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Trident badge on a 1932 Maserati 4CM 1500 #1120
You can click on some pictures for a better view!!
From Erik in Norway

"Hi Enrico!

Don't forget to visit out the new pages of our newly formed Maserati club, The Norsk Maserati Klubb, at It's in Norwegian, but "a picture says more than a thousand words", right.........

This site will be online within a few days.

Best regards,


From Alexander in Norway

"Hi Enrico!

I am sending you a few pictures from the Ferrari World Finals at Mugello 2003. The pictures show the Trofeo Maserati cars, and also the new Maserati Trofeo Light car. I have lots more photos, and if you want them I will have to send them by ordinary mail.

I am sorry to say that I donít know much about the Maserati Trofeo Light, but I think the car will be in a new race series next season. I have attached a photo of the poster that was in front of the Trofeo Light. If you know Italian, you can translate it?

Viva Maserati!


Alexander Stark

President, Norwegian Maserati Club."

Technical Specification

  • 4200cc V8 Trofeo, 430 bhp at 7000 rpm with a 42.7mm air intake channel adaptor
  • Exhausts 4-2-1 with side exits
  • Special Trofeo Light oil tank
  • Coolant radiator as fitted to the Trofeo, but mounted at a different angle.


  • Dry multi-plate clutch.
  • Transaxle, type F1 gearbox or manual 6-speed + reverse sequential


  • Front bumper incorporating central splitter made in composite material with a specific profile to match the wider front wings
  • Rear bumper made in composite material with a specific profile to match the wider rear wings
  • Front wings made in composite material widened by 50mm on each side with air vents mounted behind the front wheel arches
  • Rear wings made in composite material widened by 50mm on each side
  • Doors made in composite material with fixed polycarbonate windows
  • Front bonnet made in composite material incorporating a grille to allow air extraction
  • Polycarbonate side and rear windows
  • Adjustable rear spoiler/wing with side supports anchored to the chassis/floorpan
  • Structural roll cage welded to the chassis


  • Front and rear subframes with in tubular steel with new suspension mounting points
  • Tubular steel suspension arms with suspension arms on ball joints.
  • Fully adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars
  • Centre locking wheel hubs with with taper roller-bearings


  • Trofeo braking system (without servo, ABS or ASR) with twin master cylinders with driver-adjustable balance bar


  • 11 inch x 18 inch front wheels with 305-645-18 tyres
  • 11 inch x 18 inch rear wheels with 305-680-18 tyres


  • 1150 kg (2535¾ lbs) dry weight (without the driver)
    From Enrico in Italy

    During a recent visit to Italy, I met up with Maserati enthusiasts Rossano (Biturbo Si ) and Claudio (Ghibli MY94). We had arranged a visit to Brescia to check out the Maseratis up for sale at the Classic Car Auction being held at the Luzzago showroom in Roncadelle near Brescia.

    Rossano the driver, Claudio the navigator and the innocent Biturbo Si

    We met up at the Ospitaletto exit of the A4 Turin to Venice Autostrada. Rossano and Claudio turned up in Rossano's red Biturbo Si . I, being a keen Maserati enthusiast, was driving a Hertz rental Ford Focus, and a deisel one at that! Not bad though!!

    Having been assured that Rossano and Claudio knew the way, I followed them, and after a pleasant tour around Brescia and the surrounding area, in which we passed the IKEA Megastore on at least three occasions, we eventually found our way to the Luzzago's.

    You may recall that in reporting my experiences on the Biturbo International, my refering to a so-called 'poor chap' who unfortunately followed my wife and I when we took a wrong turning en route to the Panini Museum during that rally. This so called 'poor cap' turned out to be Claudio! Was this his revenge?


    Rossano and Claudio about to take me on a Magical Mystery Tour of Brescia and most of Lombardia!

    When we finally arrived at our destination we found cars everywhere, and after finding a suitable parking space we made our way in. The sale covered a wide variety of makes but our interest was limited to the Maseratis on sale. They all looked pretty good. Unfortunately none reached their reserve price! It had been my intention to take some decent photos but the cars were so close that it made photography impossible.

    The Sale over we made our way to a restaurant, specialising in fresh fish from the lake, chosen by Rossano who lives in nearby Bergamo, at Iseo on Lake Iseo where we enjoyed a delicious meal over a lengthy dicussion on the merits of Maserati. Needless to say this took some considerable time, so much so that we were almost the last to leave.

    Having said our goodbyes, I headed for nearby Lake Garda, Rossano for nearby Bergamo and Claudio who had a 100 mile plus trip to Alessandria near Turin. Claudio is very knowledgeable about the 'Le Auto di Modena', Rossano is the Webmaster of Reparto Corse and knows a hell of a lot about Biturbos so I thought you might like to take a closer look at his car!!


    The Terra di Sienna leather and beige alcantara interior.

    Momo steering wheel and wooden gear lever knob.

    Note the bronze finish and the camera with a twinkle in its eye!

    A bronze finished Trident adorns the fuel filler cap.

    Soft Grey Metallic coloured headlamp surrounds.

    Twin intercoolers behind the radiator grille.

    Last model to carry the Biturbo name.

    Twin NACA vents, now purely cosmetic.

    It pays to advertise!

    Series II wheels by '1000 Miglia'.

    Rosso Maserati colour code - 231.154.

    Soft Grey Metallizzato colour code - 224.661.

    Biturbo Si Engine Type AM 471.

    "No sorry Rossano, I still prefer mine!"

    The Biturbo Si was launched in 1986 and was the last model to bear the Biturbo label. Powered by a 2-litre engine fitted with an integrated Weber/Marelli electronic fuel injection and ignition system and two large intercoolers (mounted in front of the radiator) the Si produced 220 bhp at 6350 rpm with a maximum torque figure of 187 lb ft at 3500 rpm.

    The Si was only available in three colour combinations; Rosso Maserati over Soft Grey Metallizzato, Blu Silver Metallizzato over Soft Grey Metallizzato and of course Nero over Soft Grey Metallizzato (known as the 'Biturbo Si Black' of which 105 examples were produced).

    The interior now sported newly designed seats; the Rosso and Blu Silver Metallizzato cars were finished in Terra di Sienna lether with beige alcantara, the Nero in Ivory coloured trim, both sported a wooden gear lever knob.

    The Si was fitted with a subtle rear spoiler and the wheels, though similar in design to those of the earlier Biturbo S model, now had polished centres.

    According to the Biturbo Si brochures (one in English, the other in French) that I have for the 2.5-litre (2491cc) export version, the maximum power output is quoted at 188 bhp at 5000 rpm with maximum torque rating of 236.5 lb ft at 3000 rpm.

    Would any owners of the 2.5-litre Biturbo Si export model like to comment?

    From Rossano of Reparto Corse

    "Hi Enrico,

    Thanks for the beautiful publication of the Luzzago Meeting. I have some new information for you! the Italian Maserati Dealer (Concessionario) has given me a production figures for the Biturbo Si . The numbers produced included 450 in 'Rosso Maserati' (Red), 450 in 'Nero' ('Serie Black') and 92 in Blu Silver Metallizzato/Soft Grey Metallizzato (Blue/Grey).

    The 'Serie Black' version cost some IT L.2,000,000 more than the 'Red' and 'Blue/Soft Grey' models. It was deemed a prestige version! Please note that your text indicates 105 examples of 'Serie Black' version.

    Maserati have confirmed the figure of 992 Si s produced.



    Reply from Enrico

    "Ciao Rossano,

    Thanks for the information and for allowing me to photgraph your Biturbo Si.

    Today I have spoken with Sig. Ermanno Cozza and he informs me that although the production figure of 992 models for the Biturbo Si is correct, he states that although he has no accurate figures, the likely production figures for the three models are around 230 in 'Rosso Maserati' (Red), around 540 in 'Nero' ('Serie Black') and around 220 in Blu Silver Metalizzato/Rifle Grey (Blue/Grey).

    The 'Serie Black' version cost some IT L.2,000,000 more than the 'Red' and 'Blue/Soft Grey' models. It was deemed a prestige version! Please note that your text indicates 105 examples of the 'Serie Black' version.

    Maserati have confirmed the figure of 992 Sis produced.




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