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Grille trident on a Maserati Tipo 250F
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Joan Pujol in Spain

"Congratulations for your page. It's impressive!

I'm a fan (nascent) to the classic vehicles.

Recently, I've photographed a Maserati in the Autoretro 2004 (Barcelona). Consulting your page I think it can be a Tipo 60 or a Tipo 61 barchetta. What do you think?

Thank you very much!

Joan Pujol".


The chassis of a poor build quality replica

The chassis of a quality superior build quality recreation

"Hi Joan Pujol,

Thank you for your e-mail and the photographs.

The car shown is NOT a genuine Maserati Tipo 60 'Birdcage' but a replica of a rather poor build quality. The original chassis was a far more complex affair consisting of small diameter aluminium tubing (15mm and 20mm) and weighed a mere 30 kg.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,


From Alex in Switzerland

"Hello Enrico,

I attached early Mexico pictures. As you can see the car was not in such a good shape when we dismantled it...

Sure you may publish them no problem.

You remember I had two Biturbo ES ?

I sold one of them (red one) went to a Dutch enthusiast, and I regularly enjoy the other.

I'm not going to sell it unless a nice Alfa Montreal or Lotus Esprit S2 comes by."


"I had some pictures attached, would you like me to forward them to you?

Tomorrow, I'll send you more pictures of the Mexico in present condition (and also before restoration).

I'm totally in love with this car. It has always been among my favourites.

Way too undervalued in my opinion and overshadowed by other models.

I'm glad I could save it (but my bank account isn't so). I hope the result will be fine.

For now, some additional, including some useless Mexico pictures (July 04).

The car is seen back from its new Blue Ischia finish (original colour was that sad Marrone Colorado).

Notice rusted Borranis (they were sent to Borrani and they're just back).

After some investigations, we could clearly establish that the 15,000 km on the tacho are genuine. The car was originally sold in Geneva in 1970, then went to the second owner in around 1975. He occasionaly drove the car before encountering financial difficulties in the mid 90s. The car was then seized by his lawyer - who was not a classic car enthusiast - and left the car in his garden! Incredible but true, next to the Maserati was a large empty box! The car is shown in some pictures (that I have to scan) during the seizing: it was absolutely NEW before! The lawyer ruined it (well, he left it outside exposed to rain/snow/sun/heat/cold!) until we discovered and bought it in March 2003.

The bodywork had really suffered (the 1/2 lower part of the body had to be restored) as well as dashboard, and interior leather."


Alex's Mexico prior to the restoration


"Luckily the mechanics are absolutely flawless and the car drives like a dream! I'm really excited about hearing that 4.2-litre V8 again!

You must be told this very often, but I have to add that your work with this website is INCREDIBLE.

Simply Fantastic!


ENRICO'S NOTE: My deep appreciation to Alex of Bahman Cars in Switzerland for his kind words and sharing these photos with us.

The above photos serve as a reminder to prospective buyers of what you can expect when buying an unrestored car. Please remember, restoring any Maserati is never cheap!!

You can see the progress being made on the restoration of Alex's Mexico on Page 49.


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