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Grille trident on a 1954 Maserati Tipo 250F
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Tom in the USA


I spotted this Ghibli (well at the time I didn't know what it was) in a parking garage in New York City, USA.

After snapping a picture of it so that I could do some investigating work, I found your webpage and thought I would forward the pic to you.

The car has been there for months in the same spot with quite a bit of dust buildup. Considering the location they chose to park it - behind a column and normally surrounded by two other vehicles, it is doubtful it gets out much. I was lucky that on this day when I passed it, the second car normally blocking the side view was missing.

Well I enjoyed the hunt to find out more about the car. You have a nice webpage with great info. Let me know if you found this Ghibli interesting.



From Gert in Belgium

Gert visited the Essen Motor Show yesterday and has kindly sent me these photos of the Maseratis on display.

Thank you Gert!


Vignale and Giugiaro, after two generations Maserati are still producing elegant sporting 'spyders'.


This Maserati Coupe, seen on the AZEV stand, sports only half a set of their smart alloy wheels. Are they that expensive?


The Maserati Tipo 61 'Birdcage'. Judging by its unique tail-end treatment, I think it is #2457, the ex-Dave Causey car.


The Maserati 320S Concept car by Giugiaro which, unfortunately, never reached production stage.

From Frédéric in France

"I just finished my cam covers on my 1991 Racing. After a sand blasting exercise, the covers have been powder coated and baked.

Here is the result.


The engine should be reassembled in December!



Courtesy of Maserati

2004 Trofeo Light

Latest update on the technical specification of the exciting Maserati Trofeo 'Light'.
Coys Traditional Christmas Auction


To be held on Thursday 4th December 2003
at The Royal Horticultural Halls, London.

Three interesting lots for the Maserati enthusiast are up for auction at COYS forthcoming sale of 'British & Continental Sports and Touring Cars, Engineered Toys & Models, Steam, Formula 1 & Racing Automobilia and Victorian Cycles'.

Lot 309

Javan Smith - The Fangio Maserati 250F

Estimate: 1,000-1,500


A scratch built 1:8th scale resin and alloy bodied model of the 1957 Fangio Monaco Grand Prix winning Maserati 250F. Set in a perspex case with wrap around windscreen, moulded seat and full cockpit controls. The model comes with fatigued exhaust, polished aluminium filler cap and alloy bonnet catches. Note the fine detail to the drum brakes and solid rubber tyres around painted spoked wheels.

Lot 405

Maserati - The 2002 3200 GT pulling a trailer with a 1957 450 S Mille Miglia.

Estimate: 120-190

A one off white metal, alloy and cast metal bodied diorama display set within a perspex case. The models are in the classic red liveries, with full cockpit detailing, faux alloy wheels to the 3200 GT, etched spoked wheels to the 450 S and aluminium work to the cockpit.

Lot 708

A 1971 Maserati Indy

Registration no: VGM 700K

Chassis no: 116421082

Estimate: 11,000-14,000


During the 1960s Maserati gradually gave up on the idea of motor racing and turned more to road cars. Although they harked back to the marque's days of glory on the race tracks, nowhere is this dichotomy better illustrated than in Maserati's V8 cars of this period.

By 1968 it was felt that the road car designs were rather plain so shortly after the exotic Ghibli, the Indy was introduced, a striking gran turismo with four seater coachwork by Vignale. With servo-assisted disc brakes on all four wheels, monocoque construction, a 260bhp quad cam V8 engine and five speed gearbox this was a thoroughly modern and potent motor car, capable of a claimed maximum speed of over 150mph.

Like most Gran Turismo cars of this age an auto gearbox was also an option, and it is just such an example that we offer here. Built in 1971 this genuine right hand drive example was the subject of a documented body restoration in 1992, finished magnificently in red with tan interior it also has service invoices for work undertaken going back to the mid 1980's and is offered with a current MoT until April 2004.

A fine piece of Italian exotica, in recent times these great GT cars have represented fantastic value for money considering their style and performance compared to equivalent Ferrari's, an undervalued classic surely destined for future value increase.


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