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Grille trident on a 1954 Maserati Tipo 250F
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News on the new Quattroporte from Quattroruote magazine

Berline - Maserati "Quattroporte"

In vendita dalla primavera del 2004, quest'ammiraglia da 270 all'ora, spinta da un V8 di 4.2 litri da 294 kW-400 CV, abbinato alla trazione posteriore e al cambio elettroattuato, costa 103.600 euro.

Due on sale from the Spring 2004, this 270 kph flagship, powered by a 400 bhp 4.2-litre V8, has rear-wheel drive, an electronic gearbox and costs €103.600.

From Marco in The Netherlands

"Dear Maserasisti,

Look what I have found on the web! This is where it's all about.

I have spoken Mr. Monty and he told me that he sold the car to a gentleman from Belgium. Now I would like to know who the new owner is, so if anybody has any information as to its whereabouts, plaese let me know!





One-off hand built aluminium-bodied special built on a shortened Mexico chassis, with all Maserati drivetrain. Rebuilt 4.2 litre V-8 and 5 speed ZF transmission. This beautiful car has covered 11,000 miles since completion five years ago and is a well sorted daily driver.


Built by Monty McGale to showcase his skill as a designer and fabricator, this Ďspecialí required two years of full time work to complete. This is not a boulevard cruiser or trailer queen, it was built to be driven with gusto. Reminiscent of the sports racers of the fifties, this is a bare bones, no frills, true sports car. Lightweight, robust, elegant construction and a powerful V-8 combine to make this unique vehicle a joy to drive. Handling is very nimble and remarkably neutral when pushed hard. The all-aluminium engine with four dual throat down draft Webers and free flowing exhaust is remarkably quiet when idling around town, but as soon as you squeeze down the right pedal those eight open throats let out a roar that keeps your hair on end through five gears! (I havenít been brave enough to drive the car as fast as it will go. At speeds over 150 mph, it starts to feel a little light; there are still a few hundred RPM left in her, but I ainít gonna see 'em).


Iíve taken the car on a number of long trips over the Rockies of Western Canada and it is very comfortable. Thereís room for three sports bags of luggage in the back. A tank of gas will give 400 miles of highway driving, at 26 miles to the imperial gallon. Around town driving gives about 17 MPG.

The engine has been updated with Jacobs Computerized Electronic Ignition and starts easily from cold or hot. When cold the carburettors spit back for a minute or two until awake. Coolant is upgraded to pure propalene glycol (Evans) and as such runs without pressure in the system, allowing the usually puke prone Maserati water pump to be limited to the occasional dribble. Valve covers sweat a little oil, as does the front of the engine, nothing too extraordinary for a four cam alloy engine.


The all aluminium body was hand made by myself using the traditional craftsman methods of panel beating. Itís composed of some thirty-three pieces of aluminium, hand beaten over a leather bag of leadshot and carefully gas welded together, then wrapped around a light tube frame to give it strength. This was the way Touring of Italy made their Superleggera bodies. The nose and tail sections are large pieces that tilt up from the chassis making access to the engine and trunk area quite easy. I canít decide which is more dramatic, the body open or closed.

The Borrani knock off wheels were rebuilt by Cork Adams in California and have the stainless steel spokes instead of the chrome ones. Michelin ĎMXV4í tires are on the six and a half inch wide wheels.

The custom made baffled aluminium gas tank in the trunk area holds about twenty American gallons. There are twin Carter electric fuel pumps underneath the tank that are wired into separate toggles on the dash so that you can operate one or the other.

Near the tank in the rear of the car is a separate alloy trunkette that will hold about a sports bag of goods. There is more storage capacity near the rear-mounted battery as well.


The electric system is custom made and features mini sub-circuits that separate with quick disconnectors. This is for easy isolation of a problem, should one occur. These circuits run through automatically resetting circuit breakers instead of fuses. There are three cooling fans on the radiator and are operated manually with toggle switches on the dash.

When the engine is up to temperature I simply turn on one cooling fan or all three depending on conditions. For safety Iíve mounted a dummy key ignition switch into the dash with wires leading off the back that go into the harness and terminate. This is to confuse the enemy. The real master electric switch is under the dash. When activated in conjunction with a toggle switch and a starter button is pushed, this brings the engine to life. For further security the steering wheel is easily removed by un-doing a set screw that fastens it to the column. The wheel is a beautiful wood rimmed three spoke Nardi from a sixties Ferrari.

Inside the cockpit, which you step into, one is surrounded by aluminum. Transmission tunnel, floors, sides, back, foot wells, etc. The car runs very cool. Even on the hottest of days you can place your hand on the front of the transmission tunnel and itís pleasantly warm. The alloy panels do a marvelous job of whisking heat away. Dash gauges are all from the donor car and have Italian script on the Smithís units. Central to the cockpit is the handmade alloy gated shifter for the five speed.


Seats are leather clad, non-adjustable units with three inch lap belts. Two windscreens shield driver and passenger from the elements and are quite effective even in heavy rain; as long as youíre moving! There is no top for the cockpit, nor tonneau; like a motor bike, youíre in the elements. Iíve installed a connection near the driverís seat and on chilly morning drives I plug in my electric vest. This keeps a fellow toasty, that and a vintage helmet to cover the ears and a pleasant spirited drive can happen while lesser mortals and cops are still snoozing.

A bank of toggles on the dash operate everything from ignition, cooling fans, fuel pumps, alternator, running lights, headlights and even a brake light cancel feature for those pursuit situations when you donít want to give away too much information.

A great power to weight ratio makes acceleration quite brisk and the large four disk brakes haul it down equally quick. All controls are manual; brakes, steering, signals and electric system. This makes for an extremely simple car to maintain. The Weber carbs donít like to dry out, so even if the weather is too extreme I always start the car every two weeks and let it come up to full temperature. Thereís an inline electric block heater that I plug in on cold mornings to bring it up to temperature before starting.


Being made of aluminium, the body is quite light and can be easily removed from the chassis in a matter of minutes. Itís painted a very right dark red that Iíve named ďRenaissance RedĒ. The beauty of the car lies in the fact that the lines flow smoothly from front to rear without being broken up by doors, hood, trunk, separate fenders or add on trim, coupled with the equal overhang front and rear, a balanced look is realized. The proportions of the body were taken from an ideal female torso, smoothly shaped into an appealing format, the results are spectacular. A show stopper wherever itís seen. The comments from both men and women can be very sexually graphic. Even the functional side vents, patterned after Maseratiís Trident garner much praise. The attention the vehicle draws can be a pain and a blessing. People always ask many questions. Open the nose and expose the imposing red engine and youíre entertaining a crowd.

What is it? How fast will it go? Whatís it worth? These are the three most commonly asked questions and usually in that order. The front of the car displays the three pronged trident that symbolizes this beast is power by Maserati. Built in the essence of Maseratiís sports racers of the fifties, this effort of mine captures that spirit of handmade lightweight specials.

All of Maseratiís handbuilt cars were built by skilled contract coach builders. People and firms like; Fantuzzi, Viguale, Frua, Ghia, etc. I hope to do my part by building a few more one off specials that combine wonderful looks and superb performance. As a one man operation it grieves me to part with my firstborn, however in order to partially finance the next special I must sell the Maserati.

Fifty-nine thousand U.S. dollars is the asking price and represents a fraction of the time and effort involved. If you are the type that needs a vehicle that is blessed by the Pope and factory then this is not the one for you. Should you desire a vehicle as unique as your tastes, thatís well sorted out, that is a joy to drive and will thrill the be-Jesus out of you, then this just may be the one.



-  1966 Maserati Mexico Special 2 passenger roadster
-  One-off hand made aluminium body
-  Shortened Mexico chassis to 90 wheelbase
-  All Maserati drivetrain
-  4.2 litre cam alloy V-8
-  4 dual throat 38 mm downdraft Weber carbs
-  Jacobs electronic ignition
-  Evans pure propylene glycol coolant
-  Lowered suspension 5-inch ground clearance
-  15 X 6.5 Borrani knock-off wheels, Michelin MXV 205 X 70R
-  5 speed Z-F gear box
-  Salsbury live axle 3.54 ratio
-  20 U.S. gal fuel tank (baffled, alloy) in line filters
-  H.D. rear mounted battery 660 C.C.A.
-  Triple electric manual radiator fans
-  Dual electric Carter fuel pumps on separate circuits, 2lb pressure regulator
-  Four wheel disc brakes
-  Three-pot calipers, Girling
-  Dot 4 brake fluid
-  Hydraulic clutch
-  Smiths gauges, Italian script
-  86,600 km, 18 k since restoration, fabrication
-  26 MPG (imperial gallon) highway
-  15-17 MPG city
-  Range per tank 400-500 miles highway travel
-  Left foot steady pedal
-  Foot operated dimmer switch - Twin mini wind screens
-  Three inch lap belts
-  Quick disconnect wiring harness
-  Circuit breaker panel
- Manual toggle switches for ignition, fuel pumps, cooling fans, running lights, headlights,    alternator exciter
-  Cancel brake light toggle switch
-  Starter button, horn button
-  Quick release, Nardi three spoke steering wheel
-  Overall length 16 feet - width 5 feet - height 3 feet (plus six inches more for windscreen)
-  Manual steering, brakes, signals, engine controls
-  Weight approximately 2000 lbs.
-  Approximate luggage capacity, three sport bags and one passenger
-  Dual side exhaust with tubular headers, free flow mufflers and Ansa chrome tip resonators
-  Front suspension, parallel A-arms, coil spring, tube shocks, sway bar, steering box
-  Rear leaf springs, live Salsbury axle with trailing rod and anti-roll bar
-  Tyre pressure, in town, 17 psi
-  Tyre pressure, spirited driving 28 psi
-  260 bhp
-  Oil capacity 7 litres
-  Coolant capacity 12 litres
-  In coolant line 120v block heater
-  Rear mounted H.D. battery 660 C.C.A.
-  Jahns pistons & rings
-  Heavy duty tube space frame
- No sound system, no A.C., no roll up windows, no doors, no roof, no tonneau cover, no    disappointments!



1966 Maserati aluminium bodied one-off special. Serial number AM 112126. Shortened and strengthened Mexico chassis with rebuilt 4.2 litre V-8. Street legal two passenger roadster. Two years of full time work was required to build this special using a Maserati Mexico donor car. All components rebuilt, restored or replaced. Runs and drives extremely well. Complete in 1996, has covered 11,000 miles. This car was built by Monty McGale of Vancouver, Canada, utilizing traditional techniques of coach building and is quite spectacular. Offered for your consideration at $59,000 US dollars OBO.

A full description, detailed technical information and photographic display is available. Please call Pager # (604) 473-1211 for an immediate response, or E-mail inquiries to Monty. Inquiries by mail to Bandini Metal Works, 4060 Albert Street, Burnaby, B.C. V5C 2E3.

From Gert in Belgium

Enrico ... a bit more info about the Mexico Special which is on your site! It was sold by Mecanic Import in Belgium

More info about the car which I received from Maserati Classico Belgio (Julien Appels) ...

The car is a own creation of a Canadian (Monty McGale) on a Mexico chassis. He believes it was made in the 90's. The car was offered for sale at Mecanic Import in Sint-Truiden for 100.000 euros (it is sold for the moment). the car was on display at a autoshow in Brussels in 2001 (I think Brussels Retro Festival, because at the time there was a celebration of Maserati 75).

Mecanic Import
Engelbamp 31
3800 Sint-Truiden
T +32 (0)11 695844
F +32 (0)11 686856

From Mecanic Import in Belgium

In reply to my e-mail:

"Dear Sir,

I have a web site dedicated to Maserati enthusiasts at

I would like to reproduce the text and photos of the Mexico Special on my site. I will of course give Mechanic Import full accreditation and add a hyperlink to your web page at

Your faithfully,


I received the following reply:


"You can do it with pleasure.

Best regards, Biolley."

Mecanic Import
Engelbamp 31
3800 Sint-Truiden
T +32 (0)11 695844
F +32 (0)11 686856


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