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Grille trident on the Maserati Ghibli Cup
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Another trip to Modena

On a recent vist to Modena, I paid another visit to the Panini Museum. To read all about my latest trip, check out the Maserati Club web site at

From Giuseppe in Switzerland

"Dear Enrico,

Winter has come unexpectedly early this year and caught us by surprise when driving through the Swiss alps. It can be a lot of fun driving a 430 on the snow depending on the driver and it certainly is even more fun with summer tires...

One thing is for sure, the heating and defrost aggregate was designed in Italy by Italians on a hot summer day - and that is good so.

Anyway, as soon as we made it home fine we parked the 430 in the garage next to the Ghibli GT and already can't wait for next spring.


Classic Motor Show - 4/6 November 2005

A feast of Maseratis, Ferraris, Porsches, Jaguars and Lamborghinis will be on the road and on display at this year’s Classic Motor Show, the largest motor show of its kind in the UK.

The show runs from Friday 4th until Sunday 6th of November at the NEC, Birmingham with the promise of being the most spectacular Classic Motor Show to date.

The ultimate classic experience, the show has over a thousand classic cars on display covering half-a-million square feet as well as classic car dealers, car clubs and motoring merchandise. Whether you are a classic car enthusiast, a budding mechanic or simply out to find your dream car, every motoring need will be catered for.

The stunningly beautiful Maserati MC12 - Photo courtesy of BBC2's 'Top Gear'

The Maserati Club stand always promises something special and this year it will display the extremely rare and striking Maserati MC-12 ‘Stradale’. Considered the supercar of today, and definitely one of the great classics of the future, it will have its first public viewing in the UK courtesy of the Maserati Club UK. With only two MC-12’s in the UK and 25 made, visitors will have the opportunity to view this amazing car at close proximity. Valued at around £600,000, the MC-12 reaches a top speed of 205 mph, going from 0-62 mph in just 3.8 seconds.

It's the ideal opportunity for maserati owners to come along and meet the members of this particularly friendly club, share your passion and even think about joining.

"A new Biturbo !?!?"

With rumours circulating in the motoring press recently regarding a cheaper Maserati, my worse fears seem to have been confirmed !!!


"It's a great drive !!!!"
An invitation to Bristol!

Maserati owners are invited to bring their treasures along to the 2006 Bristol Italian Car Day. Held in the 'Latin Quarter' of Bristol, this unique festival of Italian horsepower has become extremely popular with enthusiasts since it's launch in 2002.

A faulty alternator prevented me from attending last year's event, but next year I will be there!

Come along, join us and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and enthusiastic visitors. You won't be sorry!!


From Andrew in Australia

"Hello Enrico.

Re: Ghibli Open Cup #361216

I believe that there were a total of 27 Ghibli Open Cup cars made, there being 2 reserve cars one of which was imported into Australia for Alfredo Costanzo to drive in the Australian GTP series of 1996 and 1997.

I have motore tipo AM 577 tipo 336B204S with ZAM336B0000361216 and engine 870134 with factory certificate of origin and homologation papers. If you are interested you can view much of the car's local competition history on

The engine was changed in my car and it is correct to amend your records accordingly. Tony Graziani imported the car to race in the 1997 GTP series and (I understand from one of the mechanics that worked on the car at that time) they put it into its first event with around 2 bar of boost and it didn't handle that at all well.

In my previous email I misled you slightly when I said that I had homologation papers. Antonio Cavalli wrote to me that it could not be homologated because of the technical differences to the Cup version and also the factory could not demonstrate a real production of the same vehicle of at least 50 units. What I do have is a Certificate of Origin attesting to authenticity.

I also have a letter from Maserati stating that "the vehicle was built in February '97 with the suspension and brake set up of the '95 model." The suspension has not been upgraded but the brakes since have.

Incidentally it has been years since I read this file and I note the following from Antonio ".....we built 26 Ghibli Cup Racing, and in Australia we have selled 4 homologated Ghibli Cup. (86 all over the world). I have heard both 27 and in Antonio's letter 26 built for racing. I would take the view that Antonio's 26 is the most authoritive to have come to my attention.

Whilst what was to become my car (second owner to Graziani being the importer and Australian distributor before Maranello) was waiting a replacement engine, a substitute Race car was flown in and that competed for several seasons in GTP category and at Bathurst. After it had two sizeable offs it was sold to one of Tony's mechanics and I was told a few years back that he had done a sound job rebuilding it and have heard nothing since. I will send you a copy article I have kept on this car's best success.

Targa Tasmania 1998 - getting airborne over that rail line sprung the driver's door!

I will also send a couple of other photos by separate email to keep file sized down.

Also I will let Jim Reark know of your comment on the Seymour Pond car. Jim's knowledge of Maserati never ceases to amaze me and he may well already know or he may not or he may have elected to turn a blind eye when placing the photos in the Gallery page.

At a Club time trial at Sandown Raceway here in the state of Victoria and at Winton raceway competing in the Marque Sports Club Association 6 Hour Relay Race 2002.

I do like to try and surprise Porsches coming out of corners. Mind you the suspension is set up with a bit of forgiveness for tarmac rallies rather than a hard setting for track work.

My suspension guy made up camber plates to improve turn in and stability. To get the car road legal ( essential for transport stages in tarmac rallies) I had a purpose built cage to FAI standards made which has removable cross brace and side intrusion / lateral brace bars. This way we have a legal dash and inner door trims. Tony Graziani converted the car to right hand drive as he had intended to convert it to a road car. Modifications I performed were fitting of an oil catch tank and associated plumbing, clutch plate changed to Fisher & Saarch 3 spot ceramic disk type, boot mounted fire system (above tank and under parcel shelf), strengthening of boost piping, some external trim (in a moment of pride when I first got the car, I bought three Cup badges - front quarter panels and boot mounted), stainless steel intercoolers protection, sump and diff protection plates plus the brake upgrade.

So I guess that makes #361216 unique in that it is the only RHD and the only road legal (has local ADR compliance plate) and registered of its kind

There are two other photos ex a package I purchased at Targa Tasmania which I feel you may enjoy seeing and I will send those next. After that I will have assaulted your inbox more than adequately and will have to get on with more mundane chores.

With best wishes,


From Louis in France

"Hi Enrico,

Congratulations for your website, definitely the ultimate and friendly place to share our common passion. I bought a Ghibli GT 2.8 1998 in July 2005 from a dealer in Paris. The car is immaculate with only 30,000 km, but I suspect it has stood still for one year. So my first two months were quite a joke with almost a new failure every week: no start (engine relays), random ignition on one cylinder (ignition coil + spark plugs replaced), suspect noise (dead roller bearing in the distributor), shutdown of electrical supply at high speed (had to have interior parts removed to be able control all electrical wires, connections and found nothing so I changed the battery)...

The fact I had red all your website pages before purchasing helped me a lot to keep cool about the electrical gremlins as these are known by others. I still have now the "check engine" flickering, and here again we have the answer in your pages.

Now, besides check light quirks, the car runs perfectly, and, as it is very rare on French roads, using it is definitely a great excitement.

Please make your choice out of attached pics. let me know if you have problems to open them as I use a Macintosh which is sometimes a problem if you use a PC.

The Ghibli is in very immaculate condition. I bought it from a dealer called Trocadero Auto with already stainless exhaust fitted as you can see.

The car is parked in a very exciting parking around paris,with dozens of italian and english supercars as a neighbourhood.

I had friends of mine trying the car and I must say that few of them knew this car but ALL of them very very impressed by both design of the car and engine massive accelerations. I feel happy about giving this car the celebrity it deserves.

So, Enrico, thanks again to your website, owing a Ghibli is more relaxing and some guys like me will dare owing and maintaining one.

I just drop this email for all French Ghibli owners: besides the website, I found out a very experienced and skilled Maserati-specialist in Melun - 80km far from Paris - who could without hesitation solve all my problems at fair price. Highly recommendable for any French Maser owner around Paris. Garage du Trident, 77 Melun - Mr Nallet.

About the garage, they have a website The garage itself is quite crammed and doesn't impress, but as we said the treasure here is the blend of high expertise in Maserati & Aston Martin motoring, passion for the Trident and very friendly prices (50E/hour).

Best regards!


"Things can only get better !?!?"

"Mama Mia, mio povero motore non sta tanto bene !!!!"
From Mehmet in Turkey

More photos of the Maserati MC12s from Istabnbul Park.


And finally, a lesson for us all !


Here's the proof, if you didn't know already, that...

... two into one won't go!!!

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