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So if you have any news about Maseratis or have anything owners and enthusiasts should know, send details to

Grille trident on the Maserati Ghibli Cup
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Yannick in France

"Congratulations for your work.

One of the best Maserati site for fans like me, with great informations for each models (rareful).

I also send you pictures from a Biturbo Injection model (Biturbo i) if you want to put it on your site. (you never know).

Best regards.


From Modena in Italy

Whilst visiting Giuseppe Candini's Maserati workshop in Via Tito Livio, I spotted these Maseratis; GranSports, Coupes, Spyders and a lone Quattroporte, being unloaded from a transporter outside Carrozzeria Campana's new extension (these premises used to belong to an Alfa Romeo dealership) to their premises in Modena.

It appears that these are the cars used by aspiring and existing Maserati owners during the specialised Master Maserati driving courses that take place at the Paletti Circuit at Varano de’ Melegari, 20 km south of Parma.

This is a circuit that brings out the best of drivers’ abilities and boasts a technical section which is equipped with special driving instruction features. Here, Maserati enthusiasts can experience the thrill of Maserati performance in all conditions with complete confidence and safety.

From Jarle in Norway

"Hello, this is Aurora,

Not many 3 months old girls get to ride in a Maserati.

She sure seems enjoy seeing the trees whizz by!!!

In 18 years she will probably behind the steering wheel on this car if dad allows it!!

Have a nice autumn guys!


Jarle - Norway (Eller Norge som vi sier)."


"Hi Jarle,

Many congratulations to you and your wife, she's beautiful!! It's a good job that she takes after mummy!!



From Daniele in Italy

"Ciao Enrico!

I have the following interesting items for sale:



1 - An original rare Maserati Barchetta engine No AM501*000015*, working and in good condition - just needs a service.

Price: Euro 13,000.00 ono.



2 - A rare Maserati Ghibli Open Cup engine.

It is one of the factory spare engines used for the Selenia Ghibli Open Cup Championship during the 1995-1996 season.

Original with roller-bearing turbochargers. Used, but in perfect working condition (0 km) having been fully rebuilt and serviced by Maserati.

In one of the photos, the engine is seen without the oil filter support bracket with pipe fittings for an oil cooler. That is because the engine was tested on a dyno-bank which was not equipped with an oil cooler (so we removed the support). The correct support bracket for the oil filter and the power steering pump are included (see the the details in the other photo) and will be fitted to the engine.

Price: NOW SOLD!!!



3 - Two (a matching pair) rare original Maserati Ghibli Open Cup race seats by Sparco.

Original, they are new, from Maserati spare parts store.

Sparco REV from 1996 in black alcantara with red markings.

Price: NOW SOLD!!!



4 - Engine Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS - AM115/49*1756* - Heavily damaged: having a broken crankshaft.

The heads are complete and undamaged, with valves, springs, camshafts and timing chain. The conrods, pistons, and rings are undamaged. The intake manifold and flywheel are included.

This engine would be ideal as a display model, the exterior is very nice and undamaged.

Price: NOW SOLD!!!

From Maciek in Poland

"Hi Enrico!

We are still alive!

Our Maserati looks better and better. Now is slowly time for upholstery.

We will inform you about further progress.


Maciek Peda -

From Prag in the UK

"Dear Enrico,

It's lunchtime on Friday the 7th of October 2005 and I feel empty inside and sense a loss that I didn't expect. After nearly three years I have just sold my beloved Maserati Ghibli Cup. As she pulled away, I really did feel a part of me had just left with her.

I bought my Blu Spaziale Cup back in the Autumn of 2002. She was one of only 25 two litre twin turbos (unfortunately only 24 now remain) in the UK providing 330 horses under one's right foot. Officianados will relate at length the power to weight ratio and Guinness Book of Records' trivia, but for me that was irrelevant.

My heart was captured way back in 1997 when I had the opportunity to drive a very special Cup at Bill McGrath's Maserati workshop in Kimpton. I remember telling Andy Heywood that here was a car that really pulled at the heart strings. The beauty of her lines, its ever purposeful stance, its luxuriously appointed interior and that power... you really had to be ignorant to not appreciate this car.

Although a good driver, I don't think I am the type that can push a Maserati's boundaries. I remember at a recent track event, organized by Henry Barcyznski, when I had the ideal opportunity to test my limits in the Cup. After a few laps I came back into the pit lane feeling that this was not what the cars were about any more. Maybe back in the late Nineties, yes, but not now. Although technically competent and more than capable on the track, this was not for my baby. She had the ability, but I was not about to embark on a journey to find any limits. She is a classic, part of Maserati's distinguished racing heritage, that should be driven, maintained and most of all cherished. She needed to be treated with respect - not thrashed around a race track for a moment's pleasure.

I remember just last year journying up to the Isle of Man for the Maserati Club Autumn Meeting organized by Pam & Edwin Faulkner. We drove at a fair old pace and there was never a moment of doubt or unsteadiness in the Cup's ability to cover distances in comfort. We arrived at sunrise onto the Island and it really felt like an adventure in the Cup. There was a real sense of occasion arriving in the 'little monster'. Sometimes when good fortune allowed, and my co-pilot was dozing in the comfortable leather seats, I would listen to the 'sound' of that glorious V6 engine at full pelt and the whistle emanating from those two turbochargers as you powered out of a bend. What wonderful memories!

That discreet but substantial presence found many admirers on and off the road. There are few cars that turn heads in quite the same way. Wow, what's that..? Is it Japanese? No, it looks Italian! Hang on, that's a Maserati! No mate, it's not just a Maserati. It's a Maserati Ghibli Cup!

She's gone to a good home now ,and it's the end of a stage in my long term relationship with Maserati. I have been lucky enough to enjoy a passion that really has stirred my soul (and kept me sane). I have often felt privileged and elated to have the opportunity to be caretaker of the marque. Long may it continue, now where's that advert for a Bora ..

Hope you're well "grandpa".

Speak soon.


From Brescia in Northern Italy

Situated in a trading estate in San Polo on the outskirts of Brescia is a small workshop that specialises in Maseratis, especially models from the Biturbo era - from the early Biturbo to the Ghibli Cup.

Fratelli Bianchini opened their workshop in 1991 after having left Golden Car, the then sole Maserati dealer in Brescia. Mauro Bianchini, the elder of the two brothers, was employed as service manager and as it turns out, he left at the right time, for shortly after his departure Golden Car went out of business!

From 1994 to 1997, Fratelli Bianchini were the official Maserati service agents ( 'Maserati Assistenza Diretta') for Brescia, but like many others, following the takeover by Ferrari, their 'Assistenza Diretta' concession was withdrawn.

With so many of the newer 'Maserati' workshops knowing little or nothing about the Biturbo era cars. Sig Bianchini is one of the few mechanics who does. So if you're ever in the Brescia area and need a little help, Mauro and Ermanno Bianchini will be only too pleased to accomodate you!

From Paul in the UK

"Hi Enrico,

Myself and five Maserati fans are in Bologna in December and would love to visit the Panini Museum. I've drooled over your lovely pictures but how do I secure an appointment to visit this fabulous place.


Paul ."

"Hi Paul,

Thank you for your email.

Go to this site

Send an email to or phone phone +39 059 510660 to let them know when you intend to visit and they will let you know if that's OK.

There you will see directions to this farm (see attached image).

The farm belongs to the Panini family and the museum is on the farm. Don't forget to buy your Parmesan cheese there, and make sure you buy the two year old variety. It's one of the, if not the best you can buy. Also buy some of their Balsamic vinegar, it's like syrup. It's not cheap, but it costs half the price you would normally expect to pay in the shops for that quality.



Just a note to say thanks for all your travel tips. We just got back from Italy, and was able to visit both the Panini collection and the Hombre gift shop for some vinegar and cheese.

It took us forever to find the farm after coming from the Galleria Ferrari but it was worth going. [Note to self: learn Italian!] The Panini collection was truly great.

We were also able to get a Maserati factory tour, which was quite interesting.

Again, thanks for your help!


"Hi Bob,

Thanks you that.

Glad your visit was so successful.

Delighted to hear that the factory were prepared to accomodate you. It's very encouraging news!!



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