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Grille trident on a Maserati Tipo 250F
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News from Enrico


Have you visited the Maserati Club web site at recently? Well, if you haven't, then you really should!!

The Trident page contains some really interesting stories and the Regalia page useful gifts, books, clothing and manuals.

It's well worth a look!


From Geoff in the UK

"Hi Enrico,

I was watching an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on TV last week and thought you might be interested in this snippet of the dialogue.

The detective investigating a murder case, having found a receipt for car hire, visits the car showroom concerned.

She asks the saleman: "Where is the car?"

The salesman replies: "Madam, it's not just a car, it's a Maserati!"


From Juan José in France

"Ciao Enrico,

Here are some photos of my Biturbo Coupé

Juan José."

News from a Maserati enthusiast

"Filmed at Maranello beginning of November."



News from Maserati

"Dear Maseratisti,

Maserati has had plenty to celebrate this year: its 90th anniversary, its victorious return to racing and the launch of four new models. It is fitting, then, that 2004 ends on a high note - the MC12 and Quattroporte have won the prestigious BBC Top Gear Magazine Awards 2005 for 'Best Dream Car’ and 'Best Limousine’ respectively in the UK.

The House of the Trident’s racing season has now drawn to a close. The two MC12s fielded by AF Corse scored a glorious one-two in the last round of the FIA GT championship run at the Zhuhai circuit in China in November. Closer to home, Andrea Palma was crowned champion of the 2004 Trofeo Vodafone Maserati Europa at the action-packed Ferrari Maserati World Finals weekend in Monza in October. Next year’s one-make series will star a new vehicle, the Trofeo GranSport, which is derived from the road-going GranSport. The mighty sportscar made its debut in a special race at the Bologna Motor Show earlier in the month.

In other news, prestigious auction house, Sotheby’s, will hold a sale in Maranello that includes Maseratis and related memorabilia. One of the Trident-bearing cars going under the hammer will be the MC12 that won the 2004 FIA GT Championship at Oschersleben in Germany (the first victory for Maserati in 37 years) and Zhuhai."


DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE OFFICIAL MASERATI WEB SITE AT You'll find all the latest news about the world of Maserati plus some stunning photographs!!

From Claudio in Italy

"Hi Enrico,

On Saturday 11 December, I visited the Maserati stand at the 29th Bologna Motor Show with others BCI friends (Rossano, Antonio Scarpetta, Roberto and Massimo Tudini).

Very nice stand!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank these two young ladies, Pamela Guarnieri for her kind invitation and Francesca Mannelli for her kindness during our visit to the stand.

I hope to see you soon.

Claudio Ivaldi."

Thank you Claudio, and I believe congratulations are in order on your becoming President of the Biturbo Club Italia.

From Mike Höfer in Italy

"Dear Enrico,

This is just to let you know that Maserati Driver Daniele Bossi has won the 2004 Trofeo Moving History series with his Merak SS and Ghibli. Bossi, a dentist from Bergamo, is champion for the second year running and has already secured his title with one race to go, the grand Final in Maranello held on October 16th.

He started the season with three wins in succession, conquering with great aplomb the 'Garda', 'San Giuseppe' and the very challenging 'Terre di Romagna', then a second place in the' Gran Premio di Sassuolo' and second again, to his archrival and only real challenger, Massimo Panari in his A-112 Abarth who also was first ahead of Bossi at the Spectacular 'Modena-Abetone Hillclimb'.

The highlight of the season was the international event Vienna-Trieste, where Bossi managed 12th overall and was placed first again among the Moving History entrants. At the Gran Premio della Bilancia Bossi he was second behind the winning Lotus of Umberto Ferrari and in the final event he came a relaxed third overall, totalling 346.9 points.

Once again the Moving History Trophy was sponsored by 'One and Only Resorts' and Air Mauritius, the national Airline of Mauritius. The winner will enjoy a full week in Mauritius, flying by Air Mauritius to this paradise island in the Indian Ocean and spending his well deserved leisure time at the fabulous Sugar Beach Resort.

Isn't it nice to drive a Maserati!



From Alex in Switzerland

"Dear Enrico,

I hope you're doing well.

Here are some new pictures, unfortunately, we have very bad weather and lack of light in the workshop for me to send nice pictures.

We installed the fuel tanks and the engine started superbly after nearly 2 years stop! What a sound! Fantastic!

We are currently finishing the interior, this is the main subject of the pictures this time round.

We could save the leather as it needed some reconditioning only (no tears or cracks fortunately). Dash has been relacquered as well as steering wheel and gearshift knob.

Front of the car is complete except from the upper part of the nose which will be soon back from re-chroming.

There are just some details to sort out (some electric bugs) but the car is in final stage and will be ready soon.

Next things to do are the rear trunk and engine bay cleaning. Then a big mecanics servicing and that's about it! I'll keep on sending pictures as we progress with the car!

Have a nice week end,



ENRICO'S NOTE: Once again my deep appreciation to Alex of Bahman Cars in Switzerland for sharing these photos of the restoration of his Mexico.

"Alex, it's looking good! Can't wait to see the end result!!



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