these are not visible when the yellow stickers are applied to the car.















Glasurit On-line Colour Guide


I have just been informed by Peter of an excellent web site with information on paint colours, traditional and modern.

Check out

Just type in the Salchi code (e.g. 106G30 - verde pino metallizatto), click on "Suchen" and check out the colour!

Great stuff!

From Mac in Canada

1986 Biturbo 425

"Hi Enrico...

I have owned this car for about 3 weeks, and as the season gets colder, a couple little problems have cropped up.

Engine temperature, by the gauge, now never seems to get any hotter than about 70°C...

First week of owning it, when the ambient temperatures were in the 18°C range, it did warm up to about 90°C.

I changed the thermostat, with little or no change.

It is running very rich, judging by the tailpipes, and I am going thru a lot of gas.

With my head under the bonnet on a cold morning, when I pull on the throttle, I can hear the choke set up with a couple clicks, but I wonder if it does open completely after the engine warms up.

Previous owner said he had the carburettor rebuilt recently, so I don't suspect it, nor have I lifted the manifold to have a look.

I am wondering what other sensor(s) might be controlling the mixture. The car did stall when decellerating, but a wee adjustment of idle seems to have fixed that, though I think idle speed is a tad high now.

Thanks for the terrific opportunity for great advice! For those who live in northern Canada and have questionable intelligence when buying slightly exotic cars (at least here Masers are), you are a godsend.



"Hi Mac,

I must assume that you use the choke when starting from cold.

Assuming this, have you checked the choke cable ? Have you inadvertently bent the solid wire inside that cable and your choke is not disengaging completely ?

Biturbos produced for the North American market had far more stringent emmissions controls than those that we are used to seeing here in Europe. Could you send me some detailed photos of your engine compartment so that I can get some idea of what we are dealing with here?




The 2.5-litre engine of the Biturbo 425






Thanks for your time.

Part of my problem is I am 250km from nearest mechanic who knows Maseratis, and I am hoping that there is something fairly simple that I can do before I invest in the trip and it's associated logistics...winter comes soon, and I will not drive this car with salt on the roads.

If I can solve the huge gas usage, 8mpg or about 18 litres/100km, I will be happy for now. This huge usage came on fairly quickly, coinciding with a change in our weather here to much colder temps. I too suspect a choke issue (this one seems to be an auto choke as it clicks to set when I pull on throttle linkage...there is no manual cable to the cabin)....

The other factor is the last car I worked on myself was a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle. This thing is a little different!

ThanKs again,



The carburettor with the plenum chamber cover removed

There's the carb...

The choke is free, not binding on anything, wide open when I opened it up, good and warmed up.

Maybe we move on to timing..........."






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